Monday, March 26, 2018

Pretty, Easy Floral Craft

Note the hairstyle in this 1800's painting.  It is so much like some of the long hair styles being revived today.

For a quick bright spot in the home, nothing could be easier than picking a flower and putting it in a little jar for a table or mantel. This hand made moss wreath takes a little more effort, but is still quite simple.

These moss wreaths are so pretty and I have seen them in florist shop windows, the grocery store floral departments, and hobby stores like Michaels, but the price for the big ones are $40.00.

Today I experimented to see if one could be made at the cost of "free" or using supplies from the Dollar Tree.  

This was made for a little less than $4.00., which is a lot more beneficial to your family budget than $40.00!  I am not sure who would be buying a $40 wreath, because most people I know are very conservative with their family income, amd they are trying to teach their children how to make-do.

 These four items are from Dollar Tree, with a total price of $4.00. Naturally, you would not use up all that glue or all the ribbon or moss, so I would approximate the cost of materials would be $2 per wreath.
I used florist foam, (but styrofoam could be used) because that was what was available,  and I first glued a piece of sheer florist ribbon around it for hanging.

Then I painted glue all around the foam wreath and pressed the the dried moss on it. I used a wet brush and a little water to spread the tacky glue around. White school glue or flour and water paste would also work. 

The old old floral garland was saved from something or other,  but you could get a couple of things from the dollar store to stick straight into the foam after covering it with moss.  Here are some white berry stems, below, from Dollar Tree. You would need craft wire cutters, also from the Dollar store. "Picks" are floral stems and embellishments designed to stick into bouquets, and are found in floral departments of craft stores.

The back will be bare. I chose the floral foam partly because it had a flat back, making it hang better against the wall.

If you have adhesive spray, that would help keep all the tiny bits of moss from coming loose. Maybe you could dilute some white craft glue with water and put in a spray bottle. I haven't tried that. 

It is not necessary to have a wreath shape, since a square of foam, a styrofoam ball, or any other shape would make a nice centerpiece. 

If you see one of these wreaths and you are trying to prevent money going out as soon as it comes in, you might get a lot of satisfaction from making an item. 

As thrifty as this project is, you might be able to make it at almost no cost, from things you find outside, or in your kitchen or craft paper supplies.

Below: The back of the wreath will remain bare, and having the flat part of the florist foam wreath makes it lay nicely against the wall.

Another style, below, with dollar store ribbon, of which there is an ample amount left:

Check the comments for a good hint by a florist, Christine!


Christine Beauchamp said...

Greetings Lydia. . .

As an alternative, years ago I used to own a flower shop with my 'then' husband. He was a cheater and derelict so we've since divorced and I walked away from the shop. . but you could soak the moss in water to make it pliable. . that's what we would do. . then wring out excess water, shape the moss around the wreath and use florist metal picks to hold the moss in place. You don't even need glue. It dries in place tightly . . voila!

Your wreath turned out lovely . as always. You're very creative and everything in your world is beautiful. The way you think is very special. And you're right, $4 is better to spend than $40. . absolutely.

Blessings at Easter time,

Lydia said...

Thanks for his tip, Christine. I'm going to do that. It doesn't stick very well and it sheds a lot.

living from glory to glory said...

Well, I love it Lydia, and you have inspired me to give a spring wreath a try for my home soon! I always look at those wreaths in the stors and I can not bring myself to spend the money!
I liked the suggestion that was given, I would never of thought to do that!
Happy Day...
Always, Roxy xo

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Texas Mom said...

Love this!