Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A True Story

(Photos from Oriana website)

This is a true story about our trip to Australia on the ocean liner, Oriana in December, 1967.

There were 9 of us in our family, and my youngest brother was only 5 years old when we began our journey.

Several other American families went on this cruise, intending to settle in various places in Australia, along with our family who first went to Smithton, Tasmania. On the Oriana, children under a certain age ate in the childrens dining room apart from the older ones.

That was over 45 years ago, and just a few years ago my very grown up brother met a woman in his Australian home town, who had never been married.  When their friendship bloomed into romance, my brother took her to meet our parents.  While visiting, she found out they came on the Oriana. She, too, had travelled with her family from the U.S. on the Oriana.  She had saved the menus and other souvenirs, which were exactly like the ones my mother had saved from the trip.

By comparing memories, this lady found out that she ate in the same childrens dining room as my brother, on the Oriana in 1967.

They were married a few years ago,  and I call it a match made on board. They were both in their late 40's when they met.

I have heard other stories of couples whose paths crossed over the years, finally meeting and marrying. 

More pictures of the Oriana:

Afternoon Tea every day:


Tammy said...

What an amazing and lovely story!

Lady Virtue said...

Indeed, a lovely story, and a hopeful one as well. Nice to hear good news. :-)

Lady Virtue said...

Indeed, a lovely story, and a hopeful one as well. Nice to hear good news. :-)

Jenny said...

I loved hearing this story and seeing the pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Jaclyn Juliette said...

Cool story! I love how they boat designers made the interiors look so homey!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story :0) and the pictures are so wonderful...I have never taken a cruise, it must be fun :D mari

Unknown said...

What a wonderful memory! It is also wonderful about your brother and his wife and their wonderful story! It looks first rate and truly luxurious! Thank you for sharing!

Lynn said...

Such a gorgeous ship...and am so pleased for you that you had that experience.
I am also glad for your brother....that was interesting they have the same experience.

anonymous said...

What a great story and so happy for your brother and his wife. That is truly a blessing to here. Thank you for sharing the story and the pictures of your past adventures.
Such luxurious accommodations on a ship. My only experience on any boat was a rowboat across a lake when I was three. You experienced a wonderful adventure with your family.

annette2u said...

What beautiful pictures and what a lovely story. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.don’t always get the updates but thought I would check your site today.
My grandfather came from England. We loved sitting down with him for tea. So many memories but alas he died when I was 10.
I remember sitting on the floor while he brushed my long hair. Have only great memories of him and still miss him 65 years later.
Cheers from friendly Manitoba.