Thursday, July 27, 2017

European Guest Gets Country Clothes

Our visitor from Germany arrived late yesterday (above) at the local airport.

In the  photo below  he poses in front of one of our grand institutions on his first  excursion in the "New World." He is really curious about this place and we were not sure what would come of it. 

I forgot to take a picture of the shopping basket he loaded with new threads. He was a little hesitant about the plain styles but the prices eventually changed his mind:

Denim jeans, $9.00. We should have raided that section and bought them all. For that price I was wishing I knew more people who needed them!
A blue check shirt was $3.00. I think we should go back and get some more. 100/% cotton. 
Cool summer hat, below, $9.00.
A good use for the old Ford truck: a background prop for the "after" pictures.  You can't see it but he is chewing on a stick of hay. It didn't show up in the picture due to the bright sunlight. His mother said he looked very American.  He isn't sure this look will have much success for him in Germany but these clothes are very functional and conducive to the climate here (the temperature is rising).

Alexander says the clothes are comfortable out here in the sticks.

What do you think, ladies? Did we make a country boy out of him?  

The clothes aren't very slick looking, or stylish as he is accustomed to, but I think they will last a few years and eventually he will come to love them.  As you know, men marry their clothes (til death do they part) and I suspect he will not eagerly part with these. I will get pictures of the other clothing bargains he got, when he wears them. 

Stan is preparing  to take Alexander on a few excursions while he is here. I will be posting more pictures about that on this post. 

July 31: we put him to work and he wasn't unhappy about it. He sent some pictures to his parents of this scene:

Foreign worker stealing our jobs 😊

Sweeping the old CHEVY. (Thanks, ladies. The markings on the old truck are all faded out or gone. Thanks for correcting me. Yes,miss a Chevrolet.

Talking to his Mother in Germany.


jlynn said...

Welcome to Alexander, hope you enjoy your stay. You look rather dashing in your new attire. Love the photo on the old truck. May you take home many happy memories of your visit.

annie said...

Cute young fellow, I like the clothes!
That line about the denim, that is the way I feel about my own jeans.
Not sure you are right, I think that is a Chevy or GMC pick up.
You can tell by the tail light, and fender flare 🤔

Anonymous said...

Oh Lydia ... he looks quite handsome :-).... and I'm sure he will enjoy them as the jeans begin to be broken in, they will become his favorite :D

Tammy said...

Very handsome!
I hope he has a wonderful time while he's here,
and that you are all a blessing to each other. :)

Christine said...

Thumbs up!!

Lydia said...

You are right. It's a Chevy.

Lydia said...

I forgot to post his age:22.

Blessed Homemaking said...

Funny about men marrying their clothes. My husband keeps his clothes until they can't be worn any more. And he is very good at getting holes in them, even on the insides of his shoes! But I love him so much :)

Unknown said...

I hope he enjoys his stay. I love how he quickly got into country living (smiles).He looks ready for the county fair!
Men so marry thier clothes indeed! So funny.
God bless

Lynn said...

You have made a country man out of him...or is a country boy? You should go back and get one more shirt....

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

He looks very handsome!
I agree that men marry their clothes. My stepfather had a bathrobe that he refused to give it. It was threadbare in sections, but he said, "there was a little good left in it". Finally, my brother and I got him a nice hotel like robe, that he wore till he died. My mother was so glad to toss the old one in the trash can.

Katy said...

He looks great! :)

Michelle said...

He looks great in the jeans and shirt! Is he an exchange student? I ask because we have hosted students on and off for the past decade. Our first student, also from Germany, is visiting us right now, in fact! :)

Lydia said...

Oh no, we are homeschoolers. He's a guest. We met on my blog. Maybe we could homeschool hm. He's probably a bit too old. Last night we used he Internet to find lyrics for national anthems around the world. Some of the national anthems were very dignified. I know you must be enjoying your exchange student. Ours is telling us the German words for everything. Since Enlish is considered a Germanic language, some words ar an easy exchange.