Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Rain Drop Tea, and What Would You do Differently in the Dark Rainy Season?

Today I'm sharing pictures from Pinterest for those of you who aren't able to access that medium.

If you do use Pinterest, try typing in rainy day, (night, morning, etc) , raindrop tea, walking in the rain, umbrella fashion, and see how many pictures there are for this wild season of pouring rain and dark skies.
The one below is animated but doesn't seem to be active on a blog.

Now that everyone is looking back at a very long and dark winter in many places in the northern hemisphere, it might be useful to share some things with the readers in the Southern Hemisphere whose homes are going to be in rain and darkness for their autumn and winter.

I don't know about you, but after every winter I regret I did not have something more to show for all that time indoors: cleaner cupboards, organized cabinets and drawers, sorted out closets, finished sewing projects, artwork, writing, creating a little enterprise, regular hospitality events, and more.

For the home I would plan meals to contrast or compliment this season, that cheers and comfort and give life. 

Instead I think it's tempting to recoil from life and wait it out, feeling ill or lacking in motivation and energy. 

Garment from Cabbages and Roses...You see, I am not the only one that thought of rain fashion.

If you had the winter to do again, what would you do differently?

Old Laura Ashley catalog photo. C. 1980's

Perhaps I would exercise daily and bake more things to put in the freezer, and I would definitely had spent more time sewing, finishing things I cut out. I wish I had corresponded more and had fewer low moods, less fatigue and more happy thoughts. Certainly I would sew some rain season dresses for the home, developing a rain wardrobe. I'm already going thinking of a waterproof cape that would be much nicer than a raincoat (I find raincoats uncomfortable and hot).

Umbrella fashion. Though not a rain scene, I like the coordinating fabrics with the umbrella.

Somewhere I read a quote from a 19th century poet who said he had discovered that winter was the season of accomplishment and winter was a time of quiet, a time most beneficial to him.

What about you? What would you do differently between the time the birds fly away and the time of the first chirp?

-Pray more often when feeling down?
-Listen to Bible reading online or cd?
-Sing more?
-Dress prettier?
-Put aside somethings  for a rainy day?
-Day excursions to warmer climes, tea rooms, and what else?
-Sending little cheer packages to others enduring hard times?
-Hosting "low tea" for anyone effected by the weather?
-Make a quilt?
-Learned a new skill? Cake decorating, cooking, art, music?
-Create your own soups from fresh foods? 

Painting by Edmund B. Leighton 


Kath Swanson said...

I love this post- I've never thought about doing my winters differently. Thank you! I am going to print this and use it.

Lydia said...

I am hoping to get the better of the wet dark weather instead of letting it put me out of commission. The whole season could be turned around perhaps by creating a social life of sorts. I had a history book that showed how people used the dreary season when they could not do seasonal crops, for socializing and other things.

Rozy Lass said...

This was our first Minnesota winter and I spent the whole of it trying to stay warm. We learned what the flaws are in our 1898 Victorian Mansion--it's COLD. Next winter I'll be better prepared and hopefully will get more done. Like sewing and photo albums and such. I struggle with S.A.D. so I always feel like hibernating in the winter, but we do have huge windows which let in lots of light during the short days. I try to be optimistic and look for the good.

dorcas showalter said...

I so enjoyed this post. Here in southern Chile, we are entering winter. We live in the mountains so we have snow most all winter long, but these give me great ideas. I educate our children at home, which makes so I don't have much time for extra things, but we take time for 5:00 tea and stories. I like a strand of lights on top of the bookshelf for ambiance and cheer on wintery days, and candles to burn. I am grateful for your reminder of being productive, because when I have half an hr I would rather sit and read, or look at my phone!! Maybe by the time winter is over all the cupboards and hidden places with be very neat :) have a lovely summer

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this lovely post! We have mild winters, but very warm summers. I must plan a few indoor tasks for summer, as it is too hot to go out mid-day. I will plan our next year's homeschool, but also challenge myself to find other productive tasks!

Janet Westrup said...

I find that my social life is much brighter during the rainy season since during the sunnier months I'm way too busy weeding, planting, mulching, watering, harvesting and preserving to do any socializing.
Most of the women in my area are doing the same so most of the social events are planned around the winters.
Janet Westrup

dolores moore said...

A very inspiring letter Lydia.

Janet Westrup said...

I like the idea of a low tea,maybe lunch out with a friend and take in a few thrift shops or antique shops on a rainy day.
Janet Westrup

Christine Beauchamp said...

Dear Lydia,

Everything about this post is so beautiful to me. . I cannot express in words how it touched my heart. Rain and rain garments are so lovely. . as is your rain drop tea.

For better or worse, (where I live its 'for worse' as we have very harsh winters) . . we will get another chance at expressing ourselves in the frigid, dark season of snow and ice. Once I get home from work I'm tired, and want to bundle under a quilt to stay warm - - with a cup of tea and a good book. . then the kitty comes, sits on the book and paws at the teacup. So much for my good plan.


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