Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Dressing for Organization in the Home

Today in my video I talk about reasons for dressing carefully and neatly and somewhat professionally in the home, especially when you have an organizational task that has been accumulating.You may feel less anxiety, less pressure and more optimism.

Dressed in umbrella fashion, here, in relation to my previous post on dressing for rain. 

I found this on Pinterest but it had no title or artist. I posted it here because of the umbrella.

Whether it is inclement weather or a daunting job of cleaning a long overdue laundry room, getting dressed as though it was an important mission, will ease some of the burden. 

If you were my students, you would have an assignment to dress up to put a room back together that had been neglected for awhile, or dress up to tackle your boxes of papers, toys, etc.that need sorting.

In this video I suggest doing the daily work, such as cleaning the surface of the kitchen, washing dishes, sweeping, cleaning the bathroom, and taking out the trash. This helps get up your energy for the harder tasks you have been neglecting for a long time. When you need a break from cleaning the garage or a closet or shelves thst need cleaning, it will be very relieving to see the clean kitchen and bathroom, the floors swept in the living areas and things in general order. 
 Naturally I realize there are readers that never have anything in disarray and are always neat and tidy. This is for those of us who need a little help getting our minds focused enough to tackle the things at home that are disorganized.

I look forward to your comments. 


Janet W. said...

Oh Lydia, you look so cute with that umbrella and your cheerful smiling face. You look so ready to tackle any job.
I so agree with your idea of getting yourself cleaned up, dressed and hair arrange neatly. In general well put together and prepared to work. It does have a lot to bear on being ready to do a job, no matter if it be going out of the home to work or tackling house work.

I like to get something to eat and a little time with the Lord before bathing in the morning, then do a quick assessment of what needs to be done first in the home. So sitting down with a hot cup of tea and making a list of what needs to be done and then rewriting the list to organize by priority helps me get started.
As you say doing prep work helps to organize, such as picking up clutter, putting things back where they belong, just sorting things into piles, stacks or bundles helps.
Yes indeed getting to sleep a little earlier in order to get up a little earlier is so wise.

With Spring being here and warmer weather, I'm anxious to get outside to get yard work done. So on those days I'll work outside and if it rains I work inside. That is how I organize my days. Thank you for your post and video. So encouraging.

Janet Westrup.

Janet W. said...

Forgot to mention my favorite work clothes for house work is an a-line denim skirt, lonsleeved t-shirt and warm house slippers with rubber soles so that I can go outside if I need to get something from the garage or go to the mailbox.

I also like to put on some lively instrumental music to clean and vac, dust or mop floors. Then midmorning stop for a rest and reflection before continuing with one project or tackling another.
Janet Westrup.

Barb said...

Hello Lydia thank you for your video. I agree with you about dressing appropriately for your work. I'm shortly starting to see a popover apron for use in my home.

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for this video, Lydia. Your background is so pretty with the glowing candles on the dreary day. :)

I agree with you. I have found this out over the years, that if I have a day when I stay in my pajamas all morning, I feel terrible - anxious (because what if someone comes to the door) and sluggish. It has been hard for me due to my chronic illness, but in the past few months I have been feeling better enough that I have been able to get up early enough to get a shower and get dressed before I make the children breakfast. This makes such a big difference in my entire day. I feel more clear-headed and calm, and I get a lot more done. Also, if I even manage to put on some makeup in the morning I feel better yet, more confident and ambitious. I would not have thought this would work if someone merely told me - it seems silly, but I have found through experience that it really does work.

Where I live it is very cold and windy so I wear pants in the winter to stay warm, but I am so glad that the weather is finally warming up so I can get back to wearing skirts. You can get skirts today in knit fabrics (I have a couple from Costco) that are so comfortable and cool. With a t-shirt and a light summer cardigan, maybe some pretty earrings, I am ready for anything. :)

Willow said...

Another great video, thank you Lydia! I agree with you - getting dressed properly & wearing something practical, and feminine, can really affect one's mood for the day. I have been caught out many times, when not prepared, if someone comes to the door, or the house is messy, I feel so embarrassed! I like to get up early and have my 'quiet time', before anyone else is awake! I usually read a little from the Bible or a devotional, have a cup of tea and then make my plan for the day. When tackling major reorganisations in the home I try and break the jobs down into manageable chunks, otherwise I become overwhelmed by it all!
Thanks again for your inspiration Lydia and for showing us your lovely photographs xx

Tammy said...

I really enjoyed your video! I have recently been thinking that I need to get to bed/get up earlier, so it's encouraging to hear you say that as well. There is a kind of mental block for me in getting out of bed before my husband, so if he isn't up yet, it's hard for me to get going - not sure why that is. Like you mentioned, I notice on the days I don't put myself together (hair/makeup/pleasant clothes), someone often comes to the door and I feel unprepared/embarrassed by my appearance:/ I really dislike that feeling. The days I get going earlier and get put together seem to go much better.
Thanks for the encouragement!

Farm Dreaming said...

As a homeschooling mom of teenagers....I really need to put more effort in my appearance. I've back slided since my days of having an office job..and my attitude has taken a hit too. Thanks again for the inspiration. (Tie dyed t-shirts and sweats are not exactly attractive!),

Unknown said...

You made a good point about not rushing through the task. When I hurry I end up doing a poor job and feel resentful about having to do it. By dressing appropriately I'm giving my full attention to the work, can plan in my mind what needs to be done and enjoy it. I recently organized my laundry room and finished by putting pretty floral labels on bins with clothespins I painted with polka dots! I had fun doing it and it gives me pleasure each time I go in there. Thanks for the video - lots of good ideas.

Lynn said...

I especially appreciate Janet's comment, above, about having lively music playing while working....I do that first thing when I get to the kitchen in the morning....I live alone, so it's OK!

Outdoors said...

Thank you, dear Lydia.

My mother taught me how important it is to get dressed every morning, even if you are sick. So I do get dressed, but I certainly could put more effort to it. I would love to have something what amishes wear, something like a nun's habit that would be neat and orderly. But of course I would like it to be modern and pretty. I am trying to build a warderobe where everything goes together, in order to achieve my goal.

Jaclyn Juliette said...

What an appropriate comment for today! My 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, and I are embarking on a home organization today! We’ve been working hard (but enjoying it) and I took a break to sign on and see what Lady Lydia is up to and as usual I am always uplifted! Well, it’s back to work now...”see” you again soon! - Jaclyn from NYC

Anonymous said...

I love the practical ideas here and of course I try to look my best even wearing plain clothes for cleaning and organizing my home. Like Janet said, I tend to wear a denim skirt and T-shirt for this activity around the house.