Saturday, August 01, 2015

Everyday Things

Helło Dear Ladies,

I looked out on the porch today and discovered my neighbor had been here and left her offerings. She grows wildflowers, and they go just right with this old place.  

Also I thought you might like to see a new tea I am trying today, called Sweet Rose. The bags have a pretty little pink tag on them.

Also, I pretty much have to post more often even when I have no interesting information to share, because if I allow weeks to pass by without doing so, I get phone calls from people overseas inquiring after my health and welfare.  I am glad, though, because it reminds me how long it has been since I last posted.

So this why today I am posting some everyday, mundane things.

The reason for the unmade bed photo is to tell how I leave the windows open and let the bed air out before I make it. In warmer weather it makes a fresh clean scent on all the linens, including in the bathrooms.

Here are some more of those wired nylon roses I use everywhere.  Also I have two very nice old vases from my husbands family, which are very fancy and look better here than jelly jars.   Even though this is an old house, not everything shabby looks good.  Accents of silver and crystal look much better than mason jars and tin cans, for some reason. It seems it would be the opposite.  I find in a newer-built home that some shabby things take the edge off everything being so new and pristine, but in an older home, the more elegant accessories look so much better. My mother in law lived in a shabby old apartment which she adorned with beautiful things. She even displayed her real silver cutlery, crystal goblets and fine china on hand crocheted lace tablecloths Sundays. 

Because the appliances that I bought on sale years ago are black, my kitchen has black and white accents.  I will try to show more of that room in the future. This is the tablecloth made from fabric from Joann's and it has matching accessories of a curtain, tea cozy and other things in the kitchen.  I would suggest keeping a kitchen all white so that you can easily change your color scheme with accents like dishes and curtains. 

We had a good discussion in Ladies Bible Study this week about pursuing peace. It means to chase something with the purpose of capturing it.  It was brought to light that we will not be able to get along with everyone because some people are determined not to have any peace. They like to keep things stirred up and they practice this in their lives.  They talk in circles with the intention of perpetuating confusion. They never solve anything or bring a matter to an end.  They perpetuate trouble. And while it is good to avoid this fruitless conflict, it would also be good for the troublemakers in life to run from us instead of us always running from them!  

More black and white in my kitchen.

I like the rosebud scrap in the middle of this handmade trivia. Grandma had a lot of them given to her which she never used.


Unknown said...

What a sweet gift from a friend! And a pretty trivet. Rose tea is lovely. Thankyou for sharing.

Lydia said...

Christina you need a prize for being the first to Post!

Dawn said...

I, too, air out the bedding for a bit before making the bed. Keeping moisture down will help keep the number of dust mites down.

Your headboard is very pretty. Did you get it that way or did you paint and decorate it?

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I would love to find that Rose Tea, It sounds very interesting! I thought the idea of allowing the bed to stay pulled down so it could have some fresh air blowing upon it was a good idea! I think I even read an article years ago as to how healthy this was to do.
I have enjoyed cleaning and working on the outside of our home, it has been a bit strenuous I must say.
I laughed over the way you put it about those people who always live in and cause strife would run from us!! LOL

Lovely Post...
Yours, Roxy

anonymous said...

I remember a post sometime ago on your blog about using neutrals on walls and decorating with the change of seasons.
In the kitchen and dining room I like to do seasonal changes of dish towels, a cookie jar, tablecloths and a centerpiece on the tablets.
Living room has sofa pillows, knick-knacks and either real or silk flowers throughout the house and entry way porches.

Isn't using new with old and elegant with worn in decorating the Rachel Ashwel style of Shabby Chic that is so popular these days? Her story and how she came up with her decorating style is quite interesting. I like that she used kid and pet friendly furnishings with lovely and beautiful accents. She loved feminine fabrics with soft faded roses.

Your front entryway is a foretaste of what delights are inside your home. Everything says welcome and peace. It's all so inviting.
Thank you for sharing.

Mary said...

Your comment about some people who cause strife and seem to enjoy doing so reminded me about having the choice to put these people at a distance.

The trivet is inspirational! I was just wondering what to do with some scraps of material I have to use. I did not want to be wasteful and throw it away.

Thank you for sharing.

LogansMom122911 said...

I love your posts even when you have no new information to spare. I like your observation about the mason jars taking the edge off the pristine newness of some newly built homes. I really enjoy starting my day reading your posts before my children get up. Blessings, Jennifer from Florida

quakerhillfarm said...

What a sweet friend to share her beauties! Flowers, no matter what kind can certainly grace our home! Blessings this day! Lynn

Unknown said...

I am new here, and I don't have a blog of my own, but I absolutely love it here. I look at so many of the features and blogs that I get plumb lost!!! The moral values and love of home is what draws me back every day. God bless, Jayanna Corbin

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon from wintry Melbourne, Australia. I love using beautiful things in my everyday life. I bought a lovely and elaborately cut clear glass butter dish with lid, for only $4.00 at a local op-shop. It sits on my kitchen bench, glistening and shining as though it were real crystal. It really gives my kitchen bench some sparkle.
Also, sometimes when my young children's friends have come to visit, I serve their (non-alcoholic) drinks in crystal champagne flutes for fun. It delights them and makes me very happy too.