Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Homemaking Inspiration, Last Reading of Booker T. Washington Autobiography

Hello Ladies,

I hope you get some things completed while listening today.  


Here is the summer cotton dress I finished today and the sewing accessories.  The dress design and fabric are based on a 1980’s Hawaii  pattern.

The dress is from this pattern. I added a zipper and a sleeve from an old pattern. (My arms are not yet presentable so I make a longer sleeve) ;-)

Since I am trying to use up fabric bits and trims, buttons, laces, edgings, etc. I had quite an enjoyable time adding things to this garment.

This is a loose, cool dress I would wear at home and if I had to go anywhere, would add a little jacket, bolero, cardigan or blazer to give it a less casual appearance.

 Here is the children's book I was talking about:

Once Upon A Memory
Reflections of Childhood
Brownlow Publishing

Enjoy the hymn and after a few plays, sing along:

Some nature sounds to take your mind off the news:


Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, I think you are my favorite person on earth. I love your videos so much I could listen to you all day and I get so excited when you have long videos. Thank you for your time and effort in creating this enchanting series of videos that is full of God’s Word and the wisdom the Lord Jesus has taught you. Your perspective on life is so refreshing. I am delighted by your new dress and your style is so beautiful! I spent my youth wearing all black and spandex leggings it was awful. I’m so glad the Lord renewed my artistic eye about fashion. I have so enjoy learning about Booker T. Washington I am sorry that the schools did not introduce me to his writings. What an incredible account. I loved what you said about the economy. God’s Word is so clear and His concern for how we function as a society is so clear. He has wonderful instruction for us, not a message that none of it matters. He is the authority on how to run a society. Thank you for your encouragement to pray before working that has helped me accomplish so much with the Lord’s help. You are a treasure.

Rachel and Family said...

It is a beautiful dress!
I enjoy your blog and videos so very much.
Thank you for all you put into it to share your lovely self with us.

Lydia said...

Thank you Marie. Your compliments are more than I deserve but they encourage me so much. I’m hoping to make posts more often

Shani said...

Thank you so much for these homemaker videos; I will be listening to this one in a little bit when I put all of my laundry away. Thank you, also, for bringing up Booker T. Washington and his book. I was discussing him with my husband after you first mentioned him and I pulled 'Up From Slavery' down from our shelf to reference it. (We homeschooled our sons and it had been an assigned book for them, so we already had it. I am embarrassed to say that neither my DH nor I had read it yet.) My DH appropriated the book and has been engaged in reading his way through it every day since. It is making a big impression on him, and some of his current work problems have since found solutions in the pages of this wise book. Thank you again.

I hope your day is very pleasant and productive.

Lydia said...

Yes I need to analyze the pattern BTW used in his achievements--how it did not merely begin with books, but with learning to stand up straight, speak well, dress well, be clean, have good habits. Then your mind and body are ready for learning and developing skills. Great for homeschooling (and everyone)

Laura Jeanne said...

Your dress is very pretty, Lydia, and I think the colour is just right. We need all the cheerfulness we can get right now. :)

For a while I was going out fairly often, but I too am pretty much just staying at home now, except visiting friends occasionally, and getting the groceries I can't do without. The county next to us just mandated masks for everyone last week, which means I can't go shopping anywhere now without one. I did say last weekend when I bought groceries, that I had an exemption, but I felt very uncomfortable at the number of people staring at me, as I was the only one in the store without one.

So for everything besides groceries, I'm ordering online now, even shoes and clothing.

I sort of sighed wistfully when you mentioned reading at the beach. I love reading at the beach - it's one of my favourite things to do in the whole world. But the beaches near us are all closed this year. Somebody in power felt that the people at the beach "weren't practicing social distancing adequately," so now nobody gets to enjoy the beach in 2020 at all. :(

Lydia said...

We cant let them defeat us. There must be a way to have a beach experience at home in our back yards. Or there has to be a way to get to the beach. When we began homeschooling in the 1980's the law enforcement couldn't handle us so they gave up . Just too many of us and they were ashamed to arrest women and children.

Feminine Belle said...

Love how your tea cup even more closely resemble your clothes. ;-)
IS that one of the patterns I located for you?

living from glory to glory said...

Dearest Lydia, You have such great taste in fabric and teacups! Hugs, Roxy

joanie said...

I just love yellow. I tried to find a light ( not too light, but not too bright) yellow blouse all Spring. I shopped online every store I could find. It just doesn't seem to be a popular color this year. I just wanted a simple, classic blouse. I did find a few on Amazon, but the reviews were not good for fit. So, I search on. I love yellow with blue, red, or pink. So, yes, that dress is really lovely.

Jenni said...

I love your homemaking videos so much. I've really been inspired by Booker T. Washington, and I hope to read the whole book on my own soon. What you've said about homemaking clearing your mind has been so helpful lately. Instead of stewing when something upsets me, I do a project or make something. Yesterday, I organized and decorated my pantry. :)
You've also inspired me to make appointments to exercise at home, play the piano more, and watch some painting videos online.
Thanks for helping us to focus on the good!

Lydia said...

Thank you all for your nice words. I always benefit from your comments about what you gleaned from my talks. I hope to get back here soon.

Lydia said...

Laura Jeanne, I have often tried to be home more, and there are things that just never got done and I was continually baffled about where the time was going. But I decided after a few trips out (we are allowed out haha) that trying to remember all the new rules was just too time consuming and I could do better from home. I dont miss it at all and thought I would be restless. And its easier to stay home when no one is wanting me to go get something or whatever, and I'm able to do it all by the web or mail or phone.

Lydia said...

Hope to be posting soon ladies. Had some company and then some illness-- a bit of an ear ache. Getting over it now.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Just checking on you. Having an illness with ear congestion is not fun. Inhalling eucalyptus oil in a pot of water that had been heated can be very helpful. Please drop a note and let us know how you are.

God's peace & hugs,

TiffanyServantoftheLordmostHigh said...

I love viewing your outfits! You are such an inspiration that is definitely needed in this day and time. I’m 26 a mother of one daughter who is 5 and a son who is 4. It is so wonderful that you encourage modesty and I watch your videos daily while cleaning, organizing or folding clothes. Thank you for your sweet love and kindness. If you can place show more pictures of all your outfits. I love seeing them and I’m sure other ladies do too. I myself am looking for examples on what to look for in the stores when shopping and you have a wonderful style. Thank you again.
Your dear friend from Texas,
Tiffany Koch

TiffanyServantoftheLordmostHigh said...

I pray God heals you and blesses you! Your wisdom and company is worth more than gold. If you ever put all your videos on DVD please let me know. God bless you and protect you and your family.
Your Texas friend Tiffany K.

Lydia said...

If I figure out how to put them on DVD , I will.