Thursday, November 24, 2005

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Reducing Stress - Women need to be free from unnecessary stress, so that they can put a lot of love and thought into home living. Here are some things you can do to keep out extra demands on your time, and unnecessary troubles.

Raising Your Own Children - There is more to life than the physical needs of children. Many women think they have to go to work in order to "take care" of their children, or in order to keep a job, but they are missing the better part of their children's lives.  Time lost cannot be recovered, and a childhood is fleeting. Children need their mothers, not babysitters.

Needed at Home - contains a few verses of the poem, "Ad Lib" which was so popular 40 years ago.

Commentary on Titus 2  The special place of honour in the kingdom of God, that certain women have.

Should You Go to Work?  Mother, your children need you, and you are the only one that will do! This article is addressed to men: Daddy, Please Let Mama Stay Home.

On the Home Front What should we do in a world of turmoil?  Do we have to wait til the political scene settles down before we can get on with our lives at home? Should we be in a constant state of nervousness and worry about "wars and rumours of wars?

How to Stop Worrying About Politics and Still Change the World

Renovated History:  Every time I write about the virtues and vices of any era, whether it be Bible times or Victorian, someone writes and tells me that all those people were miserable and no one was happy and that I am just living in the past.  I write about the principles and values that make a society good. I never suggest that we go back to washing our clothes in a river or taking a horse-drawn carriage to town. It is the beauty and the manners that I look for in any era. We can also learn from the errors of the past.  This post, "Renovated History" shows how ridiculous people are about the Victorians. Their hatred of the era is so intense that they draw broad conclusions that are not supportable. This is a laughable tongue-in-cheek rendition of the modernist belief that nothing good happened in the Victorian era, and that all women were oppressed, compressed, (by their corsets of course), suppressed and oppressed (by men of course). If people hate the Victorians, they hate their own kin, for there is not one modernist that does not have a Victorian ancestor. 

Modernism/Liberalism--This is not about living in the past. It is not about giving up your electricity and water: its about returning the old ways of life regarding women being at home and men earning a living. It is about maintaining family life. Modernism says that the secret to success in anything is money, but no money can replace time spent at home with your children, or time spent creating a wonderful home for your family.

The Wife, by Washington Irving

When Queens Ride By - A play written in the 1930's about a farm wife who neglected her home and children. When she has a conversation with another woman, she learns that home and family are more important than anything else.

Protecting Our Daughters

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Unknown said...

Dear Lady Lydia, thanks for this selection...I also found the article on Contentment very inspiring. Is there a possibility of adding it on to this list...Tried searching for it in vain....

Many thanks for your consideration.

Lydia said...

I am planning on adding that article and some more. I am working on the Feminist Education Column now.

GentleDove said...

Lady Lydia,

Would you consider adding the post entitled (something like), "Do What God Says To Do, and Let Him Take Care of the Rest"? I really liked that article and would love to read it again.