Monday, May 07, 2018

Overwhelmed? Trouble Getting Going? This May Help

Painting: The Garden by Ethel Walker, Scotland, 1861-1951


Today I am happy to share a finished dress, with Hobby Lobby fabric. I did not look at the bolt to see the name of the print. I had seen it often in Hobby Lobby and it did not quit tugging at my senses, so I bought some.
Because I used several different patterns to pull this together, I cannot give you a pattern number, but this is possibly the last time I will use this combination, as I want to move on to something else. I dont care about the pattern as much as the print, and have been using the same pattern with many different prints.
I inserted large size rick-rack at the neckline, and I like it better than piping or lace:
It is all cotton and so comfy. I feel dressed up yet very casual for the home.
I have all the settings on the dress form pulled out to match my own measurements, but the dress looks a lot better on the mannequin, as usual.
The print is so like the oilcloth we used for tablecloth in the old days, also similar to the cotton table cloths of the 1950's which I liked so much.
I like the look of the floral with a background that looks like the sky. So natural!
I found this coral ribbon at Dollar Tree, and it goes with, quite smile-fully. That's my new word. There was not one that worked with the feeling I had.
And here I am with the one photo Mr. S. took. He was so busy, he couldn't stand there like a professional photographer and click the camera 20 times, so I had to strike one pose and accept what he took. I am standing in front of a little tool shed, acting like I am visiting a pretty cottage. The dress had huge puffy sleeves with pin-tucks sewn at the wrists and gathers at the top, as well as loose pleats down the front and back. 
I wore it to church, and if I make another one, this one will become an everyday dress.  The sleeve are very large and full, gathered at the shoulder, with tucks stitched at the wrists. 

You might remember the hat, which I made awhile back and posted:

You can buy a straw or woven hat, a floral stem and a roll of ribbon at Dollar Tree, to create a hat at the cost of $4.00.

You will notice the mantel arrangement in the background of my video today. This is the candelabra I talk about. 

This kind of candelabra is so large that many people today find them not very conducive to household space, usefulness or decor, so it tends to be kept in the original box and passed around from wedding to wedding, to housewarming, to birthday, or whatever. I finally landed one, (it was passed on to me) and I am glad to say it is just right for this place. It isn't the white elephant here that it would be somewhere else. I don't mind if it fades or gets tarnished, because it will match the vase I have next to it on the mantel.

In this video I suggest some things to do when you can't seem to focus or begin, in the home.  Like any artist, builder or entrepreneur, you have to be self-regulated and figure out a formula to keep yourself focused.  This is mine, and I'll share it with you as though you were one of my students.  My main points are:

Get your appearance taken care of, as though you were going to work or greet guests.
Prepare tea and use a tea cup that is pretty. Mine goes with my dress!
Make a list of three urgent things needed to be done to make the home functional. Mine are: dishes, laundry and trash taken out.  
Pray for God's help and blessings.

One thing I think is so important is that we can all have homes that are taken care of in such a way as to be a living testimony of how we feel about life, and how grateful to the Lord we are, and to make us useful by reflecting His creation and His teachings through our homes.

The purpose of cleaning the living room first is to have a room to go and look at when you are discouraged with the other room!

Please leave me a comment!

Below is the case I showed you on the video , for my grooming things. Each section is zippered and the entire thing rolls up.  It beats every box or case I have ever used. If I drop it, nothing spills.
The glittery candles came from Dollar Tree a few years ago, battery operated led-lites, two in a package for $1.00. I put some in gift bags for favors at tea parties, and I haven't seen any there at the Dollar Tree in awhile, but I would like to get some more.


Laura Jeanne said...

I will watch your video in the morning, Lydia, but right now I want to comment and say that I absolutely love the print you used for your new dress. I was thinking what a pretty apron it would make. :)

Lydia said...

LUra Jeanne, what about curtains, tablecloths and other household accessories like potholders amd tea cozy, etc. remember the appliance covers we used to make with quilted material?

Willow said...

Good morning Lydia, I have just watched your video & made some notes as I go along! First of all, I absolutely love your new dress - I am always drawn to floral fabrics (grew up with the Laura Ashley fabrics & also adore Cabbage & Roses, but very expensive!). Your fabric is beautiful - so feminine, and I'm certain you have had many compliments about it.
Thank you so much for your timely advice in the video - I do get overwhelmed with the chaos in some parts of my home! Since my teens left home, there are many closets & drawers which need a thorough sort out! My husband & I tackled the garage at the weekend and it's so much easier to find things now. You are right - it does clear the mind to de-clutter!
I so enjoy your videos, and I agree, there is nothing wrong with looking back on our childhood to gain inspiration for our daily lives - I have very fond memories of making tea parties with my children when they were young and, having worked with young children in a small pre-school, I remember how much they loved role-play with the toy kitchen etc. - usually more than all the 'high-tech' toys!
Have a lovely day Lydia, and I look forward to your next video x

Outdoors said...

It is so nice too see another lady wearing a hat! I must wear a wide-brimmed hat at summer because of my Rosacea, and NOBODY in this country ever wears wide-brimmed hats, only baseball caps.

I do like wearing hats, they can be so very becoming.

Christine said...

You inspire, with grace and dignity!

Unknown said...

Great video with lots of good suggestions! I have just purchased a new pattern and would love to make a dress in the fabric you have used. It's beautiful and feminine. I wonder if you could talk more about older women taking care of the home. With my children grown up, living a good distance from my husband and me, it is easy for me to put off taking care of things around the house. Wish you were my neighbor to chat with over the fence!

Lydia said...

Vintage Ellen, yes, that subject interests me very much, I have the same problem. It is easy to let things go. And then there is an emergency and you have to stress-clean! I will try to address that.

Songsparrowgarden said...

Love your dress Lydia. . so pretty and pretty on you!! and love your video with such great simple commentary, but very true. Really good suggestions. A cup of tea or hot drink always makes me feel better as does cleaning up before I get going. And keeping on track with lists is so helpful. One would not get stuck in malaise thinking they have nothing to do, or that it does not matter when it gets done. Also nice to have something to show for yourself - - no matter how small or insignificant.

Mountain Housewife said...

That is a lovely dress....flattering in every way: the style, the colors, the fabric. Thank you so much for inspiring me to keep at my sewing and femininity.

Mountain Housewife said...

That is a lovely dress....flattering in every way: the style, the colors, the fabric. Thank you so much for inspiring me to keep at my sewing and femininity. said...

I love the dress. The print is beautiful, the colors are very soft and flattering. I also love the full skirt. Your posts are very refreshing and inspiring - Thank you for sharing!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

That fabric is adorable. The dress looks lovely on you.
My mom had a travel kit like that, filled with everything she needed. She'd hang it on the bathroom door at home and when she went places it was easy to roll up and take along. I don't know what happened to it.
The tarnish look is great!

Carol Royal said...

A-ha, I’ve finally found the right spot to leave you a comment, Lydia. Every Youtube video I’ve watched I’ve wanted to let you know how much I loved & appreciated them, but the comments were disabled. I so loved today’s longer video, as if we were visiting one another. The advice will be very useful and pray that you’ll be lead do many more. Hope you have a wonderful week. Love, Carol

Vickie said...

Lady Lydia, you look lovely! I love tea in the afternoons and I also make iced tea! I hope you are well!

Lydia said...

Cj, I didn't want any social activity on my YouTube place because I want to keep up with one thing. YouTube is a storage place and I list my videos on the side here. I'm behind with that.

Lydia said...

Cj, I didn't enable comments on YouTube because I wasn't sure i wanted to managed another active blog other than this one. I like to have people come to my blog to see the video. But you are welcome to view the YouTube site ...just be sure and come over here and join the discussion!

Lydia said...

Cj Royal has left a new comment on your post "Overwhelmed? Trouble Getting Going? This May Help":

A-ha, I’ve finally found the right spot to leave you a comment, Lydia. Every Youtube video I’ve watched I’ve wanted to let you know how much I loved & appreciated them, but the comments were disabled. I so loved today’s longer video, as if we were visiting one another. The advice will be very useful and pray that you’ll be lead do many more. Hope you have a wonderful week. Love, Carol

Carol, I hope to include a link to my blog at YouTube to make it easier for people to trace me from there . Thank you so much for the nice comment and I hope you will visit as often as you can!

Lydia said...

Outdoors, I've seen quite a few ladies wearing different sorts of hats lately, and they seem to be wearing them for shade from the sun.

Mama Said No said...

Smile-fully--wonderful word!

Jenny said...

Lydia, it will take me a while to watch your video. I'm about 10 minutes in and loving it, though. I will watch it completely, but wanted to pause now to let you know how nice your video is. I especially need to hear the tip on not making my family feel uncomfortable with my catch-up, overwhelming housework. I approach things with a tunnel vision of sorts and must constantly remind myself that I am not alone in this house. Looking forward to the rest of the video! And your outfit is so pretty.

Jenny said...

In regard to hats -- several ladies at my church wear them as a part of their Sunday best; but here in Colorado, most people wear a hat or cap when outdoors. I have a nice light colored straw hat with a wide brim. I sewed on ribbon to the inside so that I could tie it and not have it blow off my head in the wind or when I'm playing with my little boy.

Lydia said...

Jenny, like any enterprise or helping professin.,people come first, because they are the reason we are care-giving, cleaning, serving, protecting, making provision.

Decor To Adore said...

What an absolutely beautiful dress! I love the fabric. It's so feminine. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

Lydia said...

Thank you Laura. The fabric has a linen like weave and is thick.

Sandi said...

It's a beautiful dress. I love the painting!

Deborah Swinson said...

I love your videos Lydia. You are such a blessing. I've followed your blog for years. It's like a breath of fresh air in our crazy, rushed world. I first "met" you on the LAF forums, years ago. I'm so glad you have kept up helping to show others it is possible to make your life at home pleasant and calm. God bless you.

Rachel said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
You look so pretty! I can imagine just being by your side and thinking you´re a true inspiration, especially in these days near the summer, when I´ve already seen too much skin showing clothes, looking like undergarments, almost everywhere: at school, at the shops, even at church!
Thank you for being like clean fresh air to us. And thank you so much for your videos too. I love the soft, calm tone of your voice. I agree with you when you talked about the "ministry" of being lovely and sweet to those around us. The world needs it so much!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, it is a beautiful pattern, I just love the fabric, looks great on you!
You always inspire me!! Bring your dress and hat and come for a visit ~smiles~
Hugs, Roxy

God's Grace Overflows said...

Beautiful fabric Lydia!!! I love how the dress turned out.
I agree with Roxy, pack your dress and hat and come for a visit!!! :)

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pattern, Lydia! I love your dress and hat, and I love dressing like that myself!