Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Modesty Matters

Written in 1956 -- Imagine yourself a resident of the 50's decade and read this. It is not so much about modesty, as it is about the deplorable masculinization of women's clothing and subsequently their disinterest in the home.

The Beauty of Restraint - Written by my daughter who grew up homeschooled -home discipled, and now is homeschooling and home discipling her own children. 

Hawaiian Libertarian

Summer Modesty - I wrote this to remind women that summer need not be a time of bareness, and that beautiful, loose,long  flowing clothing is quite a bit cooler than tight skimpy clothing.

Protecting Our Daughters With Appropriate Clothing - One of my most viewed articles on the good sense behind modesty.

Protecting Our Daughters - How could any father or mother in their right minds put their daughters in danger by allowing them to dress as hooks and lures to the worst elements of society? Most girls think that a predator's behaviour has nothing to do with the way a young girl dresses, but the Bible clearly states that you can be at fault too, when providing temptation or refusing to protect someone from harm.

Modest Active Wear - Don't buy the lie that women have to play volleyball in a string bikini, play tennis in a tutu, or golf in shorts. Women of the past managed to enjoy all kinds of activities without shedding their clothes as they do today.

The Deconstruction of Women's Clothing - In this post, I show how the casual clothing trend has eliminated parts such as sleeves, buttons, zippers, waistbands, collars, cuffs, and all kinds of pieces that made a garment dignified.

Modest Weddings - If you have ever attended a wedding where the clothing of the bride and her bridesmaids made you blush with embarrassment, you can understand the need for instruction on modesty in weddings.

Sunday's Breast- a writer for a prominent newspaper tells of his experience going to church and being confronted by more bare breasts and cleavage than in a bar.

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Manners, Customs and Clothing

Blue-Jeans: The New Feminist Uniform?

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Mo said...

I just read the Sunday Breast article....I totally agree.
Women have no desire to be modest anywhere, anymore. Covered and concealed makes for a pleasant outfit.