Saturday, January 01, 2022

Good Caretaker

I hope you all had a happy Christmas season and are enjoying the new year God has given us.
Today I discuss the value of being a good steward (caretaker) of whatever undesirable dwelling you have (perhaps it is temporary) in order to be faithful in a little and chart your course for something better.

One essential for the homemaker is to have a steady, stable, determined attitude and a course to follow, free from fear and discouragement. I used this scripture:

 I also read the rest of the chapter in The Jane Austen Diet by Bryan Koslowski, "Jane Austen Eats Meat" about the eating customs of the Regency Era. 


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your broadcasts so much! Please keep them coming!

Christine said...

Lady Lidia,
I got so much done while listening to today's broadcast. I always follow your advice, to get ready for my day, before anything else. And today I took your advice to start sweeping my floor to get motivated and it worked! I did a "walk through" of my home, while jotting down what needs to be done. Before I knew it, I almost completed my list. What a great idea to do a walk through of the home! I enjoyed having you reeading to us from, The Jane Austin Diet. I bought my grand daughter the complete set of Jane Austin books. She has been enjoying them. I plan on giving her the Diet Book, for her birthday in a few months.

We appreciate you and what you have done for us, while making our homes a place to love and be loved.
Christine ❤

Lydia said...

Ladies your comments give me ideas and motivation for future broadcasts.

Rebecca said...

I love what I learn from your talks and you always seem to know what to say to brighten my day and give hope! I wish I could send some of that back to you so here it comes! Thank you for yet another thoughtful, encouraging broadcast. God bless you Mrs. Sherman!

Lydia said...

Hello Lydia,

I was delighted to listen in on another homemaker video. The weather has been bitterly cold here, so I have been going out to do the necessary chores quickly as possible before retreating into the house. Today I decided I needed to walk on the treadmill; it’s not something I get too excited about. 😏Well, I can truly say you made my walk an enjoyable exercise today. My mind was happily engaged on what you were saying and not on how many minutes I had yet to endure on the treadmill. So, thank you,Lydia, for coming to the rescue again today. 😁I especially appreciated your discussion of the importance of women seeing their homes and family as a ministry and making that the priority over home business and ministry outside the home.