Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Summer Still

We are having warm temperatures and are still in our summer clothes. Today the grass was so lush and the color so bright that I could not resist setting up a lunch table outside

The round tablecloth is made from a 50-inch wide piece of fabric.

The leaves on the ground are the old brown dried ones that are from last year, and so far the tree leaves are still green.  I am delighted that we have an extended summer.

On the back of the chair I have put a small blanket because I like the shades of color. The white really sets it all off.

The cup and plate set I found at Goodwill and hope some day to find more of these sets.

Restaurants around here use these paper doilies under the cups of coffee and tea to absorb any drips. It keeps your clothes from getting stained due to a drop of tea on the plate.  These doilies fit perfectly on a teacup saucer and are available at Dollar Tree.

The trees leaves are still green.

I have finished the bodice of the Garden Tour dress.

The fabric is from Walmart and is another Fabric Traditions, quite high in price, so I am buying it little by little.  When I finish this dress I am going to start on one for me.

The important looking antique book on the tea table is really a box which holds my tea-time treats.

I found these Melamine plates at an old fashioned dry-goods store and they fit in my picnic basket just fine, plus, the colors are good with this tablecloth.

This is the pattern I am using for the dress I am working on.  It is a German pattern and a lady at church who is from Germany translated it for me.  Neuemode USA patterns are available online but they have a few differences. For one, you have to add the seam allowance yourself.  The sizes seem smaller than the same size in US patterns, so I have had to add a piece of fabric in the back.

Things are still very spring-looking around here, which helps me stay enthusiastic about sewing summer dresses for the home.  
Several readers requested that I post the old patterns I use for the house dresses I have shown in previous posts.  This is one of them, from 1996. I use the v-neck without the collar. It is really a very shapely dress, although the pattern does not show it. It looks great on the models.

To make it faster to sew, I do not include the button opening on the skirt.  I make a seam instead. I cut the sides od the bodice larger, at least an inch, so that the garment is easy to pull on.  I also cut the facings simpler and do not use the ones shown on the diagram that are intended for sleeveless dresses.  I use sleeves from other patterns and I am learning to make my own sleeve designs, from an old book called "How to Design Your Own Patterns"  dated 1943 by Claudia Ein, which came from Goodwilll.

You can see how to make a variety of sleeves from sleeve patterns you already have, on Lillibeth's blog here or type in Fun With Sleeves on her search area at The Pleasant Times. She made doll dress sleeves by following the instructions in that book, for all the different sleeve styles.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Here at the beach we're having our last gasp of summer (at least I hope so). This past weekend it was in the high 60's and perfect. Today's forecast is 90 and windy. Luckily the house stays cool as long as the fans are on and the blinds are drawn. After the sun goes down I'll open the living room blinds and let the cooler air in.

Unlike you, I am ready for fall and cooler weather. My daughter was visiting us from Chicago and I told her to bring some rain and drizzle home with her. Didn't work.

I can't sew for anything. Got a courtesy C in my home ec phase for sewing. I can cook like a champ, but needles and thread, except for darning socks were not my friend. I always seemed to be darning socks on the old wooden round, during skating season. Heels and toes got worn out fast.

Have a wonderful day.
the bunny

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I am really hoping to learn to sew my dresses and skirts from a pattern that really fits me well! You have inspired me to research a few patterns. Your outdoor tea table looked so inviting! I have wanted to have a tea party, but so many ladies have gone back to work, or have moved away. It saddens me to see so many women to busy.
We did have our first very cold morning today! Thinking of you as I place my rose pictures back into my spare room this week!
Blessings, Roxy

Blessed Homemaking said...

That tea set is just beautiful! Some day soon I hope to sew some and learn some more with my girls. There are just not enough hours in the day for the things I want to do and teach them. My mom is great at sewing but didn't teach me when I was growing up. I know some but will have to learn more with my girls.

Finding Joy said...

I've bought two courses from Craftsy to learn how to draft my own patterns, one course is on skirts and the other tops, I can't wait to start. It will mean I can make clothing that fits perfectly and suit the style I like. Craftsy courses are excellent, I've been doing their quilting courses and finding them very useful.

Lydia said...

The free episodes on craftsy are very easy to follow. I have a list od Craftsy subjects I am hoping to take.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice outside! Nice post, as always.

Finding Joy said...

I am looking forward to doing the bread making Craftsy courses to brush up my skills. There are so many great courses, it is hard to decided which one to start. The free ones are also excellent as you say.