Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sewing With "Elizabeth Lee" Pattern

Results of sewing from this Elizabeth Lee pattern are in. These four garments were made using Design 204.

The lady I sewed these nursing dresses for claims they are comfortable and very slimming. All fabrics are different weaves and finishes of cotton, including polished cotton (or similar) and cotton flannel.  I am looking forward to using more bamboo fabric, which I have discovered recently for clothing.

I met a lady who knit sweaters out of bamboo yarn.
In reality they look very much like the pattern drawing.

As there were a few seams and inserts that had to be carefully matched, I benefitted from consulting with someone who had sewn their pattern before. Sometimes I needed more detailed instructions than the pattern provided.

This one has the look of some of the dresses I have seen on Pinterest.

Fabrics and trims  from Hobby Lobby.
You can tell my iron was not available for pressing. All seams were hand-pressed or mashed by hand 😊. I noticed what a time saver it was not to pin everything before sewing. I had no pins but was able to fit everything together without tediously pinning sleeves, bodice pieces, waist, etc. and it also saved time.

Note: these four garments look a lot better in person, but are a little frumpy the way I displayed them. 

I tried them all on and they are just the most perfect style in my opinion and so I am going to make some for myself, without inside front bodice inserts.

These dresses were a gift to the mother of the preemie  who was staying at the Ronald MacDonald House I mentioned before. She is home now and the family is functioning normal and noisy.

Thank you to such kind friends who sent some donations. I had quite a nice time getting this fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I truly wish you could see these dresses on the young mother. She looks like a princess.

God Bless you all.


Unknown said...

I used this pattern when invited to be in my sister's wedding party years ago 2 months after a son was born. I made it in a navy brocade and it was very elegant and flattering to my postpartum figure. ~~Mrs. H

Lynn said...

Yes...these dresses are very princessy!

Lynn said...

I also appreciated seeing how the artist painted the leaves in the painting , as I am doing art now and always need to paint leaves....I used colored pencil instead.

Mrs. C said...

The dresses are lovely and beautifully sewn, Lydia! I'm sure the new mother feels beautiful whenever she wears them.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I love the flowered one. It looks so comfortable.
I'm sure the new mom will appreciate the ease of them all.

Mrs.O said...

Oh,my...these are just so PERFECT!! I would LOVE to have a dress like these.
Such a blessing for the lady who received them!!
God bless