Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Outdoor Living

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.  The above picture is from Rachel Ashwell, who sells a Shabby Chic line of home goods

Go here for pictures of what people are doing with old trucks. They are quite in demand for wedding backdrops, photographs, picnics, and glamping!




I have been taking advantage of the good weather, and after church I looked for places in the Bible that mentioned crowns. Then I painted crowns around the verses about crowns.

I much prefer painting figures and sewing priojects but wanted to try this.  The crown of laurel was awarded to the athlete in ancient times, when he won the race.  The crown of life in this verse refers to the running the spiritual race with the idea of winning the prize, a crown of life.  It is a figure of speech that means developing good character and keeping on the right path.  I put a fancy old kingly crown on the page.  

It is harder for us to understand the reference to a crown in the Bible because we do not wear them or award them, like the laurel crowns that were given to winners of races.  

This crown looks quite royal, and indeed, royalty is used as a figure of speech in the Bible to mean something special and important.

The crown of thorns and the purple robe put on Christ. I placed it over the words that tell about it, but my water color is transparent enough to read through the painting.  This Bible will be retired soon, because the pages are coming out of it. Still, I like the idea of reading it with the pictures in it.  I read the passage while painting , and find it effective in remembering! Then I can find the place easily because of the painting.

I don't have any crowns around here to copy, so you can tell I have not mastered the art of crowns, but it is the thought that counts!

Just another day of pretending to be an artist!  I will be going back to sketching coats and hats soon! I saved one crown verse to paint a laurel crown, and I hope to add that soon.

Here is a picture of my summer hammock.  I have not had time to use the hammock but I enjoyed looking at it :-)

Thank you for your kind comments.  So appreciated.


Cynthia Berenger said...

It only needed new curtains! ;)


Lydia said...

Oh Cynthia you were the only one that remembered the "it just needs new curtains!" Post!,

Made me really laugh!

It was an old saying. When we saw some old decaying house we would say it just needed new curtains.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, How funny! It only needs new curtains made me smile also...

I loved seeing the hammock and I loved your pictures in your bible, I think it will make a wonderful keepsake! I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing all your creative ways on keeping our homes and lives free from the "Debbie Downer Mentality"
We are called to be content, but yet we can do very small things that can make a huge difference. I feel so sad for those that always want to hurt and bring accusing words!
We are to encourage others, and you have that gift!
Remember, no matter how bad it looks, we just have to put up some new curtains LOL
Always, Roxy

Lydia said...

Roxy I forgot all about that saying! I don't know why I quit using it but it has a philosophy!

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Ms. Lydia I am really liking your crowns! What a cute idea to theme the scriptures making locating them faster and having something pretty to look at.

anonymous said...

Oh, I just wanted to jump into that hammock and take a nap. It looks sooo inviting.

Love those bible paintings. When I go to used book shops or thrift stores, I like to check out the bibles. Sometimes people makes insightful notes in the margins.
Your idea of painting a transparent scene and reading the scriptures is wonderful. Like customizing the Sword. I too believe this would be a great heirloom to pass on to family.
Thank you for sharing, Janet.

ladypinktulip said...

I love the outdoor living ideas. Such a good place for a quiet rest and time to meditate on the goodness of God. I also have thought of Bible Journaling with colored pencils...I think it is a wonderful idea and a great legacy Bible to leave to family. Kelly Thompson

anonymous said...

A friend of mine puts her family's beds out on their back porch each summer and they all sleep outdoors until the season gets too cool in the Autumn.

I love the photos you posted of the fun "camping" arrangements.


Susan said...

Oh I remember the "it just needs new curtains post." I have used that many times as we are looking at old dilapidated houses we might think of buying. It's a wonderful, positive philosophy that I have learned from Lady Lydia. New curtains can change the view and make the world a prettier place. It all has to do with having the right attitude. Thank you for the encouragement.

I love what you have done with the truck. I saw an rv on Pinterest recently that someone painted to look like an English cottage. Maybe you could use some of your painting skills to improve the truck paint!

I think you should treat yourself to tea in the hammock and have a nice nap. It looks so inviting.