Friday, January 20, 2023

A New Owner

 We have a new owner. He has been walking alongside us outside but won’t get close. If we go towards him he runs away. But he seems to be guarding the Manse from afar. I don’t know where he sleeps or who feeds him. He won’t come very close but he watches everything we do. He doesn’t meow like a house cat. Rather, he screeches and cries. I don’t know how he survives in these cold temperatures. This week is supposed to be below freezing.

I haven’t forgotten you dear ladies and hope to be talking to you soon. 


Mrs Bain said...

Cats are picky about their people, so it says something about you that he is coming around. He doesn’t look to be in scraggly shape so he must be getting a good meal somewhere. I do love old “wild” cats, such as this one. 💝

Homemaker's Heart said...

How cute! A little guardian to protect and give a smile too each day.

If you decide to feed him/her a neighbor told me don't feed too much so they will continue to hunt.

How sweet. Thank you for sharing.

We just discovered bunny tracks in the mounds of snow we have gotten this week. I love bunnies, but I am hoping to have a garden this year. Bunnies+gardens= not a great outcome for me.

Lydia said...

His fur looks healthy and his eye are clear. I don’t want to feed him but I understand not feeding too much . He might be keeping tge mice population down for us. He might be staying under an old truck.

Laura Jeanne said...

We had a stray tabby cat who looked just like that, who eventually became a part of our family and now lives in the house. It is possible to tame them gradually (I know you probably don't want to do that, but it is possible.) We fed our stray cat on the porch (just table scraps), and my husband made a wooden box for her to sleep in on blustery nights. She gradually came to trust us enough to let us get close, and one day I took her by surprise and started petting her. She was scared at first but quickly grew to like it. We didn't intend to bring her inside but when she started scratching at the window one night when we were having a blizzard, we relented. She started coming in the house more and more often, and now she's a member of the family and affectionate as any cat. I think because she used to live a hard life in the bitter cold, she seems very grateful to be here and is always quiet and polite and never any trouble. :)

Christal said...

He is such a handsome boy😽❤️🐦