Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Travel Pictures

(This picture is from Pinterest, for those of you who do not have access to that place, and it illustrates my theme of creating a travel tea for the weary car traveler, and especially the driver. More on that, at the end.)

Today I am sharing some of the photos taken by a budding photographer who was riding in my car on our family reunion trip to The Mt. Hood area and through the small towns. We were avoiding the Portland freeways and driving the old highways and what a pleasure it was.

I also want to tell you who are having trouble shaking the summer coughing that may be due to so much farm dust and grass seed, that we have discovered Ricola Dual Action cherry cough drops (and other flavors in dual action) are very effective, especially at night.  You can have a good sleep without all that coughing. $1.88 at Walmart if you can get them. They are often sold out!

After posting this, I learned the best place to store these cough drops before and after opening the package is in the crisper drawer (for vegetables and fruit) of the refrigerator.  It prevents them getting sticky (when the wax paper wrappers stick) due to the frequent change of temperature in the house. 

I am including another Pinterest picture that I didn't put on the previous post, in keeping with my title of travel tea:

Also, some Pinterest car picnics and tea time pictures.

This isn't very tote-able, below but nice photo.
I hope to post. Little more on the subject of tea time travel, so look for more here or a new post.


ladypinktulip said...

What a beautiful and pleasant drive you had! I think it is a great idea to take back roads and alternative highways to avoid interstates which are so full of fast moving vehicles. I love the pictures of roadside tea. KELLY T.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the Ricola tip. No cough here, but I jotted down the item for future use!

God's Grace Overflows said...

Wow! All beautiful photos! I'll be having tea while camping up in the mountains next week. A peaceful tea!

Great tip on the cough drops, I'm over my little cold finally and this would have been so helpful!!

Enjoy your Summer, Lydia!

Hugs, Amy