Monday, May 21, 2018

Video: Housekeeping Inspiration

Painting by Emile Vernon (1872-1919)

Hello All,

It is quite a task to get a house in real order, and very easy to let it all slide. We know we should do the daily work, such as dishes and laundry, but how can other things be included? It seems to take all day just to do the daily work. In this video I give a few suggestions about how to do one extra thing a day, to finally get back into control of the house.  I know some of you are probably entering another stage in your life where the children are more active and require more time doing other things, and may get that overwhelming feeling regarding housework!

I would love to have your comments here, even if this doesn't exactly apply to your situation!

I hope to add a full picture of the dress (with hat) and show the different ways I can use this dress for home, for public, etc.


Below is a picture of the print on the selvedge  edge of the fabric, with the designer name. It is from Walmart.  I buy a yard of it when possible, so that when I have time, I might make something from it. I think a big puffy skirt would be nice! I don't know if you have seen some of the long floral skirts on Pinterest . They are quite lovely!
I also like the color code circles on the edge (selvedge) of the fabric, to see what colors would coordinate, but I usually take a swatch of the fabric with me to see the overall effect when trying to match up a yarn or solid fabric, shoes, floral for fascinators, hats, etc.

Long floral skirts from Pinterest

I know there are some kinds of fashion "experts" who don't like floral fabrics, but when you are at home, and have your own circle of friends, or like florals, there shouldn't be any self-consciousness about wearing them, even in public. The nice thing about home, is that you can dress as you like, or even as you have always wanted to. I quit waiting for fashion to change, and quit saying I was born after my time, and instead created my own "time" and culture here at home, where I can wear all the flowers I want!
 Would you not like to wear this to pull weeds in your flower garden, 
 ...and would not the flowers be so glad to see you in the morning, wearing this?

I don't care for the shirt and boots they matched up with this, but thought the skirt might be fun for wearing at home or the nearby grocery store. There is no sense wasting a moment of life being too cautious to wear something pretty!

Before-and-after kitchen drawer that I mentioned in my video:

Clutter like this always looks so daunting it is easy to put it off. It took five minutes to clean it.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lydia for this wonderful video which is so timely for me this morning! I have recently had hand surgery and my housework has piled up a bit and it is making me a bit stressed out since I usually have a pretty clean and orderly home. I tend to get overwhelmed when I walk through it and see all the things that need to be done, as you had mentioned in your video. Thank you for your tips and especially to remember that I am serving the Lord by taking care of my home and husband. I don't know why that fact seems so easy to forget as I look at all the housework that needs to be done.
It's nice to know that other homemaking women are facing the same situations. And thank you also for the reminder to take time for myself while tackling my chores. Your dress that you are wearing in the video is lovely! Lady Liza

Lydia said...

Rain San Martin has left a new comment on your post "Housekeeping Inspiration":

Dear Lady Lidia,

The advice of maintaining the home while making daily progress toward improving it is a habit I am working toward. I am continually educated and inspired by your writings overflowing with wisdom and your companion YouTube channel! I request that you one day compile your articles into an ebook or physical book that can be ordered. Perhaps Kindle Direct Publishing? Your work should be preserved for future generations.

Angela said...

I look forward to your thoughts on money. Thank you for your motivation!

Laura Jeanne said...

I enjoyed this video Lydia. Thank you for all the helpful tips. It's so kind of you to take the time to do these talks and to help those of us who aren't quite as organized as you are. :)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on's s topic I wish I could just not worry about but alas, I am not a wealthy advice on surviving that end-of-the-month slump would be greatly appreciated.

Lydia said...

It won't be the usual things you read about money, but just some observations and my own experiences with the end of the month thing.

Willow said...

Thank you for another great video - full of useful tips! It's comforting to know that others struggle with their housekeeping routines too! I love the floral fabrics and tea cups, they make me feel happy on a dull day. x

R's Rue said...


Lynn said...

Your fabrics are so very uplifting to look at...I want to make an apron as the one you showed here.

Leigh said...

Discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and LOVE IT!!! Your articles & videos are wonderful and such an encouragement. Thank you, from a fan in South Carolina!

Unknown said...

Do you have a YouTube channel, lady Lydia? It would make your videos more accessible if you did. Thanks for the wisdom you share!- Christal from Canada

Unknown said...

Thank you for the video. It was the next best thing to sitting down with you over a cup of tea! I love floral fabrics and after following your blog have started sewing my own dresses since I can't find what I want in ready made. Your tip about respecting your home and taking care of it as a way to honor God is really wonderful. I have not thought of that before and I think it will help me get motivated. Hope you have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the video and the handy tips! I get so inspired by your words, and I love your dress! I love floral dresses and I have many that I wear daily.

The Vintage Family said...

These skirts are gorgeous! I too love wearing florals and have stopped making excuses for my love for them! They're happy, bright, and feminine whether they're in style or not. Thanks for the encouragement!

1889wife said...

Thank you, Lady Lydia,for your beautiful blog. It is so very encouraging.

Godly Homemaker (Andrea) said...

Maybe this will finally help me get organized and not overwhelmed!