Monday, August 10, 2020

Reading from Booker T. Washington, and Anne of Green Gables

Western View

Hello Ladies,

I've been so busy at home now, with more and more to find, fix and finish. I took a little time off today to read aloud and I hope you get a lot done while listening. My hope is that within the stories  you can find inspiration for the home.


 I also enjoy some nature sounds while I do various things at home, and you might enjoy them too. 
I try to find nature videos without ads.


anonymous said...

Lydia, your teacup and matching painting are delightful and refreshing.
I so enjoyed your homeschool lesson today and readings from Booker T. Washington and Anne of Green Gables. Such good lessons you bring out of them. I’m inspired by them and looking forward to hearing the next reading and lessons. Was able to clean up the kitchen and get the dishes done while listening tonight.
Watching you read in your pretty pink dress and pretty red curls is also inspiring.
Thank you again for being you.

Laura Jeanne said...

The reading from Anne of Green Gables was delightful. This story is an old favourite of mine. I love the book, but I love the television adaptation from the 1980s even more. When I was a girl my grandfather taped it from television for my sister and me - the sequel as well - and we used to watch those tapes over and over again until we had every line memorized.

Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote many stories with orphans, because she herself was an orphan - or at least, she felt that way. Her mother died when she was a baby and she hardly knew her father at all. She lived with her grandparents on PEI. I think she wrote stories about orphans because she wanted to give them the happy ending that she never had herself. Her life was actually very sad and filled with bitter disappointments - but she believed that books should be a relief from real life, should be uplifting, and shouldn't be dark and depressing (and I agree with her).

Her books always have happy endings. One that I particularly enjoy is The Blue Castle. The ending is a bit over the top I admit, but it's very happy!

If you are interested in learning more about this author's life, there is an excellent and very complete biography of her called "Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings."

SharonR said...

Thank you so much for reading the Booker T. Washington autobiography. As usual, I went and bought the book from Amazon, plus four more autobiographies of our history: George Washington Carver, Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglas, and Henry Box Brown. I have the Anne books and have read them to all my children. I hope to read them to grandchildren, but they do live far away, so I hope their mothers will continue on what I did for them. I enjoy doing my work at home when I listen to you. Thank you so much for your time Lydia. I do appreciate it so very much. I have told many Christian young women about your YouTube channel and your blog here. They are all very excited to find a sister in Christ like you. :-)

Lydia said...

I hope to do some more reading today. Booker T. Washington continues to inspire me and I found many other passages that I know ladies at home will find valuable. It almost reads like today's "Day In The Life" blog posts, where he puts ordinary things into detail, such as eating and sleeping, which at the time I am sure might have been trivial. This gives us a glimpse into life in that era.

Anne, though fiction, has a lot of realism in it, as Lucy Maude Montgomery lived a rather austere life, while she looked after her elderly parents or grandparents. She married later in life because of this.