Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Homemaker Support: Attitude, Dress, House, & People

At The Cottage Door by William Henry Margetson

Hello Dear Ladies. Yes I hear you about the poor quality of the picture. I’m using a computer "from the olden times” and so my face will look strange with shadows and light and fuzziness in all the wrong places.

I considered deleting this video and trying again, however, if you were sitting across the table with me I couldn’t edit it anyway.  I designed this series to listen to while you work. So, please leave a comment stating all the things you accomplished while I was talking. Also please mention anything I said here that caught your attention. Tell me what all you  accomplished while I talked.

One correction: our Mutual Friend was written by Charles Dickens, not Elizabeth Gaskell. My apologies to Charles and Elizabeth.

Leave It At The Door
author: Edgar Guest

He wiped his shoes before his door,
But ere he entered he did more:

'Twas not enough to cleanse his feet
of dirt they'd gathered in the street;

He stood and dusted off his mind
And left all trace of care behind.

"In here I will not take," said he,
"The stains the day has brought to me.

"Beyond this door shall never go
The burdens that are mine to know;

The day is done, and here I leave
The petty things that vex and grieve;

What clings to me of hate and sin
To them I will not carry in;

Only the good shall go with me
For their devoted eyes to see.

"I will not burden them with cares,
Nor track the home with grim affairs;

I will not at my table sit
With soul unclean, and mind unfit;

Beyond this door I will not take
The outward signs of inward ache;

I will not take a dreary mind
Into this house for them to find."

He wiped his shoes before his door,
But paused to do a little more.

He dusted off the strains of strife,
The mud that's indecent to life,

The blemishes of careless thought,
The traces of the fight he'd fought,

The selfish humors and the mean,
And when he entered, he was clean.


Mary said...

Thank you for the wonderful poem, such a good reminder!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much for another useful and enjoyable talk. You´ll never know how much good you´re doing this side of eternity, my dear lady Lydia. While listening I was stuffing my red peppers with bechamel and tuna for dinner, and then I ironed some clothes just taken from the line. I take pleasure in ironing everything, from tableclothes to even underwear, and then I put them away neatly. It soothes me, and I usually have my best ideas when ironing, while I listen to sermons, soft music or you, as I did today.

As you said at the beginning, it´s so true the enemy tries to destroy and demotivate Christians by using an evil speech, trying to discourage us. I thought how evil the feminist discourse has been along the last decades, doing exactly the same thing as the enemies of Israel at Nehemiah´s times. I grew up hearing undermining remarks about homemakers all the time, how boring, or useless, or silly was their job. Those lies came then and come today from the One who wants to rob us of our children´s souls. If he convinces women about leaving the home to do something important (like making money), he´ll have won.

Thank you for encouraging us all to keep on doing the good, sweet, lovely works that our Lord prepared for us to do, to guide the home, to keep those entrusted to our care safe.
Oh, and I love every corner of your home. I had never seen your sewing room!

Lydia said...

Please keep posting your great comments because they give me exposure to what you are thinking and doing. I do agree about ironing—the steam iron also helps keep the sinusitis away and headaches! Also when other people in the family get colds or illnesses I don’t get them, and I give some credit to ironing and hot tea!

Feminine Belle said...

My favorite thing to say to the kids in the kitchen is "Hurry up while you wait." Meaning do something else while you wait for something to heat up, run water, wipe up, wash, dry or clean up a mess.

That way it is less mess for the person that WILL be cleaning, and leaves less to do. It is a thoughtful way to say I love you!

Lydia is going to keep talking instead of typing?? YAY US!!

Love the poem reading! So much passion and clever words draws a picture of the gentleman relishing his day to join family inside the comfort of home. I remember someone saying before he went inside his own home was he hung his cares outside the home on a make believe tree. When he went back to work, he picked up the troubles O' the tree and headed off.

Feminine Belle said...

PS. I made pancakes for breakfast and meatballs for dinner with the hour video!

Feminine Belle said...

Someone once comment about When Queens Ride By.

On your blogroll there is such story by the same title.

I hope it blesses someone today.

Isn't it amazing when we listen to beautiful things, read wonderful stories we want to do or be better people?

Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

Mountain Housewife said...

I love these videos! Please don't stop!

Mrs Dawn Marie said...

So glad to have found your talks on Youtube! Thank you for the encouragement you provide while I'm working around the house. I was feeling very alone. Blessings to you.

Mrs Dawn Marie said...

I'm so glad to have found your talks on Youtube. I was feeling alone , but you have offered such sound encouragement. Blessings!

Amy B said...

So many gems in this video! I listened to the first bit while washing up dinner dishes. Several things you mentioned about dressing above our circumstances reminded me of the Lamplighter story “A Basket of Flowers” and also the story “When Queens Ride By”. Thank you for all the encouragements and reminders.