Saturday, October 23, 2010

America Visited

The Good Old Days
by Paul Detlefsen


The Good Old Summertime
by Paul Detlefsen

Some of you might remember seeing some of the art of Paul Detlefsen, a European who immigrated to America in the 1950's. His work depicted American small town and rural life on calendars across the country, and he also painted background scenery for movies.

Someone sent me  an interesting magazine for girls, which depicts some of the old time home style way of life for families.

This weekend, I visited Treasures from the Heart Gifts and enjoyed seeing Barb's art and crafts. She too makes pumpkins from sequinned fabric, and hers are in dark burgundies and brown velvets.

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Lisa said...

"The Good Old Summertime" is hanging on my (52 year old) brother's wall right now - well, a copy. Along with another by the same artist, I'm sure; of a boy and his dog walking up a dirt road with several cows ahead of them. They have great sentimental value in our family!