Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Rest at Home

Please enjoy relaxing or working at home while you listen to today's episode:

What I wore:

100% cotton fabric from Brother Sister Designs for Hobby Lobby

With Apron:

With jacket:


Janet W. said...

I liked your video very much today. First of all your dress is very pretty. I too remember and enjoy the oilcloth prints. Mother had them for tablecloths and cupboard liners. There is just something about the aroma of oilcloth that instantly brings back peaceful innocent childhood memories.
Your teaching about the character of others that offer sharp and hasty replies was so timely for me because this very day I experienced this from a relative who was rather disagreeable over the phone. At first I was frustrated and put off with her abruptness, but then realized she isn’t a happy person so I tried to be peaceful and pleasant.
Thank you for your insight and encouragement, so helpful.

Flossy said...

G'day Lydia!!! I just loved your vlog today.... I really enjoy hearing people's stories from their life etc and you have such a beautiful way of telling them..... so thank you so much!!! It's still hot & humid here in Brisbane!! :)

mystical heart said...

Good Day Miss Lydia! I simply wanted to take a moment to let you know how much i enjoy your videos; i always grow in some aspect after listening. I've been enjoying the exercise channel that you mentioned in recent months; i'm feeling much stronger and peaceful because of it. Also, because of you I am now listening to the audio "Up from Slavery..Booker T. Washington". My husband and i both enjoy american history so this gives us something to discuss. My prayers are with you and your fine husband. God Bless you for all of your efforts and encouragement. (isabell:-)

Rafika said...

Hi Miss Lydia, I have just finished watching your last video and I also watched the one from about two days ago. I vacuumed all the floors upstairs in my home and was able to clean all of our bathrooms as well with you right by my side :-) So you see,you mustn't stop making these videos because I am getting rather used to listening to your wise words as I clean :-). I appreciated today what you said regarding harsh words and I agree. I am turning to the Lord and his words to help me to be more kinder and gracious with my husband and children, especially when I feel frustrated. Thank you for speaking on this very important topic! I am now stopping before I speak or respond and thinking about my delivery and I notice that my children especially are happier when mommy is kind and gracious. I also like myself alot better. So I am definitely using this time in "captivity" to sharpen my character to become more like and reflect Jesus, as this is my goal. So thank you for homeschooling us, it is making such an impact! Looking forward to your next video ma'am...God Bless to you and Mr. "S"!!!!

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this talk while I cleaned up the kitchen and made supper. And like always, it lifted my spirits. I've been feeling rather low lately due to a troublesome dip in my health. It's very frustrating when I want to be a good housekeeper but need to rest in bed instead of clean. I know that each day is a precious gift from God and I hate the thought of wasting a single minute. I appreciate the encouragement to read a book or watch a movie when feeling poorly - that makes me feel a bit better about it. :)

Janine said...

Hello Lady Lydia,
I've been exercising since December and just kicked it up a notch, and am reading more about it as well. I just read that once you begin exercises your skin tones up all over and your posture gets better and it makes you look thinner...even when the scale doesn't move. Nice been discouraged because I haven't lost any weight, but yet, my belt is a notch tighter and I have so much more energy. We were also able to resume our morning walks this week. With your inspiration I have resumed the habit of getting fully dressed with makeup before homeschooling. While listening to you, I did something I haven't done in a very long time...made a romantic dinner and got dressed up for hubby, who is still working from home (and we are loving that!).

Lydia said...

Thank you, ladies! I hope to answer each comment personally soon.

Michele said...

Good Morning Lady Lydia,
I have been so busy spring cleaning everything while I listen to your motivating talk radio. I have deep cleaned the entire kitchen and pantry and cleaned (dust/vacuumed) every room in the house. Thank you so much for these video! They are so inspiring and listening helps me get my work done. I look forward to them everyday and I love listening on repeat.
I love your apron in the picture that you posted. Would you post the pattern that you used?
Thank you so much for caring and loving us so well!

Christal said...

I love your dress, so lovely, I have been binge listening to you most days when I'm home, I was able to clean 1 of the bedrooms while listening 🤗, please make more videos , I absolutely love them, have a very blessed week 🙏❤️

Mrs. G. said...

Dear Lydia,
I stripped my bed and put on clean linens. I am in the process of washing my bedspread. Drying takes two cycles because it is large and I have to move it around so it dries completely. For dinner I am making pasta with chicken. I think we will have cool whip with fruit for desert as it’s too hot to turn on the oven to bake. I remember your beautiful dress from a video long ago. You look lovely in that shade of blue. I am wearing a long dress with elbow sleeves and a pretty orange, pink, and yellow pattern. My husband will be home any minute and I have to get dinner finished. Can’t wait to play your next video and thank you for the character lessons! Social media (which I don’t use) has conditioned people to be as rude as they please from behind a computer. Thankfully we can rise above that together- right ladies? Can’t wait till the next episode of Homemakers Radio

Your friend,