Thursday, January 27, 2022

Personal Greatness at Home

Hello lovely homemakers.
You didn't have to wait two weeks. This time it was only five days, so hopefully I can shorten the time between broadcasts.  

We are having very foggy weather.

This frozen web looks like a thread crochet piece.

Today's View:

I read this paragraph from Grammar and Composition I.  I am not sure what grade level it is intended for, but it is about finding "helping verbs." However I used it as an inspirational subject to discuss.

We should always be cheerful. The times may be difficult, but a sad and gloomy countenance will not make them easier. The flower is made by the sunshine; 
it is not made by the clouds. Our hearts can be filled with warmth from the good things around us. We may have troubles, but we should not allow discouragement. No one can be completely free from problems; we should extract courage and fortitude from them. We should look on the bright side of everything, and then we can receive the maximum happiness from each day.

I also talked a little about Proverbs, which means "comparison," or "comparable."

Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore, get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

From Linda Lichter's book, "Simple Social Graces" (The Benevolence of Manners), I read the following:

While our generation seeks self-esteem, the Victorian culture sought self-restraint.
While most people today would ask, "Am I happy?", Victorians would ask, "Am I a good person?" In the pursuit of happiness, the first right step is to seek that which is good to do, not merely for one's self, but for others.

To spare yourself too much discouragement, restrain yourself from telling people too much of what you know, especially if they "turn and rend you".  I used an important Bible verse for this lesson.

Here is one source of the ancient history I described to you:

Please enjoy your home today while you listen to the broadcast. The video had a few "glitches" in that it stopped temporarily several times, but keep listening and it will straighten out.


Christal said...

The reading that you shared from grammar and composition 1, is something to remember and to write down, I absolutely love that. I bought a leather junk journal with nature/flower stickers/ephemera and I'm going to write out my favorite bible verses and keep them there, in the front I'll write this reading that you shared, it's beautiful. So happy to see you Mrs. Sherman you give us all Soo much inspiration and encouragement. Hope you have a very blessed Sabbath and weekend 🙏❤️

Lydia said...

Hi Lydia,

I was so happy to listen in on today’s video. It is such a pleasure to just hear your voice broadcasting the joys and challenges we face as homemakers.

I actually went online (YouTube) yesterday and took a tour of Jane Austen’s home. I saw the little antique table where she meticulously penned her 6 books. They also displayed some of her original clothing, hats, gloves, and the quilt she stitched with her mother and another member of the family. I can’t imagine the time and patience required to carefully hand stitch all those scraps together into a beautiful work of art. It must have taken a few years to complete.

Thank you so much for your wonderful company today. 😊


Eileen Smithdeal said...

Hello, Lydia~
I am a newcomer to your lovely and inspiring blog and homemaking radio. I have stumbled upon such a treasure trove of wisdom and companionship! I am trying to get caught up on your “programs,” and each one gives me something new to ponder and reflect upon. I thank you for taking the time to do this!
A kindred spirit in VA

Lydia said...

Eileen, lovely name! Thank for visiting today and I hope to post more often.

cindy said...

Thank you so much! What an enjoyable time this was today!

Unknown said...

Dear Lydia, I listened to my first homemaker radio broadcast. What a special treat thank you.

Janine said...

I keep a mirror in my plates cupboard. I did this when my son was young, realizing I never looked in the mirror all day and I needed to! Sarah Jessica Hale was an interesting woman. It's because of her we have our Thanksgiving. She petitioned presidents for decades and Lincoln finally agreed. I've heard "Give me back my legions," but never knew what it meant. Thanks!