Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Homemaker Has Value; Pioneer Ribbons Episode 7

Hello Ladies,

Please enjoy your work at home while you listen.

Scripture I read:

Galations 6:9-10

Kitchen towel from Hobby Lobby (online order)

What I wore

pattern: vintage Laura Ashley 3929

Before you sew this pattern, you need to know there is a zipper in the back and there are no working buttons and buttonholes in the front. I changed it so that it is a front button and no zipper.

With Apron

For the previous 6  Pioneer Ribbons episodes I read at the end of the videos,

I don't have a marker at where the stories begin on the videos but they are at the end of each one on those 6 posts.



Rafika said...

Hi Miss Lydia,

This is Rafika Vann again from St Johns Florida. Thank you for your latest video. I find myself looking forward to your teachings and I actually miss you on those days that you don't post a video. You are beautiful inside and out and I find great comfort in your encouraging words. Your last video was particularly helpful. I have begun to look to the Lord more and more through this "pandemic" and have replaced going on Facebook to going to the Bible, and I find that my 5 year old son wants to be close to me when I do that and so we read the bible together!! Its wonderful, as he is so curious and that keeps me learning as well. I also appreciate your consistent words on getting dressed and I have started to use all of the dresses that have been in my closet and I enjoy it! I like being an example to my son for the kind of wife that I would like him to desire, and for my daughter to dress pretty and modestly, and I use them as my motivation to always dress nicely now. It has always saddened me that so many women don't do this anymore and they even look at me and tell me how cute I look, but they also look at me strangely and ask me why I am all dressed up....lololol. I apologize for the long posts but I do want you to realize how impactful your words are. Your face is so pretty and pleasant to look at and your home is quite lovely as well and that has am impact also. I have even shared you with my own mother (she is a lovely lady as well), and so between the two of you, I find great comfort in this salacious world. Thank you again for your words; for they build us ladies up, and I pray that we shall build you up as well beautiful lady! I look forward to your next video. Please do enjoy your day and God Bless always!!

Lydia said...

Rafika, lovely to hear from you. Your comments always give me new ideas for content.

Laura Jeanne said...

I really enjoyed this latest video, thank you! I listened to it while I made supper, and then afterwards cleaned the kitchen thoroughly and scrubbed the cupboard doors.

In today's world there is so much negativity, judgment and condemnation, and backbiting, that it is such a relief and a pleasure to listen to someone like you who is kind, loving, and cheerful. I especially appreciate the attitude you convey when you talk about people on Youtube, etc. and you say "nobody's perfect." I agree, that nobody is perfect but Jesus, and so we shouldn't be offended when the people we see aren't perfect, but instead we should try to see the good that people have to offer.

I also wanted to say that I liked what you said about marriage problems usually being a personality problem - that if the troublesome person went to live with someone else and caused strife, it wouldn't be seen as marriage problem at all. How simple, yet I never thought of it that way before! People talk about marriage problems like they are some kind of strange and complex situation, but in reality I think marriage is not a lot different than any other kind of friendship - both people need to act like adults and treat each other with kindness and respect, otherwise, it won't work.

Lastly, I loved the new installment of Pioneer Ribbons! So happy that Miss Lilly of the Valley had time to write some more! :D

Janine said...

So much great information! Thank you! Enjoyed all so much.