Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eva Hollyer (1865-1948)

Be sure to view the Eva Hollyer gallery today http://hollyer.org/gallery.aspx which has a slide show. You do not have to click anything. Just sit back and watch as the pictures change.

I discovered Eva Hollyer from a post card that I had framed and put on my mantel. I was adjusting it in the frame yesterday and noticed her signature printed quite clearly and went to the web out of curiosity and found more of her paintings. YOu can also learn more about her at these places




Mrs. D said...

Absolutely lovely! I needed that today! Thank you.

Buffy said...

They look like covers to Georgette Heyer novels.

Kimber said...

So beautiful and restful. Thank you for sharing the link. How do you find such pretty things on the web?

My 20 year old daughter and I watched this together and at one point she turned to me and said one of the pictures looked just like me...blush! I was thinking how very feminine and sweet the lady's clothing and countenance were. I was so touched that she thought I resembled that in any way at all :)

My daughter is studying art in college and she said that THIS kind of art does something to make one feel good. Much that she sees does very little to uplift. I'm glad she is learning to distinguish what is good art from what is poor art.

Thanks again, Lydia. That was just a treat for the eyes and spirit.

Anna S said...

What a sweet touch of loveliness to this busy day. Just what I needed.

Mary Isabella said...

Thank you so much Mary Isabella

Elaine said...

Hello. I am new here and I am so happy to have found you. The message you send about being a homemaker just speaks to my heart. It's wonderful to know there are so many who feel as I do. Thank you for such a lovely retreat :)


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