Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Everywhere Bouquet

A few small vases of wildflowers from the high desert country, pictured here,  and I thought of how prolific these two common flowers are in the world. They grace the country side across the different climates of North America and I have seen them in Australia, too: buttercups and forget-me-nots. 

It is a custom with us to bring home a bouquet from the roadsides, driftwood and shells from the Oceanside, or interesting rocks, any time we have an outing. 

Stay tuned here for more easy centerpieces to enhance your tables, using things around you.


anonymous said...

I once used a little metal toy truck to hold a jar of water with flowers for a vase as a centerpiece on a table. It looked really nice.
A few years later a florist made a similar arrangement for centerpieces at my husband's fireman's retirement dinner. She used new toy fire trucks.


anonymous said...

Giving thought to flowers, there is an abundance of pretty small flowers in weeds when one takes the time to look. They are so small, they often go unnoticed. However they make a sweet arrangement for a windowsill,a lady's dressing table or a bathroom sink.
I keep tiny dark blue medicine bottles or small perfume bottles for this purpose.


living from glory to glory said...

Went to a friend's place and her little boys picked me a hand full of wild flowers! I actually allowed them to dry out and placed them in my china cabinet to keep! We are going to have a ton of the wild Blackeye Susan flowers this year with all this rain!
I do enjoy flowers sitting on my table or counter top! Flowers always make me smile!
Yours, Roxy

Unknown said...

Wildflowers make some of the most beautiful bouquets. Right now in Pennsylvania the roadsides are filled with patches of pretty native purple, pink, and white phlox. Native grasses, leaves, and other greenery make pretty bouquets, too! Thank you for sharing!

Rhonda said...

I'll take wildflowers any day over florist flowers -

Diwakar said...

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