Saturday, July 22, 2017

Letter From Mark

For those who have been sending cards and letters to Susan Kissinger in hospice:

"Hi, my name is Mark, Susan's husband.I have been taking care of Susan for a few months.  Susan has terminal cancer.  On behalf of Susan, I want to thank everyone for your kind thoughts and cards.  I share each one with Susan."


Lynn said...

Do thank Mark for his taking care of his wife who is dying....this is so sad.

Leslie said...

I have enjoyed Miss Susan''s blog for years and so sad to hear she is in this stage...yet...we know she will soon be in Glory! My prayers for comfort and strength to you sir,and your family.
It's been a privilege for me reading her blog and one day in heaven I will tell her so!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I read on the caring bridge site, which Mark updated, that Susan's time is short, but she is comfortable and not suffering. I wish for him that her passing is quiet and he can recover from this tragedy. I hate cancer. The older I get the more I hate it, because people I know and like are getting diagnosed. Some are in recovery, but some are fighting the fight of their lives.