Friday, October 08, 2010

Landscaping Film

I recently enjoyed a documentary on Netflix: A Man Named Pearl, about a man who took discarded plants from a garden center and brought them alive again, to later make into lawn sculpture. The story did not end with his lawn art. He is known for inspiring young people to use their time to accomplish something good and beautiful to glorify God.


Lydia said...

Although this is rated for the general public, parents should view this before determining if it is suitable for children of certain ages.

Anonymous said...

I saw that film clip on Pearl the man that made a beautiful garden out of his own yard and used plants he'd nursed back to health.

It was a most informative documentary about a man who taught himself to sculpt topiary and how he spent much of his time even at night under flood lights working with these plants and forming them into beautiful topiaries for his own yard.

Soon people were coming to his yard asking for tours and how did he learn to trim the trees, and bushes to get such beautiful designs.

The man gladly shared all he knew and started showing others how he trimmed the shrubbery. He did all this for the love of beauty.

I think he should be commended for his work and efforts. He is a good example of someone working hard to make things beautiful in his own area and someone who is willing to share his knowledge with others.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that documentary as well. He was in such good health and physical condition for his age. I think all that gardening is so good for peace of mind....being among God's beautiful creations, and keeping(nurturing) them.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lady Lydia for sharing good ideas for movies.
I just requested this from my library. Look forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading a series of books written in the '50s - '80s by Miss Read about English village life. One thing that really strikes me is how much of their life revolves around enjoying their gardens for each particular season and tending their gardens. We lived in Germany for 3 years, and much the same attitude is in evidence there. Land is so precious to these people, they don't take one square inch for granted.

I have also ordered this video from my library. Can't wait to see it!