Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Links I Like

Those women considering hosting a homemaking class might glean something from The Pastry Cloth, and the blog from the same, which I have just added to my side links.

One great advantage of being at home paying attention to your own house and your own life, is the opportunity to be creative. This is something that Titus 2 leaders might be able to include in their classes. Teaching younger women to include creativity in their home keeping can mean something as simple as how to make the arrangement on the wall look nice and homey, or how to put a pretty centerpiece on the table.

These creative links always inspire me. Some of these women earn money from their beautiful art and crafts. What is even more impressive is that they are willing to share instructions on how to make things. The links on their blogs are always refreshing and equally creative, as well as beautiful to behold, which is a great encourgement for anyone looking for beauty and ideas.

My Decorating Style

Glitter and Roses

Fitty's Pink Rose Cottage

Shabby Pink and Pretty

Vintage Rose Collection

Shabby Cats and Roses

Shabby Streamside Studio

A Well-Loved Home

Aiken House and Gardens

A Vintage White


Twice Remembered Cottage

Cynthia's Cottage Design

Rose Vine Cottage



Decorating With White

Stone Gable


Wayside Treasures

Check back for added links!

For more good blogs, just go down the links on all these places.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and these are some that I found very light, bright and pretty. As older women teach younger women to mind their homes, I think it is important to include some inspiration from other people, where they can get some ideas for their own houses. Each home will include, of course, things that suit their own people, and things handed down to them from generations before. I enjoy seeing how other people use their things, and I find that peeking into these lovely blogs is similar to being invited into someone's well-appointed home.

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Lydia said...

The post that has been requested, "Do What God Says Do" is now at the top left of the blog. If you need to print it, there is a post here that gives you a printer friendly link. Just type in "printer friendly" in the search area on the upper left where the e is.

Mary Beth said...

Thank you for the link! Homemaking is an art! But it isn't just the art of "doing". It is also the art of "being". Our attitude in our homes is reflected in the decor, the food, the atmosphere and etc. As keepers of the home, our first focus must be on our relationship with God through Jesus Christ which gives us that inner joy that affects our attitude. When we get that right, it makes it oh so much more fun to put that cabinet in the perfect place, create a dinner fit for kings or to wash those dishes afterwards! :-)
Mary Beth

Anonymous said...


Please think about adding this Australian blog


to your list I hope its author gives you permission to do so; I haven't read it for a while; she covers so much, from doll making, to recipes, menus, gardening, and all spheres of home life here in Australia.

Love 'shabby Cats;!! I think I'll hire you all and let you loose on my home for a week!!!!!!

Lydia said...

Oh, yes, Little Jenny Wren: I really like her!!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Dear Lydia, thank you for puting up my link in this post. I have no word to tell how thankful I am for sharing my link with the other readers here in blogsville. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for all the inspiration from these blogs! I am not a pink person but it doesn't matter as you can easily change colors. The ideas are so good! I go into resale shops and see what they have repainted and redone to give me ideas on how to repurpose the things I already have. I always see things used in ways I would never have imagined using or combining them. For children's chairs or dressers I have seen copies of old Dick and Jane or such pictures or cute animal pictures put on and covered in a clear coat. Precious. Copies of these prints from old school books make great framed prints for the children's room. They often showed good family scenes. Don't forget to take an old frame and paint the picture part of an unusable print with chalk board paint so they can chalk in it in their room....or use it in the kitchen. You always get us ecxcited about our homes and this article is no exception!! Sarah