Sunday, September 12, 2021

Turning CIrcumstances into Advantages for the Home

Greetings Everyone,
Above, you see my latest dusk picture at the moment the birds were getting ready to retire for the night. 
Please enjoy part of your time in the home while listening:


Some of the things I talked about in this broadcast:

*Reasons to take care of your appearance, in the home.
*Using the bad manners of other people or the gunge jobs as an opportunity to advance in the home.
*Daniel said he and his friends would not eat the king's food. Daniel chapter 1.
*Learn new creative skills.
*Eat food as close to its natural form as possible.
The Standard Book of Ettiquette, 1948, By Lillian Watson -- on social conversation, to be careful not to air your own griefs and hardships, to the point of depressing others.
I saw this cute pumpkin on the Hobby Lobby site, (as well as in the store)  and am busy experimenting with cloth, trying to get it to flop over unevenly like this.  This artificial pumpkin is so realistically and whimsically mis-shapen. 


Rafika said...

Miss Lydia,

This video was just lovely and just what I needed today. It has really cheered me up!! In these crazy times it is easy to get discouraged. When I look at my five year old son and my eight year old daughter, so full of wonder and joy, they make me laugh so much, and I forget the world and the current events. You have encouraged me to spend more time focusing on them and ways that I can make our home better for them and for my hubby. For example, my hubby is having back surgery on this up coming Friday and the kids and I are going to play waiter/waitress/butler as we tend to my hubby at home during his recovery! I even have a bell and a tray to serve him meals in bed, which I will do with the kids, have them take turns!! We are excited! Also, I am teaching my children now about the importance of nutritious, whole foods and not being dependent on western medicine for their well-being so that they are never tempted to take in poisons like the govt is trying to get us to do during these trying times. God bless you and Mr "S" as always, and I look forward to hearing more from you!! :-)

Laura Lane said...

Good morning Mrs. Sherman. Oh what a beautiful morning it is. I am just taking a break before my housework. I love to listen to you as I work. You give me so much to think about. I must confess that I'm dressed, but I haven't done make-up this morning. I had a late start because of interrupted sleep.

I've not listened to this video yet, but I wanted to say hello ahead of time. I listen to every video, but I don't leave remarks as much as I should, because I usually move on to the next thing I'm working on without stopping.

So today, I decided to make sure that I stopped long enough to say hello.

Hello! I appreciate your radio videos so much. My children are all grown, though my two daughters are living at home (24 and 20). They're taking college courses. We did homeschool, and I miss that and having little ones. You give me so many good ideas. Maybe someday I'll have grandchildren with whom I may have thrive classes.

For now, I'll work in my home, listen to you, and hopefully comment more often.

With affection,
Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage
Southern Missouri

Unknown said...

Dear Lady Lydia

Another precious gift from you, this latest video. I must confess...I can not follow your advice to only listen when you talk...because I get so relaxed and assured when I see that gentle but firm smile of you. Not to mention the cosy decor in the background! I heard you saying that you have 'enemies' on the internet...I vane only say: please take good care of yourself, do not let those people have their are one of 'the good ones' here on this earth and you must be allowed to reach as many viewers and listeners as you possibly can in these times. You are in my prayers. Good night from Belgium. Maggie

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for this encouraging talk, Lydia. I listened to it while I made supper - it was Taco Tuesday. :)