Monday, September 06, 2021

Keep Your Hearts and Minds

Please enjoy your work while you listen to the broadcast.




Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I loved my visit to homemaker’s radio today. Interestingly enough, I sat down for a rest break with a cup of hibiscus tea when I tuned in. How ironic it was that you highlighted the benefits of that tea in your broadcast.🙂

I enjoyed hearing about all the little things you had done and observed outdoors. I, too, like to linger awhile and behold all the beauty that God has given us to enjoy. I caught a glimpse of a yellow finch feeding on my sunflowers and a beautiful hummingbird collecting nectar from the nearby impatiens. All these little things refresh my spirit; it seems I never have my camera ready to capture the moment either.😏

I am nearly finished with all the canning and am setting my sights on some soap making. I found a good soap making demo on YouTube by the West Ladies. Thank you for all your homemaking hints. I file those tidbits away in my mind, and I never consider them to be the rantings of an old lady. 😉

Lastly, I wanted to comment on your beautiful fall accents in your kitchen. The black and white gingham is most becoming, in my opinion. However, above all, it is your own lovely presence and the simple graceful presentation of your home that endears all your viewers to keep coming back. I recognized the shelf from Home Interiors and gifts. I have one just like it. And, you’re right, it’s at least 40 years old. I used to be a decorating consultant for that company way back many moons ago, and I have retained many nostalgic pieces that still embellish my walls today.

I realize this has gotten to be quite a lengthy comment, so maybe don’t post it. It’s just the ramblings of another old woman!😁

Love & blessings,

Lydia said...

Holly, I wanted to repaint that shelf several times over the years. It has a crack in it and doesn't hang straight. It served its time in the natural state in which I got it, so I have no qualms about having painted it.

Janet W. said...

Last evening, I went into the garden to water and found a lot of summer squash and string beans that needed picking. So I’m preparing beans for canning while I listen to you. So pleasant to rest while I’m working. Only a homemaker can enjoy!
I so enjoyed what you said about little things. Some years ago I took a tape recorder down to a slow trickling creek and recorded the sound of it with cows lowing in the background. When days or family get to be too much that is part of the secret place I retreat to and pray to hear the still small voice of the Lord. So refreshing!
When I was very young I used to go out in the mornings early, and explore fields and vacant lots where a home once stood. I’d listen to the birds, dogs bark and roosters crowing or bees buzzing off in the distance. We had doves cooing and frogs by ponds to listen too and crickets and owls at night. Especially sweet was the chimes that were played around 5 pm every evening. Such blessings!
Janet W.

Janet W. said...

Forgot to mention the evening chimes that played at 5pm came from an old stone church at the end of our road.
I used to make soap from scratch and have been considering making some this Fall for Christmas giving. I use essential oils to fragrance it.
A tip: if you are making soap with lye, wear long sleeves, a thick apron, some sort of eye protection and keep a bottle of vinegar open and ready to douse yourself with if you get slashed with the soap while making it. Vinegar neutralizes the lye. I learned the hard way and have the burn scars to show for it.
Janet W.

Laura Jeanne said...

How nice that we finally got to see inside your lovely kitchen! It's so pretty and homey.

I listened to this talk while I scanned old photos into the computer. I've been working on backing up old photos, from before the days of digital photos.

Janine said...

I really enjoyed all of your topics today, and your insights. I'm not very creative, but because of your encouragement to do things yourself, I decided to cover a cardboard stand that holds a long mirror, in thick, beautiful wrapping paper, and it looks terrific now.