Friday, March 02, 2018

Video: Appearance at Home


In this video I am talking about dressing well at home and the impact it has on the mood and on the things we do.  One day I would like to say there is a perfect way of dressing at home, but since the era of the "house dress" there has been no particular uniform. In general, today, we are free to dress as we like at home, and Christian ladies would want to keep  in mind that even though they are at home, there will be times they will be seen in public, or by someone who comes to the door, and to make sure their method of dressing is dignified and glorifying to God.  If you have anything you would like to add to this, which might be edifying to readers, please leave your comment!  Thank you and God Bless you.

Php 4:5  Let your reasonableness  be known to everyone.  The Lord is at hand;

Php 4:6   do not be anxious about anything,  but in everything by prayer and supplication  with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Php 4:7  And  the peace of God,   which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


Raquel Berrocal said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Thank you so much for another post full of inspiration. We, Christian women, are a walking sermon just going around, without saying a word, setting a beautiful example of peaceful, lovely sweetness. I learned that from you many years ago, when my children were little. Now I´m an empty-nester but still preaching without words to my little corner of the world, by embracing feminine, elegant, pretty ways of dressing. And believe me, that´s weird in a world of noisy, always angry, shouting, self centered and oh, so terribly mistaken women.

I think it´s the little unimportant housewives and mothers and widows who care about godliness, beauty, sweetness and purity are the ones who are really fighting the real battle, just by shining delicately here and there and teaching their daughters to do the same.

Thank you for your inspiration.

Rachel and Family said...

Very nice. Thank you!

Jeanie said...

Thank you for taking the time to encourage us younger women at home to care about our appearance and not be complacent about the typical sweats and hoodies. I have had visitors pop unannounced then be in shock when they asked if i was getting ready to leave and i say no . I have been taking more of an effort to clean up our closet by going through our clothes checking for rips,tears,and stains and overall look and discarding them. As ministers well know we need to be dressed, even at home, to witness and share God's love on the spot. Also, i am being more cautious with eating slow and small bites of food so i dont drip or spill anything on our clothes. I try to make sure to take extra special care of our clothes since we live on a small fixed income. This post has been an encouragement and i needed that. Could you do a post on traveling clothes and preps for that please? We are traveling to preach and witness so much more now and i am still struggling in this area. Thanks Lady Lydia, for you never disappoint me in your posts. :)

Christine said...

I really enjoy watching your videos and hearing you speak.
I encourage you yo talk about the role of the older women. Not very often do I read or hear about this subject.
Thanks for your sweet words!

Lydia said...

Carefulness in appearance has an effect on performance, as many people in business have known. Someome told me that careless dressing leads to careless living and in some areas that is true. The day at hme can begin with the appearance and get better from there, but when it begins with not getting dressed up, a feeling of being behind in everything continually plagues. getti g to sleep early may help.

Lydia said...

Raquel, you are so right. The hme maker is often feeling very isolated too. I am wondering what can be done about that and how I can help. I don't think the young homemaker has had much societal or family support since the 1950's. With excruciating loneliness it becomes will power just to stay the course. I can see how tempting it is to get into the workforce where they would receive rewards and motivation.

Christine, the role of older women is not held up too much by others and the older women can feel as though they have been put on the shelf. We can find ways to change this and make their role vital, addi g more years to their lives.

Appearance might be the only thing you have any power over. There are some people who think it is too vain and not intelligent to be even a little concerned about what's in the mirror, but the Bible speaks of the importance of the appearance. Those who were fasting were told by Christ to wash and dress up and not look like they were fasting. There are other references to appearance, in a spiritual sense, such as the one who looks into a mirror and then forgets what he looks's important to be a little self conscious and to want to groom yourself in a way that makes you feel personal dignity and comfident at home and in public.

Jeannie, I as told by someone that the day you decide not to dress up is the day everyone comes to the door: the neighbor, the postal carrier, the UPS or Federal Express, church members, etc.

Lydia said...

...and that's the day the children become upset or fussy!

MonicasDaughter said...

Thank you for this. I have been at home for 25 years. We moved to a small rural town 20 years ago and I haven't had a friend since that move. I homeschooled the children and stayed home taking care of the home and family. I discovered that all the women my age, with children the same ages as mine, were at work. Their children were at school. They played soccer and took advanced placement classes. And then they all left home for distant colleges upon graduation.

Even though these families attended our church and the kids were in youth group together, they were never more than polite. Their mothers were strictly polite and closed their ranks to us immediately. I understand it more now. We chose to homeschool and for me not to part of the workforce. In their view, I was the one who'd opted out of being considered for friendship.

It has been isolating and at times, very difficult. And since I haven't worked in 25 years, and have no friends or connections and the town is very small (as in minimal work opportunities), I don't know what I would do if something happened to my husband. I am trying to think of something I can do from home.

Thank you for your wonderful blog. I've been following you since around 1999 and the LAF days. God Bless.

MonicasDaughter said...


I forgot to mention the clothing aspect. I always shower and put on makeup and dress nicely everyday, but only dressy jeans and oversized shirts and sweaters. I haven't succeeded in dresses-only even though I've tried for periods of time over the years. I am the only woman at church that wears skirts. I've been at the grocery store and realized that I was the only woman in the store in a skirt. But I do believe in being ready for the day and never lounge around in pj's or sweats, night or day. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

thank you Lydia for your inspiring post! I am also in complete agreement with Raquel as wel1, we as Christian women need to shine in reflecting our Lord, even with the way we dress, and it is hard in a society of not only of angry,noisy women, but in a society full of women as you have once said in an earlier post, who dress like men. I myself have Christian women friends, my age (59) an up who dress only in athletic wear, way too tight jeans, or clothes that are way too young for them. No one wants to look pretty anymore it seems, they want to look 'hot' or show off their bodies in tight clothes. One of my friends came to church last week in a sweatshirt mini skirt with short boots and she is 65 years old. I was embarrassed for her, but I don't have the heart to say anything to her. Any suggestions on how to do that?

your encouragement to dress feminine and pretty even at home is wonderful. In the last few years I have felt that I want to look pretty not only for my husband and others around me, but for myself. I was always made to feel that is vain to dress up, or that a woman should only dress up when going out of the home. it does change my attitude completely to feel happy with my appearance, that you for your support and words on this subject!
Lady Liza

Nadege said...

Thank you for such a lovely video. I agree with all you have said - esp the part where your appearance affect not only you but those around you. I have found that when I am careful about my appearance even workers are extra nice and helpful. Clearly a nicely dressed person may very well uplift anyone else they come in contact with especiallly family members.

Also, the verse in Phillipians is quite true but at times difficult to follow for folks who tend towards anxiety. Will keep at it.

Again this vide was helpful and calming - even your voice was soothing.

Thanks again and enjoy the weekend.

Nadege said...

Oh, one more thing, it's great to hear older women's issues being addressed.

Lydia said...

Monica's Daughter: your concerns are things I have heard recently from other ladies and they are things I want to address in a video conversation.

Nadege: yes, I am thinking more about older women and listing ideas of things to talk about. It does concern me though, the lack of interaction between all age groups of women. Young women seem to gravitate to classes and blogs of other young women. I'd like to see them teaching and showing things together.

Lydia said...

I agree so much, thank you!

I know so many young mothers who are craving an older woman in their lives. Their mothers have passed on or are miles away. Some of them are the first Christians in their families and again, are just craving that older woman's influence on them and their children. They are being taken advantage of by all the discipleship trends in church and all the things they are told they should be participating in. They're just longing for a family friend who's available to them, instead of always being approached to head something up.

An older woman should never feel shy about reaching out to the younger women because they might find her to be behind the styles, etc. I don't think the younger women care about that as much as we think they do. They want us to be put together and groomed, of course, but they don't need us to be "hip". I think many of them are comforted by a homey/nostalgic, motherly and feminine appearance, it is so refreshing.

My kids have never seemed embarrassed of me wearing homemade dresses and skirts either, even as teenagers now. They have actually thanked me several times for dressing this way. They say the way people dress now is embarrassing.

Now I feel like getting up and sewing something!

It is also amazing to think that I can discuss every single thing with the Lord. I saw an old friend this weekend and I asked her what she would be doing now that her last child was leaving home. "Well, I have just been laying it all out before the Lord", she said. Just that little comment was so uplifting to me.

Thank you again for your good wisdom, Lydia!


Lydia said...

Monica's Daughter, do you live in the South?

It does not matter, but in case you think it's isolating for homemakers, it's the same ell over unless you are in a family that is close in proximity and shares the belief.

Jenny said...

I try to always look nice when at home, and since my baby has become a more active toddler, what I consider nice has evolved. When he was a baby (and after my 40 days of rest), I would wear nice dresses and skirts/sweaters. With an apron, I could do just about anything. If I knew I'd be cleaning something that would cause me to perspire, I'd wear a t-shirt and denim skirt or a cotton dress -- something easier to clean in the wash.

Anyway, now with the toddler and going to the park/playing outside, I stick to cotton dresses and denim skirts/cotton shirts when going to the park, and I always put on a pair of shorts underneath the skirt so that I can follow him around on the equipment with modesty.


A note to those ladies who might desire older friends, or even friends their own age -- invite those ladies over! There were several older women at my church who I just knew had great wisdom and had raised good, Catholic families. I just invited them over individually, and we had a nice time visiting. If my toddler weren't so clingy now, I'd invite them still, but I need to wait until he is a bit older for it to be a pleasant time for all.

I have moved around a bit, and must say that out west here is the best place to "make friends." It seems almost everyone is a transplant, and that really makes it easier to "break into" society.

Lydia said...

Jenny, thank you for your comment. Although I'm not Catholic, I understand what you mean when y say it's a matter if finding these older women who can impart good values.

Outdoors said...

@Lady Lydia:
Wonderful insight, as always.


You asked about travel clothes. Are you familiar with Macabi Skirt? I have found it really practical when traveling. There are also other convertible/multifunctional travel skirts available.

I would say that the most important feature of travel clothes is that it is wrinkle-free. And second: it is either easy to wash and quick to dry OR it is such material (silk or wool) that does not need to be washed that often.

Outdoors said...

I had to watch this again, just to listen to your soft and lovely voice, Lydia. :) I am so clad that you started making videos again. Your voice reminds me how important aspect of femininity voice is. Thank you.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Such a lovely endearing and wise video you shared Lydia! My kids are grown now and in college, but as they were growing up, I dressed nicely every day, and it was always for my husband that I did so, but I see that as you shared, it was important for my children too. Plus, you just never know who may come to your door, or what errands you have to run, and I too believe it is always important to look presentable and be prepared for whatever situation the day may bring. You shared some wonderful teaching, bless you sweet friend!

Lydia said...

You are too kind! I hope to make a video today, and maybe talk about the voice a little.

Unknown said...

Hello Ms.Lydia,
Thank you for all your helpful video`s. I am from the "grunge" era (the 90`s) and I find your videos very inspirational! I would love to learn to sew, and was wondering what city and state you are in?
I find your videos so helpful because I stay confused with Bible scriptures, as to if we're to wear headcoverings, no makeup, no jewelry etc. I've recently been baptized into the Baptist faith, but have a really hard time with the once saved, always saved thinking because of the narrow way scripture. If you have any thoughts on this, I would love to hear them.
Thank you,and God bless you!
Jen Steelman

Lydia said...

Hi Jen, Welcome to my blog.

This is a post that is kind of lost already in the archives and there is no use beginning a conversation on these subjects here so I will have you email me and I'll send you some links, but you can go to any link on the sidebar that addresses these questions. Christian Courier is there as well as World Video Bible School. BUt do email me and I will give you the links. There is also a link on the sidebar called The Headcovering Question. or click on the "email me" icon and see if that works.

Looking forward to hearing from you.