Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Titus Two Man

Since the beginning of the weblog style of journaling, reporting, sharing, and teaching, we have had the opportunity of learning about the uniqueness of what is called "The Titus 2 Woman."  The Christian woman's role as keeper of the home is no shallow duty.  It is not surprising that so many ladies have made the care of their husband, children and house their main responsibility of life. The description in Titus of the role of Christian women allows tremendous freedom and creativity and there will always be something to teach on that subject.

While a host of articles have been written about the Titus 2 woman, how much have we heard about the Titus 2 man?  We should have heard a lot, for the letter called "Titus" was written to a man named Titus, instructing him what to teach and not teach people who had become Christians, and men are specifically addressed. In fact, before the instructions to women in the church, this chapter talks to the men. Some of the instructions to ladies are the same as to the men (that is true equality) but some of them are different than the men.

Let us have a look at what the men are supposed to be, from Titus 2:

The first part of Titus 2 addresses the Christian men, particularly the older ones:

"But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine: That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience." Titus 2:1-2

Instructions to young men are also included:

"Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded. In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity, Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you." Titus 2:6-8

Other parts of the chapter are addressed to everyone, including men, such as this verse:

 Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; Titus 2:12

Ladies sometimes tell me of strong objections to Titus 2 articles on their weblogs. They receive verbal attacks and threats because of the teachings for women they publish based on Titus 2.

Would there be such a strong objection to the teachings of Titus 2 if people knew that a large part of the chapter was addressed to Christian men?  

Have a look at the list of obligations for  Christian men from Titus 2:

They should be taught to be:

Sober minded (serious)
Grave (of solemn character, not careless)
Sound in faith, love and patience
Having a pattern (habit, reputation) of good works
Uncorruptneas of doctrine, gravity sincerity
Sound speech

To sum it all up, the Christian man should practice a way of life that makes the critics and naysayers ashamed of themselves when they say something bad about him.

I honestly do not know why anyone would object to such a man as this, nor to the teaching of those principles which would educate men to acquire these qualities.

Most sensible women would enjoy having men in their families they could depend upon who are steady and careful and loyal to their loved ones.

What possible objection could there be to the instructions to men in Titus 2?  Many people think Titus 2 is restrictive, and for sure, there are some restrictions!  Both men and women are instructed to restrain themselves from silliness, over-indulgence in anything, their manner of speaking (sound speech as opposed to corrupt speech), and careless living, which includes drinking and other vices. 

Maybe the men in your family are not "church leaders" but if they have any of the qualities listed in Titus 2, they are true leaders. It takes a lot of determination and a trained conscience to keep these qualities.  If they are taught by their parents, when they are young, they will have such qualities so ingrained in their minds  they will be natural instincts.

If you are teaching children at home, do a study of Titus 2 and look up every word of these character qualities for men, as well as defining them in daily life and examples. Use the Robert Young Analytical Comcordance to find the original Koine Greek word and it's meaning, and also refer to the  Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary of the English language (based largely on the King James Version of the Bible) for thorough definitions.  You might also read the chapter from the ancient Tyndale and Wycliff versions of the Bible.

I know there are a few extreme feminists who "shriek and cast dust in the air" protesting the Titus 2 teachings for women because it puts them in charge of the home, but I wonder how many of them would object to Titus 2 for men.  These particular instructions are for men who want to behave like Christians; for those who follow the teachings of Christ and look to Him as their authority.  The teachings are no great threat to anyone, for they show what every home, church, business or government really needs men to be.

What do you think about Titus 2 for men?  Please leave some comments!  Most of you will observe things I left out, so your feedback is valued here!



Polly said...

I love this post! Reading the qualities of the Titus 2 man makes me gratefully realize how many of them my husband has. He takes his role very seriously, but I don't know that he's ever really thought of himself as a "Titus 2" guy. I think I will emphasize that in his Father's Day card tomorrow! Thank you for posting!

Lydia said...

Thanks for being the first to post. Not much is said about the Titus 2 man but there is more addressed to the men in Titus 2.

Christine said...

What a perfect Father's Day post!

Mrs. Cote said...

Thank you for a beautiful post with a lot of good for thought.

Caroline said...

What an enlightening and pragmatic post. Thank you!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I have now read this post two times, and I must say that I loved how you wrote this,would all the people who feel such an injustice about women doing their part and if they knew how the men are called to do and stand in that place, above reproach...
Excellency was in this post, and I may want to write a post on this topic one day~ You my dear have paved a trail in this wilderness once again!
Thank You, Roxy

Unknown said...

Great post! It is something we can train our daughters to recognize in a potential see if he exhibits the seeds of the qualities that will grow to maturity as he ages.

Lydia said...

Great point! She might be a Titus 2 woman, but is he trying to be a Titus 2 man?

Anthea said...

This was very helpful and timely.