Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Home for Living and Learning

Hello Ladies,

Please enjoy listening while you work. 


Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for reading to me today. I enjoyed the homeschooling lessons on Booker T. Washington. He certainly learned successful life skills by doing all things decently and in order as the Bible teaches. All of us can benefit from the broom sweeping story as we do our work in the home as unto the Lord. I remember reading that story to my children in our homeschool, but it was surely good to hear it again. Thank you.
I also like how you simplified the 2 groups of people in our world... those who love and trust Christ and those that don’t. It is a black and white issue; it is not related to color, race, gender, or ethnic background.

I braved the world yesterday to do some shopping... it is truly something we can get weary doing with all the policing going on by other people. Everyone wants to be a law enforcement officer. Therefore, I am glad to be at home listening to homemaker radio today!🙂


Lydia said...

That may be one reason they want to defund the police. Every citizen has become a police, without pay, ordering others about, making people walk the line, etc. How economically clever of the governors and mayors to accomplish this.

Mrs.O said...

Thank you dear Lydia, I enjoyed it very much!

Amy said...

Thank you for you encouragement and teaching as I went about my work! Today was a deep cleaning day so during this video I cleaned two bathrooms and scrubbed floorboards. I'm not done yet so I'll be starting another video to keep me company. Blessings to you!