Friday, October 08, 2010

Handling Trolls

Here are some isps  you can block, if you are having trouble with trolls   This is one that has had a lot of complaints about it and it is worth your while to block. The one who has it, has a lot of blogs and poses as many different bloggers.
others are: to 14

  One of these is the   same isp number, forward and reverse,  that runs a number of blogs that vilify other homemakers, particularly those who want to write about the Titus 2 model or the Proverbs 31 woman and this is the isp number that is  known for online gossip about homemakers. The same isp number is responsible for the fake blogs out about me that have stolen photographs and stolen copyrighted photo from my book, "Just Breathing the Air." It is in violation of federal trade laws to do anything that causes the loss of anyone's financial business. If you are selling anything or have written books, your income can be adversely affected by blogs that are designed to destroy your reputation. They have cracked down on this kind of thing in places like Australia and England, and put some of these people to shame with prison sentences and community service.  One woman in Australia was convicted of attacking the reputation of a public figure ( model, I think) and her defense was that since the woman was a public figure, she had a right to do it, according to free access laws. She also claimed that she had actually helped the woman's business by putting out so much negative about her on the web. The court didn't buy it and she was sentenced.

The blocker site will allow you to type in your blog address and apply the numbers to it. It does cut down quite a bit on the negative traffic. Your stats will go down but it just makes you see how much of it was undesirable attention.

You can get a web blocker online that is free, that allows you a limited number of isps to block for free.
One that might work for you is which allows 3 numbers. There are other free ones online.

It does not prevent people from their blogs from viewing your site, but it does cut down on the amount of trolling that the blog owner does.

If you have been the target of these women please do not let them run you off the web. They have not matured past the junior high mentality of trolling people they want to discourage, even though some of them are way past that age and should be doing better things with their time than picking on others who want to enjoy sharing things on their blogs.

The above numbers are from a company in Plano, Texas, called Layered Technologies. I have talked to them on the phone and they have said that they sell numbers to clients and that it is one of their clients. They can send a complain to their client if this is the isp source that is bothering your blog or taking some of your writings and pictures and posting other blogs with them.

The reason that I am posting this number and its reverse, is that I hope one day to have a lot of links on my blog here to other homemakers and crafters, glitter and decorating sites. This troll will be visiting all my links and this is a way you can prevent some of the copying and vilifying that is going on.

Check your visitor statistics to find the source of some of your negative traffic, and then apply them to the isp blocker.

Trolls have been around for centuries. Long before the internet, there were discouragers and critics of people who were building things, teaching good things, creating and doing something for others.  Jesus certainly had his share of them, in the form of the Pharisees, who followed him around, questioning every word he said and trying to trap him into saying things a certain way. Sometimes he ignored them and sometimes he called them a brood of vipers.

The prophet Nehemiah had to post sentries around the area when he was rebuilding the temple, to keep people from discouraging the workers. The laborers had one hand on a sword and another hand building the structure.  This isp blocker and number is your sentry, if it is one of the people that is discouraging you.

If you can remember way back before the internet, there was always a discourager in the mix of friends, ever ready to pour cold water on a plan or ridicule an accomplishment.  They were the ones that would spread false things about you or steal from you. Christians need not be so surprised when they are attacked, as this is something that our Lord told us to expect.

Luke 6:26 Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

Of course we must bless our enemies, so some bloggers happily bless their enemies with another fine post about the subjects they like, whether it be house and garden, painting, crafts, sewing, teaching, decorating, or reading.


GentleDove said...

Lady Lydia,

I support you 100% against these trolls.

We should not let these vicious, bitter, wicked, anti-Christ women to run us off the blogs "into hiding."

They most likely do not have the grace to be ashamed of their actions; but, perhaps if we stand firm, they will--like the men of Sodom whose goal it also was to pervert God's created order--weary themselves to find the door.

The Lord will deal with them, for repentance or for perishing. We need to pray for them that the Lord would have mercy on them (Matt. 5:44). They are in a bad way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lady Lydia. I don't have a blog yet, but I hope to start a homemaking type blog this year and this is good to know.

It's a shame how some people spend (and waste) their time just trying to tear down others.

Lydia said...

Many of the trolls come from places of employment outside the home. That is not say that they would not be the same if they were home full time, but it shows the amount of time they have on their hands and the temptations they have to troll when in front of a computer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
We have to wonder where such viciousness actually comes from -to paraphrase Shakespeare, it seems that a little too much protest, as well as time and effort, is going into disparaging a lovely, uplifting and humble blog. You must have struck a nerve, and the good that you do is too threatening. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

So does allposters give you permission to hotlink to their site and use their bandwidth to publish pictures?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia, I just want to say that you are not alone. I've had my share of these haters but they have only made me stronger in my stand for Christ. If satan says "BOO!" and we run, we are merely cowards! We should rejoice when others do this to us because we must be doing something right!! After all, Jesus told us (paraphrasing here) not to be surprised if the world hates us, because it hated Him - we are made of the same cloth, so to speak.

Just like Cain hated Abel because his own works were evil and Abel's righteous - so do these even now hate those that do good. They murder with their words.

Just keep on, keeping on! ;-)

Lydia said...


Since you post on one of the troll sites, which has the isp numbers I listed, I will give you an answer you may take back: I am an Allposters Affiliate. That means that I have to hyperlink back to them in order for them to sell the posters that I display on my blog. My entire family helps with this blog and this is part of the money we earn for our living. I added your isp number to this list, as soon as your comment came in, which is, the same as 6 or 7 more of you over there. You either have a very large family all using the same isp number or you have a mulitiple personality disorder. That can be a disadvantage when people find you out, but in some respects can be an advantage. I heard you can get group rates at certain events if there are more than one of you.

Jan Hatchett said...

What a shame that we have to even deal with negative people. I know that there have always been negative folks, but it was easier when you only had to deal with one or two. Now, through cyber-space they try to bully others in greater numbers.

It's sad for them.

Thank you for standing up as a Christian for your beliefs. I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks also for protecting us.

Lydia said...

It is true that we only had to deal with one at a time. Now they come in gangs. They seem to be able to function only if they have a group with them, as they did in high schools in the 60's when there were such violent groups of GIRLS--I say girls and it still shocks me. Girls were once considered gentle and kind as a whole, but thanks to feminism, they can act worse than animals, because they think they have a right to declare their freedom from restraint and propriety. The Victorians actually had quite a hard time keeping society in check. They were not born in a perfect world. Some of them endured boorish guests and real life trolls, as well as destroyers of property. Eventually some of people of that era began to publish ettiquette and manners books to try to protect their homes from the unruly, and their lives from the rude and imposing, nosey people who put sourness on everyone's life. By maintaining these personal ettiquette rules, the unruly got the message and retreated back to their dark corners, content to hang around only with those of their own lot. Nowadays though the lawless want to experience the good things that Christians have accomplished, but they want to destroy it all as well. What a bleak world it will be for them when they have destroyed everything that is lovely and good. Then they will complain all the more. The communists in Rhodesia depleted the land in just 4 years by destroying farming and business, and now they complain that people are not productive. If we allow these people to continue on their destructive path, much beauty will be lost on the web, a place of free enterprise and free exchange of ideas. They will run roughshod over everyone and then complain that the web is an ugly, unpleasant place.

Lydia said...

The ettiquette of the Victorian era was so strictly enforced socially, that a boorish person who spoiled a party or a visit was never invited back, and the reputation of that person followed them, til they found they were not welcome anywhere. I think the Victorians had a hard row to hoe, especially as they came out west and settled new frontiers, where some of the lawless also came. Free from too many societal restrictions, the unruly ran free, desturbing the peace and destroying property, drinking and behaving badly. Those who wanted to be good stewards of their families and their property learned to adhere to a strict set of rules and to require others to abide by them or be left out. We have enjoyed the results of these rules for many years but I think it is time to re-establish them ourselves, beginning with our homes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining about allposters. I wondered about how to get them on my blog too, but unless you join as an affiliate, it is almost impossible to post them. They go on with a special code that makes them automatically link back. It is not easy to get them in your picture files anymore, since they did that hyper linking thing. That is one reason I go to wikomedia or anthenium for my pictures, which are copyright free.

Lydia said...

They have discouraged several really nice bloggers who had pretty blogs about homemaking and crafts and such, to quit. One reason I ask people to post anonymously is to prevent them from clicking on your name and landing on your blog, and doing the same thing to you that they have done to me and others. However, if people wish to put their name here and a link to their blog when they comment, that is fine. They just have to expect they will get some pretty gross trolls. I think I've got the worst ones on the net, and your association with me will cause them to follow you unless they are anonymous. I can give you some good hints if you are beginning blogging. Number one, do not reveal in your profile where in the world you really live, and do not put pictures of your children on the web unless it is a private blog. Blog about beliefs and ideas and share what you love, but be careful not to reveal personal things that will be taken out of context and used against you. Some people exist to hate, and their whole day is taken up with the hating. You cant win them and you cant ever convince them of anything, so dont try to explain yourself or re-explain everything just to please a troll. Like the leach spoken of in Proverbs, a troll can never be satisified, never be happy, and never like anything you do. If you have a blue house they will hate you because you like blue, and if you change it to red, they will still hate you. On a blog, do what you love and what lifts your spirits and encourages others, without regard to the naysayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lydia, for your brave stance and for encouraging all of the bloggers out there. I have been so blessed by yours and some of the other homemaking blogs. I'm glad you have not caved to the pressure and bullying. Their criticisms are truly lame. But in their pride, they think they are making wise groundbreaking observations. (This is sad). You are right~ bullies have always existed. They are a dime a dozen, and in the long run, they will not have produced any lasting fruit of value. On the other hand, your blog and others have inspired so many to obey our God, and serve our families with joy. May God continue to bless you. Rosemary

Anonymous said...

To the "Candy" that loved white and simplicity: If you're reading here, I just want to say, I was really enjoying your blog. You inspired me in many ways, most recently, to start getting ready for Christmas!! I loved your last couple of posts, with the cards and gift wrapping. And your testimony really stuck with me... I've often found myself thinking about it, and have been pondering your thoughts on "being on fire for the lord" vs. "being lukewarm". I pray God will guide you and keep you, and continue to bless you... and may you have a happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, and a very Merry Christmas!

Lydia said...

Yes, Candy, the Eskimo lady in Canada, is sweet. I have gotten several giveaway packages from her and they are always lovely. She was attacked by one of these people I mentioned and now has taken her blog away from the public. I cried when I found out about it. This incident was one reason I posted this subject today.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for not giving up. You and other ladies have helped me to know that I needed to come home. I truly believe God showed me your blog and other similar blogs to speak to me. I was headed in a very wrong direction that could have ended very badly, but I am thankful God showed me the way through you and others. What you do for God is so important. I am sorry for what you have gone through. However, I am thankful to you for persevering, and I know you will be rewarded one day. I truly believe God introduced me to your blog (and others) to save my family. God works in mysterious ways, even on the internet! :) I am so happy to share this with you.

Please be encouraged that your work is valuable and life-changing for the good.

May God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lydia for the sweet comment here.
And for your encouragement.

Thank you to the person who left a comment here for me.
I will be up and running again soon. I have my mom here for Thanksgiving wknd and she will be gone Monday and then I will start building a new blog.
thanks for your kind words.

candy from canada

Anonymous said...

I just want to write in support of my dear friend Candy-Faith, too. I, too, have received lovely packages and cards from her, along with prayers and words of encouragement (even today, in the midst of the turmoil, she said she would pray for my back pain).

Candy has such a tender heart and the attack has left her hurting deeply. At times like this, it is hard to pray for one's enemies but, knowing Candy, she will be doing that. I need to pray for these women who have hurt my dear friend, too.

I can testify that Candy is the real deal. There is nothing fake about her. She struggles and faces adversities like any other human being. She loves God and strives to do the right thing, living simply in order to be able to bless others with financial help.

I'm quite sure that the women who mocked her would feel remorseful if they got to know my gentle, generous, sweet-natured friend (unless they are very sin-hardened or sociopathic). I pray that the Lord will bring at least a few of these women to repentance for their unkind thoughts and words. I know Candy would be quick to forgive.

Anonymous said...

That an organized cadre of women can harangue innocent bloggers from the internet is disgraceful! Those whose lives are so consumed by hate that such behaviour is all they are able to exhibit bespeaks a life of bitterness that inevitably comes at a price; not only for those who are thus abused, but for the abusers also. it will effect health and relationships adversley, be not mistaken.

Those who waste employer time by trolling innocent bloggers from their workplaces are not only engaged in villification, but also in theft; theft of their employer's time, resources and finances! Lady Lydia is well within her rights to notify said employers and report the dead wood. Never, never, never never give up, Lydia!!

Form a coalition with likeminded bloggers. Believe you me, they receive their fair share of venimous hate also.

Anonymous said...

Was meditating on Psalm 23 this morning while also reading The Treasury of David commentary. It so aptly comforts...the Balm of Gilead ~

Will pray the Lord may bless tumultuous souls with His grace♥ knowing we were, too, once His and His sheep's adversaries.


Anonymous said...

thank you sabine for your kind encouragement!
you are such a dear!


Anonymous said...

Sabine's description "sociopathic" fits the trolls/bullies. What pathetic lives they display themselves as having. Are they not intelligent enough to realize what their nastiness shows others about themselves.

It does sound like they emotionally arrested at the junior high level and never grew up. It also reminds me of Jane Goodall's descriptions of bullying among chimpanzees. What a pity that some women live at the level of "chimp" behavior.

Think what it must be like to live and work with such immature females. They give women a bad name.

Gerie said...

I too, wanted to add my voice to the people out there who have been blessed by Candy's blog.

I have been both inspired and comforted by Candy's testimony and her blog posts on homekeeping.

We need more women like Candy who put it all on the line for the Lord, and are really making a difference in people's lives.

I know that Candy will come back even more determined, as she sees that she's really making such a difference, that Satan takes the time to target her.

If she wasn't making such a difference, he wouldn't waste his time.

God bless you, Candy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lydia for continuing to share your creativity and knowldege with your readers. I have learned a lot from you. Your blog has been a blessing to me. Candy, I have been inspired by your lovely blog, too. It is so nice to see women who are homemakers and HAPPY! Thank you for sharing. I will miss you.