Friday, May 05, 2017

Something Cheerful

From Pinterest.

Also a note from Susan Kissinger while some of you have sent notes to regarding her illness:
I think she may be quite right about a lot of this.

"Thanks Lydia. You can share this if you like.

 I have and am trying many of these things.  I have tried these diets for many years, supplements, Budwig, etc. I now believe that most of it really doesn't matter.  Cancer has many causes and reasons for its beginnings​. In some cases it can be environmental, emotional, hormonal, hereditary.  And I think all these things come together to make it happen.  We all like to think there is a magic bullet cure and yes, maybe some people were cured by these things but everyone's circumstances are so different that we can't really know what happened, for instance did they change something else in their lives at the same time?  Did they change their environment, their attitude?  Each cancer is unique and different and I think to give someone false hope is a bad idea.

Where I am right now with my thoughts of cancer is that we need to use all available resources out there to fight it and that includes modern medicine as well as non-traditional therapies.  No one thing will cure most people.  I wish I had sought the help of modern medicine earlier when I wasn't feeling well.
Yes take your vitamins and eat a healthy diet but more than that just live life and enjoy it.  I believe that joy will keep cancer away just as well as anything else.

Thank you Lydia"


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Lydia said...

I am unable to build this. I am sure I cant sew it. But It looks nice.

living from glory to glory said...

In my dreams maybe...
Hugs, Roxy

Anonymous said...

completely agree! mari

ladypinktulip said...

I agree with what Susan said. I have several chronic illnesses going on and she is right....not everything works for everyone. At the end of the day we need to remember we are the Lord's and He will give us grace for whatever we may suffer. Kelly T.

anonymous said...

I believe Susan is right. Use whatever you can to stay well. The Lord gives us the peace that passes all understanding, so that we may be at peace no matter what our circumstances. Jesus is our Banner: our standard, our encouragement, our strength and joy.
Jesus has given us the ability to learn more of medicine and improve it. Medicine has given us ways to manage pain and it is merciful.

I continue to pray for Susan and her family.

anonymous said...

Cute She Shed!
Filled will all the delights of a feminine heart.