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Visiting America Part 1

We received a visitor from South Africa who spoke to us about visiting America. He has written a book about the communist takeover of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) called "Government by Deception."  Zimbabwe was the name of the ancient city located in that region long before any European ever lived there.   He described in his book how tough the Rhodesians were and how hard they were to defeat, but in the end the communists took over the country and ruined it in four years, taking it from an export nation to starvation. There is still a steady stream of native refugees from Zimbabwe to South Africa. Below are some of the things he discussed with us:

Recognizing the Lies About Socialism

 Communism is behind most revolutions and it is alive and well today, posing under different names such as socialist, progressive, moderate, and those who promote it will try to find out what will work in order to subjugate people. In America they play on the guilt of the male person. They want him to feel that other people are not as well off as he is, and that he must be greedy because he is doing so well, and that he has so much, but he probably stole the land from someone in order to get it all.

 Every American male must be made to feel unworthy and hang his head in shame because he is alive and prospering. These false teachings exist in the public schools and colleges all over the country, even the Christian colleges. Students must know what these teachings are and be prepared to correct their teachers. Americans must quit being so polite and be able to correct every lie.

Another way in which the average American is intimidated by socialists, is by name-calling. If you know something is not right and you expose some secret thing in government or some false teaching regarding the role of government, you are accused of being a right-wing, fundie wacko who "sees a commie around every corner." You will be called a racist, a bigot and an elitist if you do not follow the socialist agenda that is being pushed forward in this country.  This is calculated to make you feel incredibly infantile and stupid and it is one of the tactics of the mind-game they play in order to demoralize you.

Americans Can Preserve Their Country
 Our visitor told us that even the American of no great means,  could change things with a blog, a text message, a you tube video, phone calls to representatives, an email, a printed paper that is mailed around, or even something they say to someone else while standing in line at a grocery store.  Americans must not let the socialists and progressives march away with their country and they can put a stop to it very simply: by refuting everything. Housewives have more power than they realize, because they control the destiny of the family and the pocketbook. Though the progressives have a great deal of money and control of the media, they can be stopped  and we can keep our freedom. Their greatest power is in making you think it is hopeless and  you cannot do anything.
In example, he cited a case where the dictator of Zimbabwe, had a referendum he wanted to put to a vote, probably to show that the vote is still allowed in his country. Even though times are extremely hard in that country, everyone has a cellphone. (I personally call this the trickle-down cell-phone economics.) One man sent the message to vote 'no' on the referendum  to everyone he knew. That text message eventually was passed  all over Zimbabwe, and the president-for-life Mugabe was utterly shocked at how little control he actually had over the people, when he discovered that his proposal was rejected.

The communists, posing as socialists and progressives,  are promoting a system that does not work. That is why they major in propaganda. Most of their warfare consists of lies. After you have heard a lie a lot, you lose your ability to distinguish between the lie and the truth.  Because socialism  is a system that destructs society rather than builds it, they must persuade people though lies and smooth talk, that it is better. It is a serious game of words that Americans must learn to refute

They also like to pit one kind of people against another: male against female, race against race, employer against employee, rich against poor, religious against non-religious, young people against their parents, etc.  If that does not work, they find other things that bother people and agitate til there are sides taken on the matter.

 Americans must refute every single false teaching, even if it is some little tiny thing. A family like yours can make a big difference if they do that.  Americans are too polite and too passive, probably because they work so hard and want to mind their own business and enjoy the fruits of their labours,  and are too busy to fight with people.  Those that hate America and hate capitalism will capitalize on the fact that Americans mind their own business and do not want to be bothered. They will do as much as they can behind their backs, believing they can expect no reaction from the average American, who will of course be labelled "reactionary, legalistic," or some such thing in order to make him back off.

The socialists/progressives  have a hard time getting Americans to fight with each other, because communism, socialism, and other isms are based upon envy. Americans are so individualistic, it is hard to stir up hatred or envy, so they will constantly use the media to report some injustice to make people rise up in outrage. The subversive agents will  use persuasive words about how unfair something is. They have been playing on the word "fair" for a long time, and when no one refutes them, they gain more credibility and more following. When you hear something in the news media, you need to analyze it closely and think what it really means and whether it is really true.

 Most of the time the progressives will try to convince the American public that money belongs to the government to dole out wherever it wants to, and that everyone should be equal, even if some work harder than others or manage their money better and smarter than others. Traditionally, Americans have always been able to govern themselves and create their own economy without help from the government. The progressives are changing that , and in doing so, taking away our liberty.

One major lie is that the socialism is more fair and just than the free enterprise system by which a person can determine his own wealth and his own success.

Socialists, he emphasized, produce nothing. They only live off other people's hard work, rearranging the good results and most often, running it into the ground because, sooner or later, they run out of other people's money.

Highways and Cities Look Good

Your cities are well laid out with great infrastructures, meaning that you have streets and buildings and an orderly paths within them. What looks like enough space for 3 million people in an American city, only holds one million. There is space well used and laws against loitering and littering; laws which work for you even though you are not aware of it.  "There is a lot of highway construction and maintenance wherever I go, and that impresses me," he said.  America is neat and clean and orderly. People drive in a polite manner for the most part, (in comparison to other countries he has been to)  and no one honks their horn without a reason. (He probably does not know that in most states you cannot use your horn unless it is an emergency, with penalties for infraction of it).

He was not used to driving on the right side of the road and once got on the wrong side. A couple in an oncoming car waved him down and helped him. He said also that when he needed help finding out where he was he could walk to anyone sitting in a car and they would roll their window down and give him directions very helpfully. It is not so in his country.

Honesty and Trust: Part of a Strong Foundation  in America

"Basic honesty, resulting in trust, is a common foundation in America," he said. "If you lose that, you lose something basic to your country. For example, when someone sells something here on the Internet, you usually get it, and if you don’t like it, you can get your money refunded or they will cheerfully try to find what you like.  One man who sold me something on the Internet told me he would send it without me paying, and if I didn't like it I could return it, and if I liked it I could pay him. That is part of that inborn system of honesty and trust that Americans expect of each other."

Americans have an altruistic, giving sort of nature. They lack envy, which is a problem in other places. He also said he was trying to get used to the fact we did not have electric fences and big gates with alarm systems on our properties. We left things out over night, like porch furniture and ornaments, which, he said, would be stolen in 15 minutes in his country. Some people still don’t lock their doors all the time here in America, especially when home.

Basic honesty, he assured us, was an ingredient in the  foundation of our freedom here. Honesty produces trust, and trust is something you have in America. He cited instances where farmers could leave a jar for money and people could help themselves to the produce at the fruit stand. That would never happen where he lived. He had a conversation with a bank president who said he was tired of giving people change, so he made a huge table in the middle of the bank and put a lot of change in it. People could come in and help themselves to change, and leave the equivalent in paper money. At the end of most days he had more money in paper than in change.

 Marxists  and communists  know that honesty is something most Americans still have, and that our laws support that, and that people are liable for punishment for dishonest dealings. Marxists need to break down that honesty in order to convert our system to Communism. Honesty makes people in America trust each other and enables them to do business with one another.  Those who hate America will try to break down this prevailing character quality in this country by infiltrating the country with cheating and swindling, til the average American cannot do business with anyone and trusts no one.  They will find something they can break down, and work on it until they can crack it. Americans must expose things like this. As it stands now, no one can start a business and expect to operate it dishonestly and get away with it. Those who do, suffer penalties under the law. This is some deterioration in these laws but they still work for you.

Spring Breeze by Randy Van Beek from 

Your Laws Work For You Even When You Are Not Aware of It

Americans are not physically aware of how well their laws are working. Their nation is based upon law, and that is ultimately what those who want to destroy this country will try to change, through liberal lawyers and courts.  They know we live by law and, unable to get us to go against it, will simply change it into their own liberal policies.

Business With a Smile, Going the Second Mile

Your businesses are well-run. Those who are in business will  smile at the customers and ask if they need help. They want to know if you want fries with that. They want to know if you were happy with your meal. They want to know if everything was okay in your hotel room. Their business depends upon it. Staying in business depends upon the proprietors knowing every minute if they are complying with regulations set in place by laws. Customers can complain to health authorities, business bureaus, police, and other authorities, if they feel they have been mistreated or cheated. These business can be shut down if they even have a dirty restroom. They eagerly comply with the laws so that they can conduct their business without the threat of being shut down.

Summer Sunset by Randy Van Beek

Your Laws and Your Personal Integrity Are Part of the American Character

Your laws are working on the highways, too. People do speed and disregard the road rules, but for the most part, it is in the minority.  In general they drive according to the rules. Most people are very good citizens, helpful and polite, even when he made mistakes, not having had experience on American roads. He claimed that no one honked their horns at him, even though he often did not know where he was going.

Your laws work for you when you are in your homes. You live in relative safety, and most people do not have to guard their property with their lives. He said he felt an immediate sense of safety and well-being when he stepped off the plane in America, compared with his own country.

Average Americans Matter

Other good things he said about America was that most people will have a say in what happens to them politically and if you push Americans too far they will not put up with it. Every American, from the one who works at the burger place, to the man behind the desk in a business, has a say in what their government can and cannot do. The greatest harm that can happen is to make Americans think they are worthless people who have no hope and who do not know how to govern themselves.

The liberals in America are the LEAST qualified to govern us and the least qualified to guide us or lead us in any way. Communists and Marxists, posing as socialists and progressives, or moderates, are the least qualified to be in government. Their system does not work, so they have to convince everyone that it does and they do it by massive media outreach. In America even the common man in the most menial job is more qualified to govern than a liberal, a socialist, a progressive, or a communist. Just compare how the average person runs his home and his business, to how a liberal government is run.


"Americans are not crazy. Americans have just been over-propagandised by the Left that's all.

Too Vast to Conquer

On his car trips he was impressed with the vastness of our country, saying that sometimes others tend to think they can conquer America as they would another nearby nation, but America is so huge, and has so many hills and valleys and such, that it would take all of Europe and all of Asia and all of Africa to conquer us, and even then, they only might.  He said that is one reason the left uses media to influence us. They cant win unless they demoralize us first and suck us willingly into their scheme to "de" us: de-nationalise, de-privatize, de-individualize, demoralize.

Socialism is a Lie
Those who do not like your system are trying to break it down by spreading the merits of socialism, which do not work.They are preaching a system that does not work. They are using  the public schools and  colleges as their pulpits and preaching it to the next generation, who become the future lawyers and judges who change laws as they go.  They are preaching it in the newspapers and on the television news and other shows. The web is the last frontier of freedom, where we can "go and do likewise" to them. We must spread the opposite message.

Americans are not all rich, greedy and selfish

Even those working in menial jobs are helpful and courteous and work hard, going beyond what is required of them. Most are not rich, but willing to share and extremely generous. The rumour that they are rich and greedy is another piece of propaganda.

"I had many, many fascinating discussions with Americans. Americans are an ok kind of people. They are NOT fat lazy people who have it easy. Quite the opposite. Many are really hard working people... and kicking them in the teeth continuously is not a wise idea. In WWII, America produced 100,000 combat aircraft!!! These people are a mild people who are really slow to anger... but there are many facets to America. Most Americans were very hospitable, and I was told that the ones in the South, particularly, were so hospitable that they would insist on taking you home with them."

It is dangerous to be uninformed about the new socialism that parades itself as a bright future for America. When socialism/communism takes over a country, you will not experience the great freedom of worship, or see the  the pretty, idyllic scenes of the houses and the farms, nor will there be shops full of merchandise. Communists are the least qualified to rule a country because their mis-management causes drought, financial depression, and death.

There is an interesting trailer here  along the same lines as this subject. See another interesting one here about socialism in America.

Here is yet another excellent video on how the left is breaking down our culture.

We hope to have another visit with this man and I will try to write about it in a future post. My objection to socialism/communism is Biblical one: a man should be able to enjoy the fruits of his labours, and should deal honestly in his business. People should work hard and use their own money to take care of their own people.

Visiting America Part 2


Anonymous said...


I would be most interested to discover if this gentleman has visited Australia, and if so, his impressions of this nation.

Lydia said...

One of the problems I see is that people who have time sit around and decide how to undermine our country just do not have enough to do. I propose the best military strategy in the world:

All those countries that produce terrorism, should be flooded with Dollar Stars, Wal-Marts and Grocery Stores, where shelves are kept constantly stocked. It would provide employment for hundreds of young people who other wise would have nothing to do but sit around and hate Americans.

They could go shopping instead of going to war. They could beat their swords into shopping carts.

My theory is that when people go to shopping at affordable places, they come home with lamps and rugs, washers and dryers and then they want to enjoy using them.

Perhaps should flood their countries with cheap goods made in China, like we have here. It would keep them busy going out and getting the stuff, staying home and guarding it, and then once they tire of it, they can sell it all on ebay and start again when new products come along.

Once they acquire too much, they will have to figure out how to get rid of it, like we do here in America, as a result of manufactured goods coming from China.

This keeps them all busy with "stuff" instead of thinking about how they are going to hate America. You know what the current saying is: shopping is the opium of the people.

When the junk all starts to wear out, the people of these countries can paint it all white and sell it again as Shabby Chic, and keep their personal economy alive.

Car manufacturing companies should be established in the vast wastelands where terrorists hide, producing people who would rather use cruise-control than weapons, and then those who hate America could become used-car salesmen, which would occupy them to the extent that they would be too tired to hate. All they would want to do after work is go home and watch a movie on YouTube. Car manufacturing is the ideal industry for some of these places, since that is where a lot of the oil is produced.

Lydia said...

No, he has not, but has said that friends tell him that the people there are also very hard workers.

Anonymous said...


Interesting. Subsidiarity is an effective antidote to communism. Put simply, subsidiarity asserts that larger power-structures should not interfear with smaller ones. e.g. federal govt. should not interfear with state govt. (demarkation etc), and that trans nationals should not crush and wipe out neighbourhood/family owned businesses, the unlived on corporate owned agribusiness should not muscle out the family farm. When this happens, we wind up with a paradigm known as the 'servile state' whereby socialist type govt., education etc and corporate heavyweights join forces with the average 'Joe' caught in the middle. Subsidiarity is also known as distributism (not to be confused with socialist 're-distributism'; a very different thing).

Anonymous said...


The family unit rather than the individual, is the cornerstone of society whether in the secular, ecclesial and civic spheres alike. When traditional family is truly respected, accepted and promoted, a society becomes most effective. Marxism and its offshoots seek to destroy the traditional family unit (if naysayers don't believe this, all they need do is pick up a copy of the communist manifesto, read it and this fact will become plain to see, as it is clearly written, bold as brass).

Govt. in Australia, the US, Canada etc seeks to erode the traditional family by promoting women in the workforce (leading to the dual-income family) and all manner of non traditional family models over and above the traditional extended, multi-generational family model.

Anonymous said...


A book that is a must-read is

'The Rage Against God' by peter Hitchens.

Peter Hitchens is the brother of notorious millitant atheist Christopher Hitchens.

Unlike Christopher though, Peter came to Christ around a decade ago, after years of non belief. He articulates brilliantly the necessity for society to embrace Christianity if it is to flourish, and has used the title that he has because it is what people in the UK, Aus and Western europe are doing, by and large - 'raging against God'.

He has also written an excellent book called 'the Broken Compass' in which the grave results of socialism are exposed (he served as a foreign correspondant in Soviet Russia, witnessed the fall of communism in Europe, and fears that the West is inexorably sliding toward the self same socialism that failed so terribly the people and land of Eastern europe. Anybody remember the Aral sea (a crying tragedy of socialism).

Christian Faith, Family and small scale free enterprise is the way to ensure that a society will flourish in peace.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if my final little bit on peter Hitchens got through as the page crashed when I chose 'Publish your comment'...

If it got through, don't worry about putting this up :-).

A must read book is 'the Rage Against God by Peter Hitchens, brother of notorious millitant Atheist Christopher Hitchens. Unlike Christopher, though, peter came to Christ around a decade ago, and has written Rage Against god' as a commentary regarding what he sees the people of the UK, Aus and Western europe doing (raging, against God, that is). Peter also sets out the necessity for a society to embrace traditional Christianity if it is to flourish, rather than turning its back on the faith of its forefathers. he has also written a fantastic book warning of the grim results of following socialism called 'the Broken Compass' that looks at Soviet russia (he was a foreign correspondant back when the USSR existed), and sounds a warning against the almost inexorable slide toward socialism the West seems intent upon, along with the less than favourable results if our governments choose to go down this route (anybody remember the Aral Sea?? A crying tragedy of socialist mismanagement!!!!).

Christian Faith, family and small-scale free enterprise that bases its business model and practice upon Holy Scripture are the essential ingredients for any society to flourish. (

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. It is very refreshing to read some REAL ideals for true "hope and change." I also enjoyed your humorous rant at the top of the comments. :D

Two days ago, I was blessed to pick up an antique volume of "Poems" by Longfellow for 75 cents at a thrift store. It is a charming, well worn and much loved book, and the handwritten inscription indicates that it was "Presented to Mr. Perry Erwin for improvement in writing in the School of 1897-98, from Nora Norman, Teacher." I picked the book up this evening to read a bit...for some reason I'm somewhat of a random reader...and today I started at the end. The poem I read, the very last one in the book, immediately reminded me of this post of yours, so I wanted to share it with you:


BEWARE! The Israelite of old, who tore
The lion in his path, --when poor, and blind,
He saw the blessed light of heaven no more,
Shorn of his noble strength and forced to grind
In prison, and at last led forth to be
A pander to Philistine revelry,--

Upon the pillars of the temple laid
His desperate hands, and in its overthrow
Destroyed himself, and with him those who made
A cruel mockery of his sightless woe;
The poor, blind Slave, the scoff and jest of all,
Expired, and thousands perished in the fall!

There is a poor, blind Samson in this land,
Shorn of his strength, and bound in bonds of steel,
Who may, in some grim revel, raise his hand,
And shake the pillars of this Common-weal,
Till the vast Temple of our liberties
A shapeless mass of wreck and rubbish lies.


I wonder who Longfellow was referring to when he writes of "a poor, blind Samson in this land"?

Lydia said...

Interesting that the word "grind" appeared in the first line of the Longfellow poem, since I just added a link to the video "The Grinding Down of America" which is exactly what this visitor was talking about.

The blind fellow was an American, who was surrounded by the modern day Philistines, but when he gets his strength back, he will pull the whole building down on them all.

America has been under attack since its beginning, by those who are jealous and greedy and wanting power. Communism cannot sell itself to Americans but it can sell itself easily to anyone who wants power, because it promises power for life to any would-be leader.

Lydia said...

communism never builds up or replenishes a nation; it only destroys and depletes. There are several stages of a revolution, one being propaganda, another war, and another reconstruction. Reconstruction does not mean the rebuilding of burnt cities. It means that the winner substitutes its government for yours. This happened in the South after the war. The federal govt send in all their own agents to rewrite the constitutions of the southern states and put in their own governors and senators and mayors, representatives, etc.

Anonymous said...

Lydia can you comment on what is happening to the former Soviet Union and what is happening there since the "downfall" of communism?

Is communism truly dead there or is it growing again in different form like mutated cancer?

Anonymous said...

It seems Longfellow's blind Sampson was slavery.

Fitting thought to connect the poem to socialism, since socialism won't work without enslaving people.

And as Lydia's view on the poem shows, a poem can have more than one interpretation.

Campaign for Liberty -

Lydia said...

The most effective tactic of communists is to convince people that communism is dead, and in the past. Young people think socialism sounds okay, because they do not see how it gradually destroys the religion and free enterprise and wealth in a country. They begin a taunt that sounds something like, "The commies are coming!" or "You see a communist around every corner," to make your warnings seem ridiculous. Communism is taught in public schools as progressivism. We have to believe our system "doesnt work" in order for them to substitute their own broken system. The word "progress" is made to look like something we should always desire, but it is not progress when people have to hand over their money to the government and lose their homes and land. It is not progress when the country is pumped full of psychologists whose beliefs are laced with humanism and liberalism, while preachers are accused of being "self appointed" leaders who "tell you how to think." These are phrases to watch out for. What is really meant, is that you should not follow the Bible, you should follow the gurus of this new age, new progressive movement, which is communism in disguise. The big thing they are banking on is that you wont recognize it as the same old destructive form of government that destroys civilization because it is dressed up in new clothes. While I am often accused of living in the past and having an archaic view of life, they are actually the ones living in the past when they endorse communism, a system that does not work . They keep insisting that it does. They dont believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ but they believe they can resurrect communism.

Anonymous said...

To the annonymous commenter asking about post-Soviet Russia, I strongly recommend reading 'The Broken Compass' by Peter Hitchens. Not only does he cover the era of the USSR and 'Eastern block' communism, but also touches on the direction in which the former USSR is traveling. Whatever the machinations of Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Medvedev, Christianity is rocketing forth as a force of strength in its own right (never really disappeared during the Soviet years, just went underground).



Anonymous said...

It is a true fact that one of the problems with haters is that they do not work hard enough or long enough and have nothing worthwhile to do with their leisure time. I propose that waterworks be developed in such places, so that people with nothing to do can irrigate their land, grow crops, harvest them, sell them, go to restaurants, eat what they want, go swimming in private swimming pools,and use modern plumbing. Think of how much time you spend each day involved with water: washing dishes, washing clothes, bathing your children, washing the floor, washing the car, watering the garden or grass. Waterwoks is an industry that will trickle down into all kinds of other industries that people can be busy with. For less than half the cost of weapons and warfare, plumbing and waterworks can be developed, which will keep people occupied cleaning up after themselves, for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I just found a used copy of a book I had never heard of. The book is called The Villiage on the Hill an Event related by Peter Holzschuh written down by Peter Maarten. It is a true story written in 1940 about what happened when the ideas and members of the National Socialist Party came to the this sleepy villiage in Germany. As it is written it is easy to see how we could be dooped into misunderstanding things and not knowing our true beliefs and fall under the spell of a person like Hitler. As of then for this villiage he had not shown his true nature but they had noted that he was placing the government or Germany over God and they did know that was very wrong. In its 126 pages is a powerful lesson and it is written as a lesson to us. This was written as the things were happening over there. It was very sobering yet as I said you could picture it happening. Yet a group of the people gathered together and gained strength they never had had before. We need to keep our hearts right and our eyes open. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I have heard many say the younger generation has not lived as we did under the threat of communism. The thought of all working together for the good of the country sounds very good to many now. It is but not as the communists mean it. They are being taught in many public schools to embrace communistic ideas. To look down on America as we are and have always been the bad guy. Always tellng others what to do and such, and being a bully. They don't hear the good we do and have always done and what we were born as a nation to stand for. America's true history is hardly even mentioned in school teaching.Speak up and tell what you know beore all who know it are gone. This like other things could be lost if we do not defend our country and teach the young. Sarah

Anonymous said...

this is telling

Capitalism/Communism has failed China. Distributism/Subsidiarity would give the people back their voice, and, through the guild system, go a long way to stamping out wretched practices that will invariably lead to Rev 11: 18 becoming a reality rather than a possibility.

China now has a massive practicing Christian population of 90 Million (yes, you have read correctly) and is the fastest growing faith in the nation. China also has the largest Bible printing house in the world and is exporting missionaries to its diaspra internationally.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had told you earlier, but on the radio show, "Frances and Friends", on, today there was an interview with a man who fully explained the "Christian" version of socialism that is sold to young (and old), uninformed Christians - it is repackaged as an ideal called "Social Justice", and the "church", everywhere has been dupped into believing that our duty as Christians is to make sure that everyone gets their equal share, because we are to look out for and care for the poor.

15 years ago, I was heavily inundated with Social Justice ideas in my on-campus Christian groups. I knew something felt so wrong for a long time, but I couldn't explain what it was. There was just no life in that system - it was like a psuedo-Christianity. It was all about manipulation and control of people's emotions and resources. There was an official hierarchy of people who "checked up" on people below them. They used us for a lot of free labor to help "fund the ministry". Nothing every got better for anyone that really needed ministry, it only helped the "higher-ups" in the organization get promotions, the more students they could get to participate in things, and the more "busy" they could keep the students. It was a big waste of time.

When God blesses, and we are led by His Spirit, and the gospel is preached, there is giving and ministry, and uplifting of the poor going on that is unparalleled anywhere. THERE IS ALSO INDUSTRY, and REAL work accomplished.

I believe that the real thing those campus ministies accomplish, is to teach students how to conform to a group, stop thinking independently, and follow the agenda that is coming down from "on high" (meaning a human boss, not God). It stops them from actively, dynamically, preaching the gospel, and being full of the life of God.

Social Justice has been around a LONG time, it is taught to each new generation through religious organizations. Unfortunately, the kids coming along now, don't get to hear the truth about it, they are embracing it like never before. Most large, popular ministries teach it in some form.

Lydia said...

You are right about this. That is why I am so cautious of any kind of youth ministry. The local church is enough and even it has to be careful not to segment off into groups.

Anonymous said...

churches are caught up in the doctrine of social justice and liberation theology, which is the belief that Jesus came to liberate people from poverty and social injustice. This is not what the Bible teaches. This is a fake, straight from the book of Marx.

Brock Townsend said...

Wonderful article, Lydia.