Saturday, February 06, 2021

Take Care of Yourself

Please enjoy your responsibilities at home while you listen to today's homemaking radio.

What I wore today:

with apron

With jacket

Verses I read today:

2 Peter 1:5-8

Do what you can to create a lovely atmosphere in the home.


Southern Ladye said...

I haven’t listened to your broadcast yet, but that ensemble looks so lovely, polished, and refined. I can’t wait to listen!

Janet W. said...

Beautiful skirt, blouse and jacket. Looks really good on you Lydia. Also the smart and feminine up hair style.
First thing I do to create a lovely atmosphere in my home is wake up a little early in the morning and spend time with the Lord.
Next thing I do is refresh my face and brush my teeth then spend a little time with my husband, making sure he knows he’s loved and special.
The rest of the day goes smoothly after this now matter what I plan.
Thank you for your video and blog.
Janet W.

Christine said...

I'm ready for my day!
Dressed, makeup, hair combed! From head to toes, ready.
Now I'm going to listen to your broadcast while I clean up the breakfast dishes and prepare for dinner.

Thank you for your inspirational posts!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

You encourage us to do something nice for ourselves; I do this by listening to your messages.😊 They always leave me in a better frame of mind. I also find the daily exercises you recommend helps me combat fatigue during the day.

I was thinking about Joseph who was a captive in Egypt before becoming second in command to the Pharaoh. We clearly see how the Lord was with him and made everything he did to prosper, whether he was a slave, prisoner, or ruler in Egypt! He dug his heels into every task before him and wasted no time on self pity. What an example of someone thriving and being a blessing to others despite all the hardships associated with captivity. Thank you for sharing that tidbit about his life. Truly what man meant for evil, God used for good!πŸ™‚

I noticed a new video on your blog today! I will save that for my listening pleasure tomorrow when I tackle some decluttering jobs. I noticed in one day you had nearly 1000 views on a recent broadcast. WOW! I think homemaker radio is really impacting many women out there like me. πŸ˜ƒ

God bless you,

Lydia said...

Southern Ladye, so nice you could drop by.
Janet W. You;ve got a very good routine going there! Im afraid I get distracted in the mornings and don't always follow my own rules.
Christine. Thanks for getting presentable to "come to class." See you again soon!
Holly: Joseph was only about 17 at the time, and I think with home education, we can have the pioneer young man mentality and the children will be prepared for challenges like that as young as that. Its quite a mission but if we can teach them to keep God's values first, all will go well with them after hard times.

Daily exercise ladies, just five minutes of a standing exercise , a sitting exercise or some kind of stretching.

SharonR said...

Thank you so much Lydia for your post. It's always encouraging.

Lydia said...

Great to hear from you Sharon.