Thursday, September 16, 2021

A Day at Home

Good Morning,
Please enjoy waking up and having a day at home, while hearing today's Homemaking Radio broadcast:



Highlights of Todays Broadcast:

Slow down enough to let your thoughts catch up to your activities.
It is hard to "abound" without a steady stream of gratefulness.
Developing good manners means you can be low income but not unrefined.
Give yourself a Thrive assignment.
By keeping the home, we are building up teachings and values for future generations.
Crowd out anxious thoughts with gratefulness.
How will you use your freedom after captivity, compared to what you did with it before?
Learn how to abound.
Read aloud.
Write a Letter.
Make up a small package.


Janine said...

Since you spoke so much about Thrive classes today, when you can get around to it would you mind adding my blog to your blogroll? I have followed several of the ladies on your roll for years now. I love all that you talked about today. When you talked about people being polite and saying I wish you could stay longer but not really meaning it, I remember reading about how people in the south say "if you are in our city please visit" but they don't really mean it, while in the north they do, and that is so confusing! My family is from the north and we mean exactly what we say. We would never say Stay or Visit if we didn't mean it with all our heart! I'd love to see that Andy Griffith episode.

Silvia said...

Lydia, thank you so much for your edifying and useful homeschooling for the ladies at home of all ages! I have been so blessed by each and every video you have posted.

Rose said...

Hello Lady Lydia,
Thank you so much for your videos. I have been listening to your earlier videos as well as your new ones.
While listening, I been purging and organizing my storage room, folding clothes, ironing, putting dishes away and straightening my kitchen, and sometimes when I am cooking. I use to listen to Phil Valentine (he passed away from Covid complications) when I cook, he would come on at 3pm here in middle Tenn. the same time I start cooking dinner. He was fun to listen to.
I think God wants me to get more focused on my home, and your videos are soooo helpful and I even been reading your earlier blogs from 2008 haha, enjoyable. You have so many ideas that I want to do in my home. But, first I want to clean and purge every room. Then, do some repairing and painting. I have a lot planned so, I'll be listening to ya! Thank you, thank you!

Take care,

Lydia said...

Janine, Sylvia, Rose: Always lovely to read your comments and I do enjoy seeing what all you get accomplished while I talk.

Angela said...

I always wish I could join your ladies' Bible study!