Tuesday, January 24, 2023

A Talk on Tea Time and The Home

All is well around The Manse today, so I have some time to talk to you.

Today I suggested that like exercise, housekeeping might begin with warm-up routines, consisting of simple jobs.
I read from Republic of Tea catalog, and a page from Kim Wilson's "Tea With Jane Austen

I read from Simple Social Graces, a history of courtship from the home.

I cautioned about using homeschool textbooks for knowledge while neglecting teachings on character.

I suggested you look up the different between mettle and metal, as well as privacy versus secrecy.

The audiobooks I enjoy while I'm doing my household responsibilities,  by Misty M. Beller, are HERE
She begins her stories with scripture, which makes me happy.

There are a lot more things on this broadcast besides what I listed, so put away the world and its stresses for now, while you listen:



Hanah said...

When I was a childless homemaker, I'd be extremely idle some days and I'd always feel bad about it. I called it self-care or unwinding, but I was a virtual busybody wandering from house to house by watching Youtube videos and entering other peoples’ lives and business. It was truly intrusive and inappropriate to be excessively interested in the private affairs of strangers online. Then there was also the problem of phone calls with my mom, who insisted on updating me on the affairs of the people in my family. It was tattling; idle and foolish chatter. Evil communications corrupt good manners. So, now I don't get on Youtube at all. And I had to have my husband help me set boundaries with my mom, because I didn't have the heart to do it. I have yet to find a polite way to tell your own mother that her communications are grieving you. Once my daughter came, it became easier to keep busy and do my own business. I understand now how the woman shall be saved in child-bearing. Next to salvation and marrying my husband, she is the best thing to ever happen to me. All that to say that staying home is not enough, ladies. We can still fall into these sins without stepping foot outside of our homes. We must be sober and vigilant and give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. Thank you, Mrs. Lydia for discussing this topic. Understanding and following these scriptures resulted in my peace and happiness as a homemaker.

Lydia said...

Hi Lydia,

I was amazed to see another post so soon. It gave me extra energy, encouragement, and ambition to finish the memory quilt I made using my dad’s old flannel shirts. Your message kept me happily occupied while I stitched away.🙂

I read Hannah’s comment and there’s not much more to add… she’s spot on!

Thank you for sharing this message. And no, I didn’t find it offensive. We have certainly degenerated as a society in all matters of morality, civility, propriety, and manners. Many of us yearn for those bygone days. It’s nice to know there’s a few people out there living life on the old paths.


Lydia said...

Ladies, long before the internet there were terrible distractions entering homes where women "stayed home" from radio, publications, social activities, home businesses, and many other things that cut in to the time needed to manage a home and instill good values in children.

Christal said...

Ms. Lydia where did you find the English cottage picture? I will order the tea time magazine, it sounds so beautiful. Thank you for doing these videos and all the good information 😽🌻🐦

Shelly said...

Wow, Hanah's comment was very convicting!!! Thank you for sharing your experience as a stay at home wife without kids and the temptations you faced.

Lydia as always such a joy to listen to your words of Biblical wisdom spoken with such calming grace.