Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Things I Missed By Being Away From Home

When I arrived home from a day-trip yesterday, these flowers were in front of my door.  My neighbor had brought them over from her wildflower garden. She expressed to me how astonished she was that I was not home.  I am always home and so is she,  and it leaves a blank spot in our day when one of us is gone.  When I go looking for her, I know I will find her in the garden, and she knows I will always answer the door when she knocks.  She likes to come for a cup of tea.  These flowers look like a painting!

The mountain pass was open for the season, so took a day trip up 5,000 feet and then across the high plains and down again.  It is cheaper on the return trip all downhill! 

Today I found this old photograph called "Gentlemen having Tea" and it reminded me that from the earliest use of the automobile, people were driving the same narrow mountain roads we travel on today. What adventurous folk they were. We have so many conveniences with our car travel these days, and it is practically no worry to travel a hundred miles from home and back in a day, but they may not have had so many back-up plans.

The old road up the mountain was an earlier route, possibly built during the Victorian era, and while traveling, I imagined that generation enjoying their new road. There is another, more modern multi-Lane highway, but we wanted to see this one.  I like that there are curves on the older road because the newer, straight highways are more monotonous to travel on.

My DH is also a gentleman, and he always allows time to stop for tea. In fact he was a tea drinker long before I discovered its benefits.

The clouds looked like Devonshire Cream, which went well with our tea.

On the narrow, winding mountain road again....

We stopped in several scenic places to take pictures, but the ones of me turned out blurry, so I used them as outlines for the sketch, below. With the colors and scenes of the trip, today I tried to create something to go with the mountains. Should I throw all care to the wind and make this?  What do you think? Already, some viewers of this blog are having quite a chuckle at my mountain, meadow, ocean,   valley, desert, olde towne, and back yard fashion designs :-) I am only expressing one of my interests, and not insisting that everyone be like this or like this---I am sure you all know that :-) Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

What I like about sketching sewing ideas is the freedom of adding an expensive pair of boots with no cost at all, plus I get to make the garment go with the natural surroundings or season. If I am sketching from a photo of myself I can lose ten pounds, be ten years younger, and have longer, thicker hair with every strand in place :-) A different background can put me in a location like the Continental Divide or the Panhandle!

Tomorrow I want to write about the Titus 2 Man.  It is common to read about the Titus 2 woman, but does anyone talk about the Titus 2 man?  Titus 2 is for everyone!

The box on the lower left, on the ground (pictured above) appears to be a Victorian tea case for travel. There are a lot of these on Pinterest:

These have burners with which to heat water for tea. I like the compact boxes, which is something we really need today.  It is very complicated to get all the tea things packed, as they have to be wrapped and then put in a basket or box.  The Victorians were masters of invention and had a keen sense of convenience and making things to save space labor.  Note the slender, compact design of these boxes, complete with everything they needed to add the luxury of teatome to a road trip.

Note how they made the teapots and cups and accessories square-shaped to pack easier in a box.  It is a bit of a problem to pack tea things when everything is round. It all has to be wrapped in towels and  put in a large laundry basket. 

More of these Can be seen by typing in "Victorian picnic baskets and tea boxes" or at pinterest on this link:  https://www.pinterest.com/fitzroyeverest/vintage-luggage-picnic-sets/.

  There does not seem to be anything like it available today. It is something that would be a great opportunity for some young entrepreneur to market to historical reenactors or homemakers who love the good ways.  There: I have got the word out, and now I expect to find these tea boxes in Walmart for common folk like me--I hope their new executive  is reading!


anonymous said...

I so enjoyed your post today. It reminded me of the we day trips my husband and I would take to the local mountains before we were married.
We'd stop at fruit stands to buy fruit, cheese, and at a bakery to purchase bread an Apple pie. The last stop was to buy iced sparkling cider.
Our destination was a pretty clearing in a meadow or a small private park where we would enjoy the bounty and spend the day talking about future plans.

Glad we enjoyed those times when we did because our retirement is anything but.
We are busier now with extended family, neighbors, mowing 12+ acres of field grasses, maintaining the house, a large vegetable garden and everything that goes with it.

My free time is spent resting my back or feet or trying to get some clothes sewn to wear. Indeed a cup of refreshing tea is a treat.

anonymous said...

Sometimes life gets so busy at home a cup of tea is a welcome break. I look forward to the time. Don't always have the time to prepare all the goodies that go with tea time so I try to keep a tin with cookies in it for the occasion.

Housewife59 said...

I was fascinated to see those Victorian Tea Cases. Thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful blog post.

villarosa said...

What a delightful post! Loved learning about the Tea Gentleman, but most of all I loved your dress design and wished you could share such a dress to sell ~SMile....

Thanks for taking the time to share! You are a real blessing to us!

Andrea R said...

Such a beautiful post, Lydia! I really enjoyed your sketch, as well! What talent you have! So many talents and abilities, and I'm so blessed to know you!

God bless you today!

Lydia said...

Janet, I am on my feet more than I ever was, and the responsibilities of house and home seem to be multiplied as Imget older? How is it our grandparents were able to sit and knit at younger ages than this? There isn't time for much sitting!

Lydia said...

Thank you ladies for taking the time to post such nice comments. They are a big help and encouragement to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia...your post surely brighten my day :0) I live in the beautiful Endless Mountains of PA, and the mountain roads are curvy and just beautiful...especially during the Spring and Autumn seasons.

Having to stop for tea at one of those lovely look out points on the road, makes for a very nice impromptu picnic :D

Thank you so much for sharing the loveliness of your day... mari

Lydia said...

Mari, I think you need a special design to go with those beautiful winding roads and scenic views!

Christine said...

My husband and I love to go for day trips. We take in all of Gods artwork.
I like how you express yourself with your artwork. Makes me want to pick up a pencil.
Looking forward to reading about the Titus 2 Man.

(I love your blog)

Lydia said...

Hello Christine,

I would Dd your blog to my blog roll but the mechanism is not working for me today.

Andrea, thanks for your comment, and I hope you are doing well.

Unknown said...

I love day trips to Rocky Mountain National Park....we live 40 miles east and can get there in less than an hour...it is always breath taking - the Columbine flowers, the flowing streams, the Elk gently grazing. But I ALWAYS love coming home. It is a wonderful balance to life.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, What a delightful post!! The photos and the sweet picture that you drew, You must keep it in the frame. You made me laugh also about drawing yourself 10 pounds lighter (smile)
And I did not know that there was a tea travel box like that! And to think we just do not understand the importance of a cup of tea...
And what a lovely surprise to have come home with a bouquet of flowers at your door!
Looking forward to your post on Titus Men...
Thank You!
Hugs, Roxy