Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Create Your Own News

My subjects today:
-If you provide good bread and comfort at home, you have done something great.
-No need for guided imagery when you have the real thing at home.
-Alternatives to media with your subscriptions (video subscriptions that you like)
-Character studies in some old stories (but you can make up your own)
-Staying in your own "Inn"
-Keep a log of your home/house activities
-Keep your character in difficult times.

Please enjoy being home while you listen to the broadcast.


Flossy said...

Hi Lydia - really enjoyed your lesson today..... thank you..... funny that you mentioned Mary Kay - I actually met her when she came to Sydney for a visit (late 70s I think) I had been using her products & I still use them today.... she was such a lovely woman - immaculately dressed & her makeup of course, was gorgeous! Thank you for the memories!! xx

Christal said...

Loved your talk, your home looked Soo cozy. The reading from Mrs. Dunwoody's book was so nice, have a very blessed week aheadπŸ™πŸ€—

Kim said...

I just love these talks, and I am so glad you give everything a spiritual slant. It is so comforting to have the Biblical truths and wisdom applied to everything we do. It truly is like having a wise Grandmother speaking❤️

My senior year of high school (1980), A Portrait of Dorian Gray" was mandatory reading, along with Oedipus the King and Silas Marner. I wonder what they're doing in public high school today. Thank you for traveling the old paths with us.

April said...

Im so glad that another youtuber (Mom Delights) gave you a shout out. Your talk is like balm to my soul. My own mother lives 9 hours away so its wonderful that during this time I can listen to you and glean from an older christian woman. Thank you.

Simplemom3 said...

Lydia where did you get your aqua lights? That's my favorite color.😊

Lydia said...

I did a search for Aqua mini lights and found them. Two strands together are what you see. Other colors available are a beautiful mint green and violet

Simplemom3 said...

Thank you. Would you care to give me a link?

Simplemom3 said...

Also, are the lights fairy lights or more like Christmas lights? Thanks so much 😊

Lydia said...

Simplemom3 said...

Lydia you're too sweet. Thank you so much. Your lights are gorgeous around your doorway. 😊

Lydia said...

I was thinking on all you had to say to us today while being happily occupied with my morning chores. One wonders what they listened to before homemaker radio came into our homes.😊 I, for one, am so thankful and blessed to have these interesting broadcasts while doing ordinary, repetitive duties around the home.

Your discussion on practicing discernment in the reading materials we give to our children was so wise. I recall my own children reading some of the Curious George books; a monkey who is always disobeying and getting into trouble. The books always end with everything turning out fine but never any consequences for George’s disobedience? I concluded the hidden message — the end justifies the means. πŸ€”I soon discouraged these books and explained the pitfalls of these somewhat entertaining series of books for children. Mothers at home need to guide and censor carefully the literature we allow our children to feed upon.

Thank you again, Lydia, and your aqua lights are beautiful. I have never seen aqua lights displayed before… so serene looking.


Lydia said...

Good morning πŸŒ»πŸŒ„ dear lady!

Just viewing some past entries on your blog and spotted this offer. Would love to read about it, thank you very much!

So far, my walking protocol consists of two complete loops around the property, at two different times. Once in the morning & again later in the afternoon, always ahead of dusk. πŸŒ†πŸŒ‡

I'm very serious about walking, first being inspired by your beautiful talks. And then after the recent procedure, it was explained to me how the action of gentle walking around inhibits the formation of scar tissue. So double the reason!

Again, thank you for your time, patience and friendship!

Loving you and yours,

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Lydia, thank you so much for the suggestion of creating your own news. Almost by accident I discovered I was doing this through a media fast for a church event; when I realized what was meant by it I became much more conscious of the impact it was having on my life - and it was very positive. I was not nearly as distracted or concerned or nervous. It really did make a difference in my life, and is a habit I intend to continue.

Priscilla T said...

Thank you Lydia for such an encouraging video. You give me such good insight to various subjects.