Thursday, July 27, 2017

Working all Night Long

The haying went on all night long, noise, lights, and all.  The workers didn't leave many of the straw city high-rises or castles for us to view today and the only picture I can show is this one pitiful little stack!

At night it is cooler and the dust is subdued by the dew, hence harvesting by moonlight, so we didn't get to see a daytime show.

 Last year I got to watch some very young people work these new  farm machines. There were lots of teen boys with their fathers, and what a marvellous job they did.

 I wish I could describe how one young man, maybe 18 years old (if even that old) baled, loaded and belted the hay blocks onto a long truck bed, tooted his horn at our family like a "show is over" tune, and carefully eased off the farm road onto the highway.

What a life for young men in their formative years--to be out ALL NIGHT with their parents blessings, working in a machine with conveniences on board--cellphones, music, air conditioning or heat, lights, packed lunches, thermoses full of sweet tea, and lots of commeraderie. 

It seems like it's easier on the women who get to stay home and sleep through the night, but it isn't exactly true.  The noise of all those trucks and tractors interrupt a good nights sleep.

Our cottage:

We have a visitor from Germany, a young man, young enough to be a grandson. We are going to persuade him to wear jeans, plaid shirt, cowboy hat and boots during his visit, so he won't be identified as a city slicker and looked down on 😉, and also so he can return to Germany looking like a country boy.  


Anonymous said...

What a delightful post Lydia. We are what you would call, "city slickers", and I have loved dressing more like a country woman, but my sons are still citified :0)

Willow said...

I love this photograph of your cottage in dappled sunlight! xx

Tricia said...

Your home always looks so lovely and welcoming! How I would love to have tea with you one day!

Lynn said...

You have really made a great new sitting area on the lawn now...esp to watch all the action in the hay field!