Thursday, November 24, 2005


Society's New Bad Word - Just another negative label to intimidate Christians and prevent them from letting their light shine.

More evidence for the hatred of America, as Communist teachers infiltrated schools and colleges way back in the 60's.

Karl Marx and Reconstruction - Did you think the "reconstruction" of the South after the war meant re-building burnt cities and restoring the war's desolation?  Find out what reconstruction really meant!

Government Should Get Training From Wal-Mart--Government fails financially while Wal-Mart prospers and helps others prosper. What could be wrong?

New York Times Article in the Year 1913 Warns of the Follies of Feminism:  Warns flatly that feminism is a bad idea that will lead to the downfall of the home and of women's rightful place in the home. "The suffragist wishes to busy herself with the affairs of men. We wish to preserve in the home that which is really the home: an atmosphere of sweetness, tenderness and gentleness. ..Misdirected government is a bad thing, but misdirected sex is a national tragedy.

Political Socialism  Churchill called it the equal sharing of misery. Margaret Thatcher said the trouble with socialism was that you eventually run out of other people's money.

The Creature From Jekyll Island -- If you cannot get the book, at least read the reviews on that link, especially at the end of the page, which explain this horrible money system that has taken over our country, and which causes us to be used as pawn in changing the world for the worst.

The Marxist Take Over of America  Do you ever feel that you dont belong in your own country, that it has gone crazy and feels totally foreign?  Are you afraid to even open your mouth in public or among friends? Do you sense a strange atmosphere of unfriendly fear?  This article explains who is really running the place and why you feel the hostility directed at you.

Cultural Marxist techniques: These techniques are broadly based on the Frankfurt School, the University department bought by the Soviet Union in 1935. The Soviets asked it for the best methods of undermining other nations so it could bring them under its control. The EU has been implementing these techniques in Britain since the early 1960s.

 1) The creation of Racialism offences
 2) Continual change to create confusion
3) The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4) Huge immigration to destroy identity and create tension
5) The undermining of schools and teachers authority
6) The promotion of excessive drinking
7) Emptying the Churches
8) An unreliable legal system with bias against the victims of crime
9) Dependency on state or state benefits
10) Control and dumbing down of media and TV
11) The attack on fathers and the encouraging the breakdown of the family
12) Multi-Culturalism
13) The creation of trauma through injustice
14) Destruction of the monetary system
15) Political Correctness Sound familiar? Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism, its Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. Political Correctness is a form of mind control to control free speech, to undermine public opinion, to weaken the defences of democracy and to re-educate schoolchildren; it is a well documented communist subversion procedure.

These are only a few of over 200 techniques, they are ALL used to destroy western civilization and bring about a "One world government" and a Socially-Marxist society built on repression, poverty and war. Cultural Marxism is used to socially engineer a society through the subversion of culture. These techniques have been remarkably successful at undermining local and national government, the Police, NHS, schools and children. It has alienated British people from our nation and its politics; millions are now disinterested and apathetic. ● Cultural terrorism ● Cultural warfare We are at war! Read more about Cultural Marxism:

Click on number 244 Hear-it-Now to listen to the ridiculous answers some of our delegates and elected officials give when grilled on whether or not government is ever limited by God.

 Look on the list and find a place where This Radio Talk Show Host is playing in your time zone.  Sometimes he sounds like the preachers of .old used to sound.  He doesnt preach that Republicans are good and Democrats are bad, like many conservative talk shows. Instead, he points out that the government is no longer American when it ignores the will of the people. Both parties are the same, he points out, and they can all be seen at the same parties, making deals to bring America down.  You cant be overly sensitive when listening to him, though: he's a man's man who speaks the truth. He offers one simple way that might cause a change in people's thinking: when you are standing in line at the checkout in the grocery store, casually point to any photograph of the current president and other politicians and say quietly to someone nearby, "Its too bad he turned out to be such a Communist-Leninist." 

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