Saturday, August 15, 2020

Inspiration for Home and Another Reading from Booker T. Washington

Good Morning!

I am sharing the dawn's early view with you so you can see the mountain ranges in the distance.

Many women who have been home keepers all their lives have expressed the frustration of being unable to completely stay home and concentrate on the many things that just never get done. Because of the many things necessary to help the function of home life, we often must be "somewhere else" and are often away from home for hours. 

Although in our area we are out and about and everything is open, I have found alternatives to going out,(ordering, sending others in the family out for me) so that I can finally get some things done that I've been agonizing over for years: using up my fabric, painting walls, exercising, cooking classes, sorting through old things, getting books in order, learning something new, etc.

I also never had time to take courses and develop skills and knowledge of things that interest me. Not going out so much has given me the opportunity to take advantage of these online tutorials on subjects I've always wanted to know more about.

Today you will here more about Booker T. Washington, and how he insisted on total cleanliness, both personal and in the house. I thought this was applicable to our homes.  In a future reading I will relate his teaching to his students to "know more than just book learning" so that they could get along in life.

Enjoy this nature sound video for calmness and appreciation of the Creation:


Unknown said...

I listen to all your videos.. from India..I love it. Thank you

Unknown said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,

You would enjoy this video:

Lydia said...

Very well done!I like this woman and her blog.

living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning!! Lovely photo of the beautiful mountains! I so agree with you about staying home and getting things done around my home!I do hope to begin again on doing a few things that really interst me that I enjoy, Like watercolor painting and sewing aprons!
Thinking of you !!
Hugs, Roxy

Michele said...

Good morning,

I work an outside of the home job, but get to work it from home. We will be homeschooling our 14 year old daughter for the first time this year too. I have been so very inspired by Homemakers Radio! I’m a long time reader of your blog, but enjoy the videos even more.

A hint I recently discovered: for those who read from your IPhone, Safari and blogger do not go well. I was not able to comment if I use Safari, but if I use Chrome I have no difficulty.

Here’s another YouTube account you may enjoy, Mrs. Sherman, it’s called “Inspired by Nikki”.

Thank you for all you have faithfully done over the years to encourage and equip ladies. 💕

Lydia said...

I have had Nikki on my blogroll some time ago and everyone enjoys her videos. Those are useful hints, too, as I found the iphones work better with Chrome. I enjoy making videos more than writing because it is faster. My mind and mouth work a lot faster than putting it down in print!

Dianne said...

What an interesting point you made about the word "singular" and the meaning of that verse in Ecclesiastes 6. Thanks so much for this nugget of truth. Very good points made regarding how too much outward relgiousity can overshadow the true message of Christ and the gospel. Loved the example of the friendship you made and how it lead to her observations of your life ... causing her ask about your faith. Also, just wanted to say that I agree with you that when we try to follow "methods" of child raising it can cause us to lose that closeness to our children (following rules instead of our instincts and treating each child individually). Such excellent advice, filled with natural kindness from a mother's heart. Thank you. Appreciate you so much! From PA! ♥️

Dianne said...

So good! Thank you!

Dianne said...

The photo of Queen Anne's lace so pretty!

Lydia said...

Thank you. I love hearing from ladies in other countries.

Lydia said...

I saw Queen Ann’s Lace used in grocery store bouquets recently and also saw artificial Queen Ann’s lace in a craft store.

Lydia said...

ear Lydia,

I just returned home from our trip to Colorado today. I did not have good internet service there and really missed my homemaker videos. I am elated to finally be able to listen in on the last three videos you posted!!😊I know I will love hearing more about Booker T. Washington and gleaning valuable life lessons from the excerpts you share.

Our trip to Colorado went well... thank you for your prayers. We traveled back home through Wyoming and South Dakota and enjoyed 2 full days of no face masks anywhere. In my opinion, these states are handling this present situation wisely.

I am glad to be back home tending to everything here. My garden will keep me busy with freezing corn, canning beans and pickles, and making lots of applesauce from the orchard. Thankfully I have you to keep me company as I go about my day. 😊


Lydia said...

That last talk you did was so good I wanted to make about five comments, it sparked my thinking so much! :))

It's so true that women who pursue too much religion neglect the very things that the scriptures encourage them to do (like homemaking).

I've always loved my home and family and it was all I ever wanted (didn't marry until I was 31!). The fanatical element of our church back then almost robbed me in some ways, though....making me feel guilty for not being more available to"'serve God". How horrible. If only I had known then that all God asked of me was to love my family. I managed through those years but not without conflict.

Thanks for all you do to help women be content at home and to fight any pressure that would rob them of this joy.

Also true....arguing often is a prideful thing in so many ways that you mentioned. One thinks they are clever or interesting if they are argumentative!

Heaven help us.


Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this talk yesterday while I made my very first batch of peach jam, from our own peaches. I had to cut the sugar way down because our peaches are so very sweet already! :)