Monday, February 08, 2021

Be Prepared

Teacup by Meritage

Hello Ladies, Please enjoy your home while you listen to today's lesson:

What I wore:

With apron,
and with jacket

This ensemble was from Blair catalog, online and available at your home address mailbox. 

From "Stampin Up" Catalog:

Today I enjoyed this 7 minute "workout" stretch routine. Follow along or find another type of exercise that suits your needs. 

Another note: Often I tell you what video's I've watched recently or anything I found
of interest in books or on the web. Invariably you will find these people to be flawed in some way, for not all of them follow the Bible or our Lord, Jesus Christ.  It would be nice if exercise were just exercise and art was just plain art, but the teachers often insert their own politically correct views.  Of course it is not wise to allow any unChristian view to influence members of your family, but as mature women, we need to be able take the general information and be discerning about it. Everywhere you go, whether for shopping or just passing through town, you will see something offensive.  It is important to be able to be "in the world and not of the world," by distinguishing what can be absorbed mentally and spiritually, and what must be rejected.  I can't go through every vlog or blog I share and find out if it is acceptable enough for everyone. While I do share what I watch, I know it isn't for everyone, nor do I actually recommend it as a guide for your life.


Cheryl said...

Very dear Lydia,

I did not sleep well last night at all and still had to get up to teach school. I thought, I need a peaceful morning and I'm not going to listen to the local conservative radio as I sometimes do. So I checked if you had a program and there you were!! AND, one of the first things you talked about was what to do if you could not sleep! And it encouraged me very much, as did your reminder about being careful of our adrenalin, which I am afraid I had forgotten about a little.

I would like to ask if you would make a list of all those nice films you talk about now and then. When I was homeschooling and not working, we didn't have internet and such, and then later there was no time, and now that I am home so much aside from remote teaching, I don't have those good ideas of pleasant things to put on so it's not so quiet all the time!

Please consider making a list of those for us.
It is a beautiful early morning here in the southern california mountains.
Thank you for helping my day start so positively!


Lydia said...

I will try to do that and stick the list on the side bar. Its beautiful here too in Oregon.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Dear Lydia, (I thought it would be fun to write my comment as a little note.) I really enjoyed your broadcast today. Your encouragement to be dressed and to have your list of what you are doing today or need to do this week, was a nice reminder for me to keep things simple. I am very interested in the video art classes you have mentioned. I am not that experienced with finding things like that and would really enjoy it if you could share a link or two. In all these months, I had never thought of that, I've been trying to teach myself. That's not going to well.

I have a video request. Since I am not used to having more than one quilt or comforter for the beds and have very few pillows, the ideas you give about changing out the quilts and colors and pillows excites me. Could you maybe do a little demonstration of how to do that and ideas of how to store these (where?). Thank you so much.

I pray you are all well and appreciate your uplifting radio show.

Wishing you God's blessings,
Mrs. Dee Peterson

Lydia said...

Your guest room looks really amazing!! Also, I have been thinking a lot
about courtesy and its importance lately, too. So this was very timely
for me to hear. Wonderful chat - listened while I made lunch and tidied
the kitchen! C.

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you Lydia, for another good talk filled with wisdom. I really like it especially when you teach us from the Bible. :)

I've been meaning to ask - I wonder if you have been in touch with Miss Lily of the Valley lately? I would love to hear another installment of her lovely story about the Oregon Trail sometime! :)