Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Decorating Led-Lite Pillar Candles from the Dollar Tree

Timeless Grace by Stefan Alix

Decoupaged and glittered led-lite candles: click on for a larger view.

I have often used  the little votive led-lights from Dollar Tree, which come two in a package for a dollar, and I have discovered that Dollar Tree stores are now selling the pillar size led-light candles. Since these used to be obtainable only at really exclusive stores and catalogs for $6.00 to $12.00, more or less, it was quite a thrill to find them in the dollar stores. They are plastic, coated with a layer of scented wax, and use three AAA batteries, also available at the Dollar Tree, in a package of 8.

 They look really nice simply put up on candlesticks of varying heights, and left plain white, without decoration.

The pillar candles are also available in the shorter size, as you see on the left.

When turned on by the little switch underneath the candle, it looks like a real flame, which glows beautifully from the outside.

These candles look lovely left plain, on a nice candle stick. There are no doubt hundreds of ways to decorate these, and for now I will show you one way I have trimmed the ones I bought.

 I used a pretty rose napkin made by Ideal Home Range, (IHR), but printed tissue wrap could also be used. You have to pull apart the napkin and separate the two layers, removing the white part, which you will not be using.
 You can cut out the design, and if the back ground is white, it is okay to leave a lot of the white showing.
 Another way, which is easier, is just to size up a portion of the print to fit the candle, and cut it to fit., then paint the entire candle with decoupage, and  apply the whole square of napkin that you just cut, to the candle.

Using Modge Podge, or a thick white glue, paint the candle. Then, carefully lay down the applique or the square of napkin you cut to fit the candle.
 Gently tap the outer edges of the paper,
and then, dip the brush in more modge podge or glue, and paint carefully over the top of the picture.

I did not have good success with the liquid white school glue, such as Elmers, as the candle was too slick for it to stick. I found the Modge Podge brand of decoupage glue worked better.

While it is still wet, if you wish, sprinkle some coarse clear/white or crystal glitter on it.

The pillar candle on the right and the little half-size one in the middle are glitterized, and the one on the stand on the left is not.  One dollar each, plus a napkin and some glue, is not a bad price to pay for something so elegant.  These candles are selling very fast at the Dollar Tree.

Just put a number of those stick-on gems (about a dollar a package) on to the candle, for a quick and easy decoration.

The picture below is a printed label, applied to the candle with an ordinary glue stick, with added gem stickers.

This next one is something I tried using a little print (Picking Flowers for a Posy, by Charles Haigh-Wood), which looks good just applied with a glue stick.
The image was printed on regular printer paper, from my pictures, then cut out and glued onto the candle. The lit candle glows through the picture.

Tissue paper sheet music print, decoupaged onto candle, and tied with sheer ribbon.

K & C brand scrapbook paper, with added old-fashioned pen nibs.

This one is decorated with an interesting sticker. You have to use a glue stick with some stickers, as the candle is too slick for them to stick. Try this with an added tie of some kind: rafia, or fancy wire.

This is just one of those printable house rows,  made by Lillibeth on her blog, The Pleasant Times. They were colored with crayons by a child and then decoupaged onto the candle.
Done with fabric, tissue wrap, and a water slide decal.
An antique metallic length of gift-wrap ribbon is decoupaged on completely around the candle.

Decorated with a large hydrangea sticker, sent by a reader.

Decorated with a seasonal card, applied with a glue stick, sent by a viewer.

These make great seasonal gifts inside the home, that do not plug in. Get a basket of them ready for spur of the moment gifts, or unexpected gift-giving.  These also look great used in church fellowship rooms for banquets.

Here are some a reader just sent me, that she decorated with stickers. This is even easier than the one I shared in earlier pictures. You might be able to find those large specialty stickers that you buy by the piece which you tear off on the perferated line, at craft stores. Roses, scenes, and more, could be put on these candles, and involve a lot less mess than the decoupage glue!! You might also try clippings from thin pages of magazines applied with a regular office glue stick.


Anonymous said...

Another Great present idea!!! I might just give myself a present too!! :> I never thought of covering the plain candles like this. They are beautiful!!! Sarah

Lydia said...

You can also do this to plain, real wax candles.

The advantage of the new led lite candles is that they can be used anywhere. You can put them inside a china cabinet and shut the glass door, and put them near a curtain or wall without catching fire. Use them next to cards and books in bookshelves, too.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!

Anonymous said...

That is just so cute for the kids to do, and give as gifts, looks like you spent a fortune on them. I really like the sugary looking glitter idea, so festive!

Jan Hatchett said...

Beautiful idea! I also like the led-lite candles because I have children and cats and both seem to be fascinated with an open flame. I feel like these are safer for them and still beautiful for me! I also don't have to worry if we accidentally leave one on for awhile.

Mrs Tailleur said...

Thank you for the wonderful Idea. Your ideas and step by step lessons are perfect. It is why I love "home living". I would be careful burning a real candle with paper on it, that is why the led candle is a wonderful idea. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I wished I knew the Dollar Store had these. I had ordered 12 of these types of candles from a tole painting supplier (for $3.99 each). Then I painted holly leaves and peppermint candies and put glitter on them. Wow! What a chore! Then the paint tried to peel off of one of them. Your idea is much better.

Have a nice day!

C. C.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I can't wait to try this, thank you!

Lydia said...

These would be great kept in a basket by the door, to give away to visitors.

Sharon said...

What a lovely idea. I LOVE the idea of using these as hostess gifts! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Barbara Jean said...

Great tutorial. thanks for letting me know.


barbara jean

Anonymous said...

I just love these. Plan on making a few for Christmas for the ladies of the family.

Maybe even make a masculine one for a few of the fellas in the family also.

Wouldn't these look great as a light in a guest bathroom for an evening family get together.

I think this would be a lovely craft to teach my girls at Keepers of the Home class :)
Thanks for sharing, Janet W.

Lydia said...

Janet, try a sail boat scene for the men, or look at those wonderful hunting and fishing and scenic stickers you get at WalMart.

For a class I would suggest stickers or just a glue stick with some nice scrapbook cut-out or magazine cut out. Photograph the picture on your printer first, as the other side of magazine scraps will show through when the light is turned on inside the candle.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your tip to print a picture that's from a magazine so the other side of the picture won't show when the candle is on.

Lynn M

Barbara Jean said...

Love the new ones. Music paper of course my fave.




Amy said...


Anonymous said...

If you do not like the linen scent of these candles, just buy one of those spray room scents at the Dollar Tree, such as vanilla cookie, or some such, and spray the candle. You might put it in a small container with a lid, or a paper bag, for a short time to see if the scent "takes."

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