Saturday, March 17, 2018

In Lieu of a Tea Room

 As disappointed as I was not to get into a tea room, I prevented a big expense by shopping instead for a tea cup.

The tea cups in this shop in the Victorian tea room we're almost all $30.

We are exploring small-town America this weekend while my husband is a guest speaker for a marriage retreat and worship on Sunday.

Mr. S. Patiently escorted me around the different towns, waiting for me to selected the right teacup.

(He had a very good Mother who taught him how to take care of people).

The cost of these have settled on the price of $15 to $20 a cup and saucer set.

We finally found this one, unused and still
in it's original packaging,  at the cost of $4.00, in a Goodwill , as we explored another small town.

I had packed tea with me, and a spare cup with no saucer, and I was able to create tea room for one or two. Mr. S. likes Walkers Shortbread packaged cookies, so he stopped at a nearby Walmart to get his supply, to take with tea.

It was interesting also to see some of the service the employees at Walmart made available to us. They were alert to customers that appeared to be needing help and immediately asked if there was anything they needed. 

If the item was two or more aisles away, the employee texted another employee in that area and by the time we walked the distance, that person was pointing to the item we had been unable to find.

Below: scene from the place we stayed. Last year we were not informed to bring our own bedding and towels, so we slept under our coats. This year, we over-compensated but we were quite comfortable.

Each lady received a gift bag containing a tea cup, tea spoon and bags of tea, along with a newsletter and a cute napkin. I found the tea cups at my local Goodwill store before I left my home.


anonymous said...

Lydia, you are very fortunate that your husband is patient enough to take you to all the towns, tea rooms and thrift shops in those towns. I'm so happy you had an opportunity to get away and have a lovely trip with your husband.

Your choice of teacup was a wise one as it came with the teapot also and so beautiful. Tell Mr. S that my favorite tea time cookie is also shortbread.
As much as I enjoy tea rooms, the best afternoon tea service I've ever experienced was having tea at your home. Nothing compares!

Blessings, Janet Westrup

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What a fun trip for you and your husband, he must be a patient man indeed! So wonderful that you finally found the perfect tea cup for $4, that was a happy moment indeed, and its a beauty! Glad you are getting to have such a lovely time with your husband. So sorry that you didn't get to experience the tea room! Personally, I find having tea in my own home with other sweet ladies every bit as cozy and sweet as going to a tea room. :) Hugs to you sweet friend!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I love the little pot and tea cup combo! I bet you just enjoyed getting away and being able to minister to the ladies and gentlemen. And I know they all loved the tea cup that you gave them in their gift bags...
Thinking of you!
Hugs, Roxy


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