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I finally learned what that means. I have to tell 7 little-known things about myself, and tag seven more people. Since I've been on the web for quite a few years, I already over exposed myself, so I find it hard to find anything that no one knows about me. I will use the handy dandy 7 children in our family when I was growing up and tell what became of each one of them.

1. The oldest is me. I grew up on the frontier with 6 other siblings. When people asked us how we could stand to live without running water we would say "We do have running water. We run up and down the hill with buckets of water."

2. The next eldest was my brother, 11 months younger. He was brilliant and when we got electricity, he liked to read in bed at night. In those days the light was overhead and he didn't want to get up and turn it off manually by pulling the cord. He rigged up an elaborate system by connecting the cord to a string that went around the ceiling and down the corner to his bed. He could pull on it when he was ready to turn out the light.

3. Our sister was the third child. She married and had a son, who is studying marine biology.

4. The next brother became a nurseryman. He has his own company and sells the most wonderful mint mulch for gardens. He can make anything grow. He married and has 3 sons.

5. Another brother is very good at carpentry. Even without materials, I've seen him build things with rope and twigs. He once made me a wonderful bench using that technique and a clothesline that would open and shut. He married and his wife is a great cook and hostess.

6. The next brother is an electrician.

7. The youngest brother became a plumber by trade. He married and had 6 children.

That is a brief description of the family I came from. My parents are still as lively as ever and recently when I phoned them I heard some banging in the background. I asked my mother what the noise was. She said, "Your Dad is building me some cabinets in the kitchen." He is 83.

And also, something very interesting that almost no one knows. Yesterday, I found out that my grandmother's brother, who is 99 is living in the same city I live near and has been here for 11 years. I was never told about it, and didn't know where he was. I went to see him yesterday and am glad I did. I think of all those years we could have had him over to our house had I known he was in town. It was quite an emotional meeting, I must say!

I took him a book of photos of his kin, with pictures dating back to the 1800's. He cried upon seeing those of his mother and father and he pointed to the house and the barn and told me it was where he learned to milk a cow. He asked if my father was still living and implored me to please give him his love when I next talked to him. Normally I don't put things so personal on this blog but this was so exciting and so different I just had to share.

He is the baby on the lap of his mother in this picture. My grandmother is the little girl on the lap of her father.

Now to tag 7 people

My daughter, Lillibeth at The Pleasant Times,

Her friend, Rebecca Newton,

The Happy Homemaker, Micah

Mrs. Monise from A Crown to Her Husband

Mrs. Pea, our friend in England

Best At Home, our Australian sister who lived with us a few years ago

Miss Amy, Rebecca's sister, if she has a blog.

Please check comments to paste the blog addresses in your browser.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful thing to share about your grandmothers brother. That must of been quite a meeting! I love the picture you took, is that your grandmother's borther? I see him with a photo ablum, he looks so delighted to see you and to be taking a picture.

I am so glad that you all had the opporutnity to see eachother. You are so pretty Mrs. Lydia and you have a beautiful personality to match! Oh and by the way thanks for tagging me! Now I have to work on seven things to tell about me, humm I hope I can think of something interesting.

God Bless You

With Love
Mrs. Monise

cjan said...

Dear Ladylydia,

It was so worth Tagging you!! I enjoyed reading about all of your sibblings and your parents and your Great Uncle. What a joy to have found him!!

Thank you for taking the time!!

(Your 7 tagged People's links aren't working.?? Would love to go to their web pages.)


Anonymous said...

Does Rebecca Newton have a blog? I remember her from Baker Lane and miss her creations so much!


Lydia said...

maybe these ladies could send their blog links to comments and I'll put them up. I just didn't have time to find them. Some are on my side bar.

Lillibeth said...

Rebecca has several blogs, the baker lane creations are on the dress parade blog
I think her "everyday" blog is this one:
I have them linked on my blog

Anonymous said...

Amy Newton's blog:
Happy HOmemaker:

Anonymous said...

how special meeting your grandmothers brother
bless him and you

A few years ago we found a distant cousin of my fathers
although she lives in the UK
we do keep in touch and she has become a very special person to me

Sharon said...

I enjoyed reading about your family. Especially getting to meet your grandmother's brother!

Unknown said...

A special post :) You are so pretty LadyLydia :)

Mrs.E said...

How wonderful that you found and met such a special relative. I'm sure it was emotional but exciting as well what with all the catching up there was to do.

It is a tad sad though to think that as we get older sometimes the ties get stretched out so far and it is hard getting together when you live in different states. All my relatives are spread out across the map and it saddens me to think of how many years have been lost because of the miles inbetween. The last time I saw my great aunts and uncles and some cousins was about 20 years ago and I wonder how in the world that happened.

Thank you for posting about your family. It's inspired me to do something about seeing my relatives. It's like that saying's never to late. I definitely will start saving and planning now and hopefully by early summer of next year I can make the trip :)

I'm so excited! Thank you again! and many happy returns to visit your family :)

Home Educator's Helper said...

Mel - best at home - here - now blogging over at beautiful motherhood.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a delight that you got to meet your grandmother's brother. What a blessing!

Thank you for sharing.


Mrs. Anna T said...

Dear Lady Lydia - thank you for sharing the story of your family, and also of this *wondrous* meeting you had! So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lillibeth!


Proverbs3122 said...

That is such a neat blessing, getting to visit with your grandmother's brother. Thanks for sharing that with us. So precious!

Anonymous said...

It was fun to read about your original family, Mrs. Sherman. you must have so many good memories of those times in your growing up years. And....what a treat to be able to connect with your great uncle! Lots of catching up to do. (o:

I've left a message for you over at Guard the Home. I'm hoping you or some of your other readers are able to offer me a fresh viewpoint!


Kelli said...

I just took a quick peek at 'Just Breathing The Air'...what a full and adventurous life you've led! When you mentioned above about not having running water as a girl, I thought 'Mrs Sherman can't be that old!' Then I discovered that you've lived in Alaska! Parts of that country are probably still the frontier!

Anonymous said...

What a special time you must've had.What a blessing!

Family is so dear and when you are older, one of the best things in life is visiting all the memories of your dear kin (according to my grandmother)



Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you got to visit. He must have loved seeing you and the photos. I copy family photos and personal ones of relatives and take them when I visit them in the rest home. Pictures and articles that had been written about them or their jobs and life. Since they are copies if they are lost in an instituational setting they can be redone. The person gets a chance then to share his life with his friends there and the staff tell me it helps them have more to talk to them about and they see them in a new setting. When our relative see the pictures they in turn usually start talking about their life and we all learn things we never knew about each other. He must have Really loved seeing you! Thanks for sharing it with us.

edwardianbeauty said...

Nice article if you can please upload more pictures of your pioneer ancestors. I want more examples of what working class wore during the Victorian period.