Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Front Door

(Painting: Seafarer's Vigilant Sentry, by artist Nicki Boheme, from

The poem has something in it for all family members; reminding them to treat the family as something extraordinarily important, created just for each other. Let us be careful to treasure the family, and teach children to be kind and loving to everyone, for there is no substitute for the home that was created for them. It is one of a kind, tailor-made for us.

The Front Door 
By Edgar A. Guest

"In here I will not take," said he,
"The stains the day has brought to me.

"Beyond this door shall never go
The burdens that are mine to know;

The day is done, and here I leave
The petty things that vex and grieve;

What clings to me of hate and sin
To them I will not carry in;

Only the good shall go with me
For their devoted eyes to see.

"I will not burden them with cares,
Nor track the home with grim affairs;

I will not at my table sit
With soul unclean, and mind unfit;

Beyond this door I will not take
The outward signs of inward ache;

I will not take a dreary mind
Into this house for them to find."

He wiped his shoes before his door,
But paused to do a little more.

He dusted off the stains of strife,
The mud that's incident to life,

The blemishes of careless thought,
The traces of the fight he'd fought,

The selfish humors and the mean,
And when he entered he was clean.


Lynn said...

OH, Lydia! How completely grand, lovely, soul-filled....thank you for knowing and sharing this with us all. It reminds me of my Dad. Have a blessed Lord's Day today.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful message to us all! If we could remember to do this our homes would truly be havens from the storms of life and our world would be a better place!

anonymous said...

The post and poem are so relevant for today. Honoring and respect for family and home should be good practice for honoring and respecting the Lord.

The painting looks like the same style that Thomas Kinkaide did. So beautiful.

Thank you for sharing all the beautiful paintings, poems, information, and for your time in the research for your blog. So thankful for your obedience to your calling. We love and appreciate you Lydia.


Andrea R said...

Such a beautiful post, full of God's Truth and the wisdom of a really lovely lady!

God Bless!