Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sewing Inspiration

Hello Dear Ladies,

Time goes by so fast for me and I always have great plans for a post but all the things that need doing seem to crowd it out!  Regarding this post, I was waiting til I had a picture drawn of the scene, but it will be some time before that gets done so this is a better-than-nothing post!  If I wait to get the painting done, there Ffcpossibly will not be a post for quite awhile, so I thought I better just post what I have.

The above photo of the lady arranging her hair is from the movie I reviewed here called Love Finds Ypu in Charm.

adapted from the book, "Love Finds You in Charm, Ohio" by Annalisa Doughety.  It is about a young lady who is seriously into Jane Austen, and it airs on September 20 on UP TV  (Uplifting Television) at 7 p.m. Eastern time, for those of you who have access to television.  I do not have television so I will have to wait til it is available on Internet or DVD. I have read the book and enjoyed it very much.  It is available on my other blog, Lovely Whatevers.

This is my version of the dress, above, in the mirror.  This style of mirror also happened to be in the movie.

I liked the colors of Emma's garments and when I saw the one that I posted here, I recalled I had cut out something in that color a few years ago.  I had lost interest in it and put it away.

I finished it and added white piping on the neckline and sleeves.

I really enjoyed the scene from the movie, of these colorful dresses waltzing in the wind on the clothesline,

...much like the ones I made for the summer out of cotton fabrics.  I do like other fabrics but I enjoy the feel of cotton so please don't think I am telling everyone they have to wear only cotton :-)
My "line" of clothing: These are four colors I made for the summer, most with added ruffles on the hems.

The colors are sea foam green, light pink, beige, and sky blue.

Not ironed yet, but I wanted to quickly out it on the dress form, to show the style and the trim.

Get a look at these shoes!  I found them at one of our cheaper stores and liked them because they matched the dress. They look like the rubber boots we used to wear, only they are very soft and flexible.
Below is the picture I am hoping to paint, but I must say I am finding the trellis bench a bit of a challenge, and all those leaves, so I am going to watch the leaf-drawing tutorial before I attempt this as a painting.

As I did not keep the pattern in the bag with the cut out dress, I cannot remember which one I used but will post the picture of the pattern envelope when I do.  It is princess seam and a slightly rounded V-neckline, with added sleeves from an older pattern.

Thanks for coming to see me. It just makes me so happy to read your nice comments.

Fabric from Walmart, and there is a pink version of the same fabric. It has a linen-look print, where the threads in varying shades are visible.

Trying to get a picture of the sleeve:

The shoes are made of rubber and feel As soft as moccasins and the brand is "Western Chief."

The facings of the dress, illuminated by the ultra bright sun today, do not show through the fabric when wearing. The sleeves vary per garment, and I made these for the home.  It is a way of dressing up without being too fancy, and I wear matching aprons with them.

Two Simplicity patterns that might work for this teal dress:

I have not used this pattern so I can't say if it is easy....looks like a lot of pieces...but if I were to choose, I would sew the one, below and use a more Victorian style sleeve or use the sleeve shown on the middle.
If I ever had my say about shops in towns, I would have dress shops with a variety of styles and sizes , and give away free dresses for ladies who would be willing to wear them to church, while shopping, or when with friends at home and on vacations, so that they could get feedback on the dresses and give business cards with where they could be bought. This would include mother-daughter dresses.  My daughter and her daughter and I wore a blue floral dress one day while visiting the antique stores and we were always stopped and talked to by everyone, all ages. Little girls and their mothers, and older couples, as well as the young men and young ladies walking home from high school, made a point of telling us what an inspiration it was to see the dresses and the fabric, and liked that they were matching.   So I know people would enjoying seeing more of these long dresses and would enjoy the seasonal prints and colors.

This is a pattern with side front and side back pieces that cause the skirt to fall into two nice pleats in front and back, as you see above.

I know not everyone sees, so I want to say that there are ways of doing this with purchased clothing. Just buy a top and skirt in the same solid color, and maybe add a coordinating cardigan.


Unknown said...

I love the dress! You look lovely! The puff of the sleeves is beautiful and the color is very flattering on you. I really like these long flowing dress styles. I sew too but have not tried this style. Do you find the cotton fabric rather stiff at all? The cottons I find for inexpensive prices in the quilting section all turn out a bit stiff for my dresses. I do really like the colors and patterns I can find though!

Linda said...

The color is beautiful.The cut is perfect on you.
Oh how I wish we could buy dresses like that.
I cannot sew.
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It's a pretty dress and you look lovely. Your shoes are sweet. I love the dainty look of ballet flats, but am yet to find a pair that are comfortable to wear. They're either on the "too tight" side so that they can actually stay on my feet, or "too loose" and end up flopping around. I've given up on them, and love wearing Mary Jane styles instead. Very comfy. The strap makes all the difference.

Lydia said...

Yes some cotton is too stiff and heavy. To consider what to buy, unwrap a little from the bolt and scrunch it with your hand to see if it feels thin and soft. It will also reveal how long wrinkles will stay. And if you already have some cotton at is just too stiff, put it through all washing machine cycles (wash, rinse, spin, a couple of times. It then becomes "laundered cotton". If you already have sewn a garment that's too stiff and thick, just wash and wear a lot and it will eventually get thinner and more wearable. One exception is a muslin called Roc-Lon which I just do not like at all. It tends to get harder and stiffer as it is washed but others may not have this opinion.

magnoliasntea said...

What a lovely dress you have made, and I adore those matching shoes. You look...well, like a very modest and lovely Christian in my opinion, as I already know you are from your posts. How nice it is to hear that these are for home wear. I love dresses and never, ever wear modern clothing, nor do we own a tv either. It's always a pleasure to visit here. Thank you for sharing, and I hope your painting works out well for you.
Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

Nadege said...

The dress, the color, and you are just so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I always look forward to your posts.

Suzanne said...

A very flattering dress and I like the added piping. It dresses it up a bit without being showy😊

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, How lovely and you have been very busy and how wonderful that is was half done. The added touches are wonderful. I like the way the pleats in the front allow it to lay very nicely. I always like it when you use the clothesline to display your dresses. Hugs, Roxy

SharonR said...

The dresses on the line are so pretty. I am looking forward to seeing the movie. Is that a fig tree on your right above the swing? Just wondering what kind of leaf that is.

Lydia said...

The metal arch is entertained with grapevines and the tree is a plum tree that crept over there from somewhere else.

stephanie said...

Your dresses are just so beautiful...just like you!

Lynn said...

You mentioned a grape vine. Are they Concord grapes? I just made a little over 2 quarts of concord grape juice from grapes a friend said I could pick...all of them! The juice is delightful and more like a nectar. Messy work, but well worth it!
About your dress and you in's lovely and feminine and it's always so much fun to see what you've made. I esp. like the first Simplicity pattern you show. I think I will make a dress or more than one in that style. Thanks you , Lydia, for all you do for yourself and for us!

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

I think sewing will be a hobby I eventually take up. You just are showing me so many possibilities. And I want to be skinny like you when I grow up!! ;-)

anonymous said...

I really like your colorful dresses hanging on the clothesline. They look just like the ones in the movie, "Love Finds You In Charm".

The pattern is so becoming on you and I've seen an apron with one of your other dresses. They look great with them.

Your idea for a boutique is so cute. I'll be you first customer.

Have found that the thinner 100 percent cotton fabrics seems to be softer and flow better then some cotton/polyester blends that sometimes don't have that soft feature even after many washings.

Thank you for sharing your pretty dresses with us. It's always an inspiration to read your posts and I always look forward to them.


Rhonda said...

Your dresses are just beautiful!

Dawn said...

The clothes line with the colorful dresses fluttering in the breeze is such a pretty and happy sight. And they must look equally pretty hanging in the closet.

I am so tempted to switch my wardrobe over to only dresses after seeing how pretty and easy it is to wear them with the added bonus of making laundry day more enjoyable by their beauty.

Lady Lydia, you look lovely in your new dress. You are a real inspiration.

Lydia said...

I wear store bought separates in winter. Compared to my four summer dresses, they are very complicated clothes. The dresses hang up well in the closet and never are a problem. Unless separates are bought specifically to match and only worn as one u it, not mix and match, they present a problem. You can end up pulling out all the pieces, mixing and matching and never being sure it's what you want to wear. Dresses are already coordinated.

Lydia said...

I wear these only at home, with an apron.

I am going to be using another pattern for the next sewing project. It is a bit more complicated.

SharonR said...

Grapes vine leaves! Of course! I should have guessed that. I like your idea of wearing a dress rather than separates, though I do like separates. They do pose the problem of confusion with buying a garment to match, then it turn out to being the wrong shade. I wore dresses only until babies so I could nurse easily, when I went to skirts and blouses. That was over thirty years ago. I want to get back to the simplicity of dresses.

ladypinktulip said...

Such a lovely post. I think your dresses are beautiful. The shoes sound delightfully comfortable and I love how they match your dress. I enjoy wearing dresses instead of skirts and tops. I always figure that the outfit matches and I only need find the right earrings, hair accessory and shoes. Beautiful pictures. Kelly Thompson